Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Great Alaskan Adventure, Part 2: July 26-27

On Wednesday, we arrived in Skagway. It was a bit drizzly while we waited for our first formal excusion.

Our tour took us on a beautiful ride through the area and to a place called musher's camp. First we learned a lot about mushing and training/competing in races like the Iditarod. 

Next we watched some older pups on the training wheel.
And then came time to pet the puppies!

The last part of this excursion included panning for gold. We each came away with a tiny bottle of real gold nuggets.

Then it was back to the town of Skagway, a town that was the gateway to the Yukon and Klondike goldfields. It also had a thriving red light district. They currently have a play about this history.

We strolled around the town. What a magnificent view.

I had a really hard time capturing this intriguing building.

I wasn't around when this photo was taken but it definitely needs to be included here.

I bought my only souvenirs of the trip in Skagway. I already have plans for the fabric. And the hand-dyed yarn is lusciously squishy.
In the evening we celebrated Aaron's 45th birthday.

We ended the night by going to one of the smaller venues on board for a show, Dudes Do Divas, by some of the cast of Choir of Man. 

On Thursday, we cruised into Glacier Bay. Pictures can't adequately reflect the grandeur of what we saw.

So what did we do in the evening? Laser tag! Kids against adults. 

And we beat them! So much fun.Yes, we will probably keep reminding them of that. Haha.

What a great day.


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Looks like wonderful trip even if the weather was a bit wet/cool. I can't believe how mature looking Levi is. Wow! Your grandkids are really growing up.