Thursday, May 27, 2010

One in Every Color--The Wedding Edition

Do you remember this adorable couple--Jessie and Luke?

And the quilt a lot of us worked on? From the many special people in Jessie's life who made a block to the friends and family who spent a weekend sewing the top together? It had a place of honor in Moscow, Idaho, this past Saturday as the backdrop for Jessie and Luke's wedding. In the meeting room at the LaQuinta Hotel.

The original plans were to get married on the golf course. Then there was a change of venue to the arboretum closeby. But then weather threatened to interfere as the forecast was for nonstop rain all weekend. Indoors or outdoors? Jessie made the decision to not worry about the weather and just plan to have the wedding indoors instead.

The quilt binding still needed to be completed.  I worked on Friday morning and afternoon (it is a big quilt) and finished the last side after the wedding rehearsal Friday night.

Decorating started in earnest early Saturday morning. The tables were in a U-shape and there was a color progression of colored water in different interesting containers, crayons that Jessie had made earlier, wedding-related quotes matted on matching paper. I wish I had taken a good picture of the tables. You'll have to use your imagine. It was really frugal, creative and beautiful.

Lots of twinkly lights. And these hung from the ceiling:

Pictures of Jessie and Luke's life on the wall:

(my favorite...)

We got a lunch break and went to Moscow Bagels. It was threatening to rain and I never turn down a chance to wear my awesome raincoat--Anna Maria Horner laminated cotton--I highly recommend it. But I digress.

Yummy. (I didn't take a picture of my bagel either so you will have to imagine that too!)

The weather cooperated in the afternoon enough for pictures. If you call freezing cold and gale-force wind cooperating. Okay, maybe gale-force is a little exaggerated. But it was really windy. It was a beautiful setting (and we all had lots of hairspray).

And then it was back to the hotel for the ceremony. I didn't take pictures during the ceremony as I was busy being a surrogate mother of the bride, which was such a special honor. Thank you , Jessie.

Instead of a unity candle, Jessie and Luke had a celtic handfasting ceremony (this is where the term "tying the knot" originated). Close family and friends each had a ribbon that we tied around their wrists, binding them together. It was an amazing part of the ceremony and really beautiful.

Jessie had made all the flowers for the ceremony, along with help of friends/family along the way. They were unique and beautiful  (I seem to be using the word "beautiful" a lot). Beautiful colors and lots of embroidery detail and vintage buttons, inspired by Princess Lasertron.

Aren't they AMAZING? Jessie's bridal bouquet is the silver and white one. The others were bridesmaids' bouquets. The three surrogate mothers each had a wrist corsage and the guys had matching boutonnieres.

It was a wonderful weekend. Jessie's mother, Sue, would have loved it.

As you start your new life together, Jessie and Luke, remember all the love that surrounds you, not just from those at the ceremony but from all the other people in your life.


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Andrea said... #

wow...I am so happy we have blogs to share our lives. What a really beautiful way to use colour in a wedding. You look super and so happy and proud! okay, the bride does too. ;-)

Needled Mom said... #

I love the use of color in the wedding. It looks like a perfect day.

Jennifer said... #

Thank you for sharing these pictures... wow! The colors are just beautiful and her flowers, I'm just really impressed! It looks like it was such a special day. The bride was beautiful of course and you look fabulous as well!

Jennifer :)

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

I have been waiting for the last five days wondering how the wedding went. Thank you Cindy for posting so many pics! I cried! So very special for you to step in as "Mom"! It was BEAUTIFUL! Love, Janice

Q @ JAQS said... #

What a beautiful wedding and a lovely couple. I love the creativity and colors in that wedding.

Thanks for Sharing.

Grandma G said... #

Love it all, especially the informalness and handcraftedness! Beautiful! Perfect!

wishes, true and kind said... #

What a beautiful post and gorgeous pictures!

prashant said... #

What a really beautiful way to use colour in a wedding.
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JHNickodemus said... #

Cindy your photos are great! Im glad you have such "mad skill" taking pictures!

Cheryl Arkison said... #

Wow! Gorgeous bride, gorgeous you, gorgeous quilt (you know how much adore that quilt, right?), and gorgeous day!