Sunday, May 30, 2010

And the winner is...

I bet you think I'm going to give you the name of another giveaway winner. Nope.

This is some little-known information about me. I love the Indy 500. Really. I have been following it since I was in grade school. In those days (geez, that makes me feel old, even though I am so not...) it was only broadcast on the radio. I would take my beach towel and suntan lotion and listen to it outside while I tried to get tan, "tan" being kind of a relative term. I have red hair and the best I can do color-wise is get beige.

Then they started showing it on TV, but it was always on tape-delay. Isn't that a weird thought, with instant information on the internet and "spoiler alerts" on my Comcast home page?

For the last five years, Mark and I have been up at Huntington Lake, getting our summer rental cabins ready for our first guests of the season. Only this year, the cabins are still buried in snow up there. The road hasn't even been plowed all the way to our cabins and we have no water. Next weekend, what should be our first rental week of the season will find all of us in the owner group (hopefully) up there getting the cabins ready for the season. And the guests scheduled for that first week will either have to find a vacancy later in the season or wait until next year.

Back to my point. What this means is that for the last five years I haven't been able to watch the Indy 500. This year, since we are home for the weekend, we settled ourselves in the family room and got to watch the whole race.

And the winner, for the second time in his career, is Dario Franchitti. Of course, that is old news to you already if you follow sports at all.

Mark still can't really figure out my love of the Indy 500. Other than this particular race, I don't follow IRL racing at all, although I do really like Nascar. There is just something about the pomp and pageantry of the pre-race show that gets me every time I watch it. The 33 drivers being announced, Jim Nabors singing "Back Home in Indiana," and Mari Hulman George saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines..." Shivers, I tell you!

But speaking of winners and giveaways, stay tuned for updates in a day or two, because Sewing on the Edge will be participating in two really cool giveaways. I could do a spoiler alert, but I think suspense is always kind of fun...


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Needled Mom said... #

We were married on Memorial Day weekend and the Indy 500 has always been a special part of our lives as well. The two of them go hand in hand!!! I have to say, however, that is the only race we follow. Our kids are into NASCAR, but not us.

Jennifer said... #

My hubby LOVES all motorsports so he has been in heaven today with the Indy 500 on followed by the NASCAR race. I actually enjoy it too... I love Sunday afternoons where I can sew with racing on in the background.

Jennifer :)

Grandma G said... #

Well, here is something we definitely don't have in common. :)

Karen said... #

Thank goodness for admitting you like some car racing. Here in Australia we have V8 Supercars. I love it. It started when I was home alone on Saturdays (a lot) with a newborn for company. My hubby was off doing his sport thing. I really got into watching it again. Well now my son is older we love watching it together. He even has his own fave driver and team. Which is different from mine. It has been a fantastic common bond for us. We also get some Nascar here which we like, especially aussie Marcus Ambrose, who used to race in V8's here. I also like watching the world rally champ. Should I ever have anoth boy he just might have to be called Sebastian after the freakishily good driver, Sebastian Loeb. Not sure that would be a popular decision though (lol).

Sarah Craig said... #

My son-in-law was bemoaning the fact that this year he didn't get to go to Carburation Day at Indy - but he enjoyed watching the race, and watching our hometown boy (well, sort of) win the race! I came over here to your blog from Laurie Wisbrun's blog - love those pincushions you created for her!!

Vickie said... #

My husband uses the indie 500 to say that spring is just around the corner...he is right!! :)

Love the cool pincushions! Happy to find your blog!!

CitricSugar said... #

LOL!!! That is awesome! And hey, we all have to love something that doesn't make sense with the rest of who we are!