Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday #25

And it's WIP Wednesday once again.

I have no sewing to show. Nada. However, I don't want to let a good excuse go to waste, so here it is: I was at Disneyland for three days. And there you have it.

So for this week, I'm considering these two munchkins my WIPs. Warning: You will have to tilt your head because no matter how I tried I couldn't get the video to turn right side up.

This arrived in the mail while we were gone. ETA: The fabric is a line called Tiny Town by Timeless Treasures and I found some here.

If you have some good ideas, please share. This little part of the fabric is my favorite:

The winner of the pincushion from Chasing Cottons Quilting 101 is Rhonda (aka Quilter in the Gap) who said:

Your pin cushions are super cute! Great tutorial! I love the reference guide you shared. I will print and leave hanging in my studio. Thanks so much!! **fingers crossed**

And now we know the secret of winning: **fingers crossed**!

So go check out the real sewing being done by everyone else here. Hopefully by next week, actual progress will have been made on actual projects.


  1. I LOVE your WIPs! They are adorable. And I really like the fabric. I don't recognize it and am wondering what it is? Miss Luella (

  2. Yes who designed the fabric? Those are your grand kiddos? They are adorable!

  3. Munchkins are THE BEST kind of WIP's!! :)

    JHRME must've designed that fabric! ;)

  4. That excuse is OK I guess!!
    Well done Rhonda x

  5. Oh, those fabrics are adorable! And your grandkids are even cuter :) Glad to hear you had such a fun time on your trip!

  6. OMG your GK's are adorable!!! Watch out, it looks like your grandson may have a fantastic future in armpit farts, just sayin'. hehe.

    Hmm, for your town fabric, I'm seeing backpacks for the kids!

  7. Um tiny town is soooooo cute! I think I will HAVE to add that one to my stash. Funny what Grandma G said...It made me think of "my town."

  8. aww... the kids are too cute. Sorry, no ideas for that great fabric. I love prints like that, but rarely buy them because I hate to cut them up!!

  9. That Tiny Town fabric is very cute. What about fussy-cutting it as the centers of square-in-square blocks? Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, and happy Mother's Day. : )

  10. what beautiful material, love your blog too - have a nice day :)


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