Thursday, September 6, 2012

Really Random Thursday, 9/6/12

So, ladies, do you ever take pictures of a complete stranger's hair? I wish my hair would do this. Of course she said it was super easy. Really. Just a little product, a couple of minutes, and she is done. Of course mine would never cooperate.
Her husband thought it was quite amusing when I asked if I could take a picture of her hair. Guys just don't "get" it.

It's September. What? Here is the monthly picture from our State Farm calendar. See our spray-painted graffiti names? Mine is on the track and Mark's is on the train. I quite like this picture...
Our fruitless mulberry continues to grow out of control, as it does every year.  After it is pruned, I'll put up a month-by-month mosaic. To review, this was April:
This was today:
Mark found a great little bike for Levi that just needed some clean-up.
He was quite happy with it.
We especially liked with the sign that was attached to it.
Here. Look at it a little more closely.
Especially after my friend, Elizabeth, saw this!
Yes, here in California, at a place called Thrifty of all things, you can actually spend $41.3 per gallon. Hmmm....or else, she is right: someone has poor decimal skills.

What is up with boys? Are they hard-wired to start channel surfing at 11 months of age? He found this old phone in the toy basket, and the first thing he did was point it to the TV. Modeled behavior?
"What's wrong with this thing anyway?"
I just have one question. Can you do this?  The males in this family are highly entertaining...

Anything random happening in your world? Please share!



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Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I agree the woman's hair was lovely enough to take a picture ;) I hate when people say that - my hair is always out of control!!
The toe walking is just hilarious!! Joan did that for about a year - I thought it might be earlier preparation for high heels!!

Susan said... #

Random yes, but not nearly as interesting as what is happening in yours! We always envy other people's hair, don't we?

Katy Cameron said... #

Heh, people only take photos of my hair to laugh and thank god that it's not theirs ;o)

As for the price of petrol, well, here it's about $10.50 a gallon. No, that wasn't a typo...

Mama Pea said... #

That video is hilarious! I love it.

Gas was that high in Michigan last week, too. Ouch!

My hair can and will look like that if I blow dry it and straighten it. It is a coarse and thick as hers. People tell me how much they love it, and I tell them how I long for pin straight, thinner, shiny hair! LOL. The grass is always greener. Mine is so thick it takes 20 minutes with a blow dryer, even at her length. Then, I'm so sweaty from blow drying that my hair curls back up from the dampness! LOL.

The Luedtke Family said... #

I L.O.V.E. that hair. My hair always tries to be a variation of that cut. Mine just has enough wave to make things difficult. I bet your hair could do that.

We tried Norah on a 16" bike. Since she is riding "a two wheeler with pedals", it's too big for her to handle. Her 12" is easier for turning around, stopping, and standing. Her big feat this summer was learning to ride a bike in early June, in MN. The skuut bike is awesome and thanks to that, we never hunched over holding the seat and praying for no tip overs as you let go. She loves to ride a bike! Grandpa always asks Simon how much gas he used after each bike ride, the emphatic answer is always "none". Love your sign. If you are not going to hang it up, we'll take it!

And, no, I cannot walk on my toes. That's his special talent.

We are off to the Sandwich County fair on Saturday with a forecast of 71 degrees, cloudy, and cooler. Perfect. Can't wait to see the barns.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Great post!!

Terriaw said... #

I have seen a hairstyle I really liked, but I've never taken a picture. Honestly, I like your style better! It's so flattering and pretty on you. Gotta love a typo on a gas price sign! I've been so focused on classes and homework this week that I haven't taken time to notice anything random.

Heather D. said... #

At least you asked her first! I might try to sneak a picture without asking. :) Her hair is lovely. I have a similar cut and mine is a lot of work - it depends how much natural wave your hair has, but I think the shorter the cut, the more likely it is to be "easy" - even my hair lays flat if it's short enough. Speaking of which, I keep meaning to make an appointment for a cut. :) Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said... #

My feet hurt just watching that video! I have a cousin that did that as a little girl about his age. Never walked on the bottom of her feet. She must be in her 40s or 50s now.....I bet she doesn't do it any Nothing random for me here in the San Diego area except the relentless humidity and unusual hot (for us) spell! It makes me glad to make that grueling 2 block drive (I'm unable to walk) to work every day to get into my air conditioned office!!

Needled Mom said... #

I love all the randomness!!!! Guys and remotes - a given, for sure!!!!

Teri said... #

A very funny blog daughter used to walk on her toes like that when she was that age......I thought she was the only goofy one....LOL

Linda said... #

How adorable! Yes, I think boys come hardwired for the remote!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Ouch those toes!!!

Donna said... #

So cute! :-).

Anita said... #

Too funny! My son used to walk on his tiptoes too when he was a baby...he still kind of points his toe sometimes and he's 23! He doesn't even realize he does it, oh and he's built like a tank and has great balance :)

Carla said... #

Great post! Actually, I've had my haircut photographed on 3 different occasions and one of those was by a stranger about 30 minutes after I'd left the hair salon....never looked like that again, I know! The phone/remote pic was my favorite!!

felicity said... #

I walked into a florist's shop this summer and the woman at the front desk looked at me, said, "I'll be right back!" and ran into the back. She came back with her co-worker and said to me, "she wants to cut her hair short and your style is EXACTLY what she wants!" The other woman looked a bit sheepish but did ask to take a couple photos. I was sorry to tell her my hairstylist was back in Vancouver (I was visiting family in Ontario at the time). It was very flattering!

My little brother used to toe walk but he didn't keep his feet as flat as that. Hilarious.

OPQuilt said... #

Great Random Thursday post, as usual. Love the hair, love the toe-walking, but my favorite was the graffiti on the train/track with both of your names. Did you contract with someone on the Loop in Chicago to get that done? Your commections are impressive!