Monday, September 24, 2012

The Name Game: s.o.t.a.k.handmade

If you don't already know Svetlana from s.o.t.a.k.handmade, I'm thrilled to introduce her this week.
Svetlana's design style really appeals to me--clean lines and great color choices. So it amazed me to read that she made her first quilt in December 2010, not even two years ago!

Svetlana, how did you choose the name for your blog?

I wanted to include my name in the name of my blog. And, since my first name Svetlana is too long and many people have a hard time remembering it, I decided to go with my last name Sotak.  I thought putting periods between each letter made it look less like a name, yet anyone who knows me would recognize it right away. 

Were there other names you considered and can you share any of them with us?

At first I tried to come up with some cute name, having some owls, or elephants, or some fruit in the name. Unfortunately, every time I thought of something I liked, it was already taken. At the end I decided to drop the cuteness idea and  to include my name in the blog name instead.
Now that you are recognized by s.o.t.a.k.handmade, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else?

 I'm pretty happy with it, but I go through stages when I wish it was something else, something a little shorter. At one point I thought about changing the name of my blog but realized that might be too confusing. Instead, I just changed my etsy store name from s.o.t.a.k handmade to the kokoon Now I almost wish I kept it the same as my blog name. Go figure!
If you haven't yet been to Svetlana's blog, please head over and say hi. And don't forget to check out her etsy shop which has some really cute items.

Thanks for playing the Name Game today, Svetlana. It was a pleasure to have you stop by!


  1. thanks for letting me play along, Cindy.

  2. Beautiful work. This is a new to me blog and it is nice to meet such talent.

  3. I love Svetlana's blog. Every project she completes is so beautiful :) Thanks for spotlighting her!

  4. I love her blog, also. All of her makes are just gorgeous!

  5. Svetlana makes the most beautiful things!!

  6. I love Svetlana's work, it always looks so bright and fresh :o)

  7. Now I know where her name came from! I always wondered. :) Gorgeous quilts. I love your style, Svetlana.

  8. Very fun - mystery revealed! I love Svetlana's work!

  9. I love her blog! Happy day to you


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