Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Taking My Chances

I should do this more often. I also highly recommend it. Pick a simple but striking pattern. Make some easy rules for yourself, in this case only one rule:  light versus dark.

Don't over-think or over-analyze your rules. Stick to your rules.


(Note to self: take better pictures next week...)

See what everyone else has been doing this week.


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Elizabeth Dackson said... #

I think those super simple rules are awesome! I should totally post them on my bulletin board in my sewing room. :) Love those 36-patch blocks, they look great together!

Mary said... #

I totally agree...don't over think! This is going to look fantastic!

Pinkadot Quilts said... #

Sometimes those turn out to be the best blocks!They are looking good.

Rachel said... #

Love how they are coming along. Really, really fantastic!! I need to figure our how to post mine. LOL.

Needled Mom said... #

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love it.

Terriaw said... #

Light versus dark is always a good rule to follow! Great rules to sew and admire, and not overthink, which can be hard at times. Hope you're having fun following your own rules, which should be a rule too.

randi--i have to say said... #

i am loving the look of those blocks! great work!

Letterpress said... #

They're looking good. Sometimes the most simple ideas give lovely results. I also smiled when I saw your Hexi bar graph on how many you've completed and how many you have to go. Excellent idea.

Love that you are emphasizing the light/dark aspect of contrast in quilts. I've seen a lot of Farmer's Wife blocks lately that are just mush, because they don't understand the idea of value. While mush has its own look (think Kaffe Fassett blender quilts), I think that many traditional blocks call for some difference in contrast. Yours looks fab!

Elizabeth E.

Debbie said... #

looking GOOD!

KimT said... #

gorgeous blocks! I might have to try this strategy and see what I can come up with.

Chris said... #

Great rule - great results! Your rule applies to my current project - thanks for passing it on! :)

Vanesa said... #

very nice! hey, we have the same sewing machine :)

Happy Turtle said... #

:) Good advice. Will try and remember that.

Lee said... #

Such good advice. Simple is often so much better! Thanks for the reminder, andthanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : ) (Your 36-patch blocks look great, btw.)

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said... #

Oh, love your blocks :-) You're right, simple is best!

Bree said... #

You're obviously doing something right, those blocks look great! I think we can all adapt that idea in our lives.

Rene' said... #

Cindy, your blocks look awesome! I like your rule of not overthinking. When organizing my sewing room today, I put aside some fabrics for more 36-patch blocks....need to pick up the pace ;-)

Jennifer said... #

I love these blocks! I'm marking her quilt along for later when I don't have so many projects going. Your quilt is going to be fabulous!

Jennifer :)

Mama Pea said... #

Wow, Cindy. These are really looking good! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said... #

very sage advice, and a gorgeous block - thanks for sharing

Amanda Jean said... #

i love seeing your 36 patches! they look GREAT!