Monday, May 10, 2010

One in Every Color--Mother's Day Edition

All I wanted for Mother's Day this year was a family picture.I happened to mention this to Jessie last Monday, and the next thing I knew the whole family had been contacted and the photo shoot was scheduled for Friday night, along with a barbecue. The weather was perfect. The evening was perfect.

Good food. Fun games. Precious time together--and that's what money can't buy.

Our family consists of both biological and chosen members. Each one of them is deeply loved.

Back row: Jason and Jill, Sam and Matt.
Front row: Mark, me, Levi, Valerie, Jessie, Christa, Aaron and Charlotte.

And on Saturday, some more color.Jessie, Valerie, Christa and I had pedicures.

And then we stopped at Starbucks. The girls found these hats while I was paying for the coffee. Silly girls...

This was the best Mother's Day. Thanks everyone. I love you all so much.