Friday, July 22, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday: The Best of All Good Things

The letter this week is from Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. I just returned from Minnesota two weeks ago. The land there is green and lush (and has also been horribly humid this week). The writer values the satisfaction of a hard task well done. "When I have hurried with my work that I might do something extra outside, worked until I felt old and cross and tired, and the best man in all the world has said, 'I certainly couldn't farm without you!', oh, how I've thrilled. It becomes a little song in my heart and lightens my work for days. And even if he weren't the best man, I think I could be quite happy with the thought, 'I've earned my way today...'"

The most interesting part was when she said, "And even if he weren't the best man..."

The first block This week is #58, Mother's Dream. I originally thought of the things the writer wanted for her children, the dreams she had, and thought of going with pink and blue. Obvious choice. Then I pulled myself into the present day, and found I was dreaming of sand and surf. So the colors are those of the ocean and a sandy beach.
The next block is #77, Seasons. Mark has been keeping tabs on how the corn is growing in Minnesota via frequent updates from a present-day farmer's wife.I wish I had been thinking of that when I made this block, because then it would have been more yellow, with green instead of maroon.
"....the good things I desire for this daughter-o'-mine are peace, a love of nature and time for quiet, happy thoughts."  When I chose the colors for #1, Attic Windows, I thought of mother and daughter perhaps spending an afternoon in the attic, going through old picture albums, perhaps with a little sun making its way through the windows, dust motes in the air.
"She will see and feel and hear the beauty of the world...and with an unruffled spirit she will go in and get supper for her hungry brood." #30: End of Day.
Here are all four together:

And my progress so far. Oh, they look so pretty together.
Don't forget to see Carla's blocks too, and have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


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Carla said... #

Your blocks are looking so awesome....crisp and expertly pieced. I love how they look so modern together!

Ruth said... #

Yep - they really do look good together! They are really modern and fun!

Michelle said... #

I love your blocks...beautiful! I am also really enjoying reading these Famer's Wife postings...the letters behind the quilting, your thought processes as you develop the blocks...

Have a great weekend :)

Patti said... #

While I am not doing this quilt myself, I do appreciate all the hard work those of you who are doing it are putting in to it! I find that I am drawn to your fabric choices the most. Wonderful work.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Looking great, and that Mother's Choice is gorgeous!

Jennifer said... #

your blocks look very crisp!

Grandma G said... #

Oh, I love all your blocks! The solid fabrics are so perfect! It's good you didn't go with green and yellow... they'd have looked a bit too John Deere-ish, although that IS a farmer thing... like my lawn mower. ;)

A Farmer's Wife

P.S. Since I AM a farmer's wife, can I have the quilt when you're done??? ;-)))

JHNickodemus said... #

Wow Cindy! This is great!! I love it! It's so exciting to see them all together!

verykerryberry said... #

mother's dream is possibly my top fav of all the FW blocks, I love your sand and surf interpretation!

Letterpress said... #

Your blog is so lyrical today, with the quotes at the top (is this fiction, or are these excerpts from journals?). Have you seen the movie "Sweet Land" because you must must. It's about a farm in Minnesota and how the man and woman on this farm pull together to get the work done, among other things. I highly recommend it.

I agree with all the other comments--these blocks are looking fabulous together!

Elizabeth E.

felicity said... #

My favourite photo is always the one with all the blocks together.

Terriaw said... #

Perfect fabric combinations to represent the letters behind each of these blocks! I think you are doing such a fabulous job with the contrast in these blocks. So fun to see them together so far.

Mama Pea said... #

Love these! I have the book and really want to get started on these. You are making it really hard for me. Your taste in fabric selection is just fantastic. I never would have put that turquoise with everything else, but I just love it.