Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Variety Show

This weekend I worked on three very different customized pincushions.

Felicity wanted a pincushion attached to a thread catcher. She sent me the link to a great tutorial and this is how it turned out:

The name of her blog is Felicity Quilts, so we're both pretty happy that Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Designs came out with some fabric called "Felicity," which included the great polka dots that I used on the outside of the thread catcher.

Lindsay and I started corresponding through Flickr because we each wanted some more variety for our hexie quilts. We're doing an exchange of 2.5" squares. She also makes the cutest pincushions that you wear on a finger, but she wanted a little 2" square pincushion she could put in her sewing kit. So along with the fabric squares, we're doing a pincushion exchange. And for the record, smaller does not mean easier...

Terri likes the square pincushions, but wondered if I had ever done a round one. So another experiment...
And she likes rock music. I have yards of this fabric for a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt quilt that I will eventually make, but I could certainly spare a square for the back:

Someone also gave me the idea of making a wrist pincushion. So that is next up on the drawing board. Any other ideas I should think about?


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Terriaw said... #

Oh my goodness, that round pincushion turned out so awesome! I love the selvages you used, and that fabric on the back ROCKS! You rock too, Cindy. I love Felicity's thread catcher. How cool is that, you used a selvage with her name on it. Such a great way to customize a project!

Needled Mom said... #

Those are adorable!! I love the thread catcher with the pincushion idea.

Anonymous said... #

You are so creative!!!!

felicity said... #

Hooray! Again, thanks, Cindy - it looks so great and I can't wait to put it next to my machine.

Katie said... #

Love the added thread catcher! So practical. Great work, Cindy!

CitricSugar said... #

That thread catcher/pincushion combo is fantastic!!

randi said... #

these are fun! so cute and tiny!

Quiltstory said... #

Those turned out so cute! I'm going to have to make one of those for myself one day.

Jennifer said... #

Too cute!

Have I ever told you that a thread catcher saved my marriage?? ;) You should start selling them... husbands everywhere will buy them to keep the little threads from being tracked all over their home!

Jennifer :)

ellesquare said... #

hooray for teeny pincushions! can't wait to get it!

Amanda Jean said... #

those are some fun pincushions!!! you look like you are having way too much fun. :)

Amanda Jean said... #

oh, i forgot to add that i adore the thread catcher, too. LOVE it!