Monday, December 14, 2009

Take a tour

Have noticed that button the side bar? Over there--to the right....The one that looks like this:

The tour of homes starts today. And I'm nothing if not voyeuristic. I LOVE looking inside other people's homes. When Sue, Maggie and I go down to visit Sue's Aunt Audrie in Hermosa Beach, we always go out to dinner, and then walk backto Aunt Audrie's home by way of The Strand, where all the houses are practically on the sidewalk. And hardly anyone has window coverings. So really, people, if you don't want us peering in your homes, then move somewhere isolated, with lots of curtains. Anyhoo....

At last count, 729 people had posted pcitures of their homes on the Christmas Tour of Homes. *sigh*. I can't possibly check out each and every one, but I will definitely be randomly picking a few each day.

As for us, our big addition this year was something Mark picked up at an auction after Christmas last year. Santa climbs up and down (and up and down....and up and down) the ladder carrying his little strand of lights, while music-box Christmas carols play along. Charlotte and Levi love it. Fortunately, Santa is willing to go up and down even when the music isn't playing.

Oh, I do still have one item I plan on making. I saw this last year and have been wanting to make it ever since. Can you believe we don't have a single wire coathanger in our house? Not a single one. I traded them all out for plastic. I'm hoping one of my friends can help me out. Super easy to make. Old ornaments, a glue gun and, oh yeah, the wire coathanger.

So go on tour. Who knows what you'll find?


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