Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let the Voting Begin

About a week ago, I was contacted by Karen of Venezie Designs, asking whether I wanted to enter a voting challenge of items made from selvages. Of course!! I sent her three entry pictures and she chose Spool Play.
Whew! I'm up against some stiff competition for sure! It's early in the voting but so far I think Jules from Chicken Julie is gaining an immediate lead with her Blogger's Quilt Festival entry. A whole quilt made with blocks like these--it's stunning! 
 (picture grabbed from Jules' blog--hopefully she won't mind, since it's almost like I'm telling you to vote for her instead of me...)

By the way, Jules will be featured in a future Name Game spotlight, actually a double spotlight because her Flickr/etsy name is Chicken Julie, but her blog name is From Three to Insanity. Don't worry. I won't hold it against her if she beats me by a landslide. She is super creative and I can hardly wait to hear how she chose each of those names.

But back to the topic at hand. I would of course LOVE to get even a few votes. But like I said. Stiff competition. Go see for yourself!


  1. Lovely spools.
    Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate comments from overseas!


  2. I'm off to vote. I love those spools.

  3. Oh dear, I have to choose between two talented friends!

  4. Vote is made for your wonderful quilt. The thing I love most is it ties it to the world that selvages come from - sewing. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the love and good luck to you - your spool quilt is gorgeous.

  6. i love your spool quilt! such eye-candy!

  7. I like the use of a sewing theme in the selvage contest, so I voted for you. Great job!!

    Aren't you in midwest at a retreat? Hope you are having fun!

  8. Selvedges are my Achilles heal - you are both winners!!


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