Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gingham Giveaway

Doesn't gingham just say "summer" to you?

My good friend, Elizabeth (occasional piece), recently scored some vintage gingham fabric at a garage sale. She split it up and sent Krista (KristaStitched) half and they dreamed up a gingham giveaway. And then they decided to ask me to play along too! The more, the merrier, right?

So I have been checking out their gingham-related posts. They both have a head-start on me. But that's okay. I'll catch up. Elizabeth's already finished her summertime gingham quilt and this little mini quilt, which she then turned into the giveaway button. I told her she is an overachiever. I probably told her that because I'm a little jealous of her techie skills...
Elizabeth and I both keep finding weirdly identical likes/dislikes/interests, which is probably why we are becoming such good friends. She posted these pictures of an apron from her mother-in-law:
So I pulled this out of a drawer in the kitchen. My grandmother made it. Our granddaughter likes to wear it when she is cooking with Grandpa.
Since  Elizabeth didn't take the time to iron hers, I didn't want to iron mine and make her feel bad. :)
Elizabeth said she also noticed some gingham popping up in the stores. I checked my closet. Whew. I don't even have to go shopping!
Back to the gingham giveaway.

Tomorrow, the three of us are each hosting a giveaway on our blogs (mine, Elizabeth's and Krista's). Each winner will win one of these little fat quarter bundles of gingham along with a half-yard of Kona white cotton.

Here is the condition: If you win one of the giveaways, you agree to make a quilt or a block or a mini-quilt or something, and post it on your blog, and link back to our blogs as well. I hope you all play along.

Just leave a comment here telling me about your most memorable 4th of July. I'll tell you mine.

When I was little (6 1/2), we lived in Enid, Oklahoma. I loved 4th of July. We always went to a lake to watch the fireworks, which were shot off across the lake. I loved how they reflected in the water. That year (I'd tell you which year, but then I might have to hurt you...), 4th of July was on a Saturday. My parents told me in the morning that we wouldn't be going to see the fireworks. I was heartbroken. You see, I  had been wanting a sibling for the longest time but my mother had had some health conditions that kept her from safely delivering another baby.  Through a private adoption, I was getting a new baby brother. And he was arriving that very day, the 4th of July!  A ten-day-old bundle of joy. I quickly forgot about the fireworks.

Do you do something special on the 4th of July? What's your favorite memory? Do tell...


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Melinda said... #

Wow, nothing as memorable as that, but hubby's work related conferences always occur at Amelia Island so we would stay there (usually around July 4th). I was excited one year because my daughter was 3 and they were doing fireworks along with other programs. We stayed up, put out our lawn chairs like everyone else, and got ready for the show. One firework was all it took; she wasn't having that loud noise so we had to go inside. It worked out fine and we watched from the window of our room.

Susan said... #

Sorry, 4th of July in Australia = zero! I'd still love the gingham fabric if you would ship it internationally! Otherwise I'll just have to go out and buy my own! Although fireworks light up the night sky when we celebrate Australia Day...and I can see them from my bedroom window!

Michele said... #

I grew up in Mass. where it was illegal for people to purchase fireworks. I live in MO now and wish it were illegal here. The town I lived in had a huge bonfire on the 3rd and a wonderful fireworks display on the 4th. Everyone came and it was great fun.

Patti said... #

I remember my Grandmother having an apron just like it too! Not American, so 4th of July doesn't have any specific meaning. However the 1st of July is our national holiday with BBQ's and fireworks! Thanks for the giveaway.

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said... #

We used to go to the lake, too! We were able to head to my grandma's lake cabin every other year to enjoy lighting our own fireworks off the deck AND watch all the other fireworks around the lake. Then after fireworks we'd have smores around a campfire :)

Mama Pea said... #

This is too fun, and I LOVE gingham. I was just looking at some yesterday, as a matter of fact.

My most memorable 4th of July was one summer when we rode up the Bear Mountains on horseback and had a cookout. We stayed up there until the moon was all the way up (it was a full moon) and then rode back down in the moonlight. It was spectacular. The mountains shined silver by the light of the moon. wow. I'll never forget it.

Alex said... #

Gingham screams summer to me, too!

On July 4th of last year, I picked up my two cats, Sigmund and Freud, from the humane shelter. Having fallen in love with these two only a week before, I had to have them. I missed out on the fireworks last year, worried they would be scared (they weren't), but it was definitely a memorable day! It only took them 2 hours to figure out how to open the bathroom door, to escape their "safe place" and explore my apartment!

pinsandneedles said... #

Two years ago on July 4th after my hubby and I went to bed after late night activities still listen to the noisy activity outside, we got a call from our daughter (she lived in SD at the time) and told us that she was engaged! Our now SIL popped the question under the fireworks!

Carla said... #

well.........being Canadin, we do the first of July, but my most memorable one was coming down to Washington, so my husband could meet his half brother. Very cool

Janine said... #

My favorite July 4th memory was in 2001 inFlorida with my family. My brotherinlaw set off an amazing fireworks show in the yard over the lake. All the kids were dressed up in red white & blue. Faces were painted. It was wonderful!

Anonymous said... #

One year I had an evening flight to catch. I don't remember the details at all -where I was going to or from, what the occasion was- and that's a little odd because I haven't flown by myself that many times in my life. All I know is I was alone, and the flight was at sunset. We flew across small town after small town and from my window seat as the sky grew black I looked down on probably two dozen fireworks displays before landing at my destination. It was amazing to see fireworks from above. They looked so tiny and magical.

Needled Mom said... #

That was the best 4th!!! How exciting it must have been for you.

Yes, gingham does say summer - little summer dresses. Hey...I have my grandmother's red apron like that. It is ironed though.

We always have a big BBQ here - about 150 family members - and have all sorts of fun and games. My favorite part is always the water balloon toss.

Alison V. said... #

Usually just cooking out with friends and being happy to not spend the entire day in lab!

FlourishingPalms said... #

I think I've seen it ALL now... gingham back IN STYLE again!? Really!? Those aprons you showed... do you know what the name is for the stitchery on the edge? Believe it or not, I have done it! It's called chicken scratch.

As for the fourth of July, I haven't done anything fun for it in many years. Haven't even seen fireworks. I know. I'm a party-pooper.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

We don't have 4th July over here (!) but I do love a good state occasion - all the pomp and ceremony that accompanies the great occasions that haven't changed for hundreds of years...it brings a lump to my throat (and a tear to my eye!) and makes me proud to be British!

Suburban prep said... #

I think my story of a memorable 4th is not too far off of yours. My father had taken me and my siblings to the fireworks. He went to the pay phone (no cells at that time) and called my mother to see how she was. She told him that he had to come home. She was in labor. So my grandmother was staying with us. My father left with my mother and he and my mother got pulled over by the police because he was driving too fast and on the wrong side of the road as the fireworks in another town were being let out and he had to get to the hospital. When he told the policeman what was going on they got a police escort because my mother delivered within 20 minutes of getting to the hospital.

www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said... #

My most memorable fourth of July was watching the fireworks in the park from the hospital window as I held my first born (born July 3, 1975) in my arms. It is still a memory I will never forget.

Anonymous said... #



Liz DandeliondD said... #

I will absolutely make a block if I win and linky back to y'all.
I love the 4th July fireworks and all the wonderfully creative makes that appear on blogs around this time of the year.

Diann said... #

I was in the hospital after the birth of my youngest child. I watched the fireworks from my hospital window on the 7th floor.

Richard Healey said... #

I love gingham. I have made some hot pads out of it and yes such a summer thing.


Christine M said... #

I love your 4th July story. How special getting a new baby brother. We don't celebrate 4th July here is Australia so I don't have a story to tell. I've got some serviette embroidered on gingham like your aprons. I love that kind of thing.

cakegirl said... #

I can't think of any one 4th that stands out in my mind. I do remember with great fondness the ones when my kids were little that were spent on the grounds of the local high school where we would watch the fireworks display put on by our town. All of our friends and tons of little ones having a great time.

Katy Cameron said... #

Hmm, we don't have the 4th July, but we do revel in the gingham - every little girl has had at least one school uniform summer dress in gingham!

Beezus said... #

4th of July is usually a nice holiday for us because we get together with my sister's family, and shoot off fireworks for their two kids. It's nice to have the adult beverage of a frozen strawberry margarita, and sit on the lawn watching the kids have a good time. :-)

felicity said... #

That is a super memorable July 4th! Lovely! We celebrate Canada Day on July 1st - one year, I road-tripped with friends to Ottawa to celebrate in the nation's capital. My main memory from that was when some dude brazenly grabbed my boob, gave it a squeeze, smiled and kept on walking. I was too shocked to do anything (also slightly too tipsy, truth be told).

Jennyroo said... #

I celebrate Canada Day on July 1st.... we have a pancake breakfast with family and friends every year, then stay up late for fireworks in the park.

girlyhurley said... #

When I was 7 we lived in VA and my father was a Secret Service officer. We spent our Fourth of July on the Whitehouse Lawn with my family and an aunt and uncle who were visiting. We were able to see Pres. Reagan and Nancy as they made an appearance on the balcony. I LOVED the fireworks and also fell in love with the Marine Corp band that night!
(We also spent Easter and Christmas at the Whitehouse that year!)


Celtic Thistle said... #

Gingham, now that is a blast from the past! It has summer written all over it. No July 4th memories to share either, but I do like a good fireworks display, especially if it is set to music.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

We don't do anything on the 4th of July - but we did just have a fairly decent river pageant! Gingham to me means school summer dresses!

hueisei said... #

We don't celebraten4th of July in my country. But, I love seeing fireworks on our National day. I enjoyed the moment the best with my college course mates :)

Sallie said... #

When our children were little, we spent the night of July 3rd outside in the backyard and enjoyed waking outdoors on July 4th. Thanks for the giveaway!

Rachel said... #

Wow, you've got a great memory for the 4th. I remember one of the first years I was married, my husband and I watched the fireworks from the beach of Lake Michigan in the U.P. It was freezing! At least I thought it was - he actually went swimming after the show - in the lake at about 11:00pm.

Cheryl Arkison said... #

I have a couple of those same aprons from my Baba! Her embellishment is some cross-stitch though. It must have been a thing.

As for Canada Day, I've always enjoyed it, but it isn't that big of a deal here. In other news, my brother proposed to his wife on the top of the Empire State building on the 4th of July. Now that's epic!

legato1958 said... #

I remember a 4th of July vacation, up in the Vermont, on Green Lake. We went out on the lake in rowboats to watch the fireworks, from the water, and our 2 year-old son covered his ears with his hands, while the adults were elated and enthralled.

Thanks for the giveaway chance! Can't wait to use the fabrics if I won them. :)


Gill said... #

I'd love to join in but no blog so 'Good Luck' everyone!!

Susana Neiger said... #

Fireworks! When I was a kid, we'd sit on my grandparents' flat roof and watch fireworks. One year, the mountain (several miles away) where they shot the fireworks from caught fire - so, that was big news.