Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deck the Halls: Selvage Christmas Tree tutorial and giveaway!!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for stopping by!

It's true--Christmas is less than a month away! Today I'm a guest at Jennifer's blog, with a tutorial on how to make this cute little selvage wall hanging:
Zipit is generously giving away a $20 gift certificate. An early gift!
I hope you will check out my tutorial, and then leave me a comment here telling me whether you are decorating with traditional colors of red and green, or going out on a (Christmas tree) limb and doing something retro or modern. Pink...aqua...limey green...purple? I'd love to know! A winner will be chosen on December 8.

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05 08
Jocelyn said... #

Traditional for me. Your selvage tree is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Love your salvage tree! I'm doing traditional colors. But, for my Christmas card photos the kids wear their Christmas outfits. I did a whole purple an silver color scheme and I really liked it.

Rachel said... #

I always fall back on traditional colors but with a modern twist.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said... #

We've gone for traditional this year - red and gold! First time.

Laura said... #

Mostly red and green but really, we include a lot of colors.

And this would be . . . . said... #

I am still a traditional type of person. Red, green, white.

Lisa England said... #

I stick mostly with traditional. Not that I wouldn't like to do something more modern, but I have a lot decorations from years ago that I don't want to part with.

Michelle said... #

we stick with traditional red and green.

Ellyn said... #

great tutorial! I'm leaving the cutsie decorations behind and going to elegant red and gold....

Lesley said... #

I love your selvedge tree! I usually stick to traditional red and green, but am throwing in a few of the more modern red and greens! Thanks for the chance!

Sarah_L_N said... #

I love bright colours! I have tinsel in every bright colour I could find. My favourite one is turquoise and lime green, followed by the orange and pink tinsel! My house looks so plain in january when I take it all down!

DeborahGun said... #

I have red and silver on my Christmas tree - pretty traditional! I love your tutorial - I have never thought of keeping my selvedges but maybe I should start!

Donna said... #

I would love a silver and blue tree ..... but my tried and true decorations from years past are the traditional red, green and gold.

Unknown said... #

What cute and clever selvage projects! Thank you for sharing. We are only strict on lights. Outdoor lights are clear and indoor lights are multi color. After that anything goes although I tend to lean towards the blues with silver for my decorating.

Nati said... #

What a great tutorial and a fantastic idea! I am a new quilter, so do not have yet a huge stash of salvages, but now that I know what to do with them I will start collecting them! Thanks for the chance to win!

Pam said... #

Love your selvage projects!! I love to decorate with may colors for Christmas!!

Julie said... #

Very clever idea! I mostly stick with reds & greens. That's what I've always had, and I hate to switch out everything all at once.

Patti said... #

Every time I see something so wonderful made with selvages, I wish I had started keeping mine! I do tend to stick with traditional colours, although I'm starting to pick up a few things in other colours. Thanks for the giveaway!

memmens said... #

Love that tutorial, I sew a lot with selvedges and my bag is getting full again so I might have time to make this next week - thanks for sharing. As for decorating, we keep it really low key and I've not even thought about it yet, probably red and green but in modern fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway

Dorian said... #

That's really cute! Thanks for the neat idea and tutorial. Happy Holidays.

Mommarock said... #

I guess I go out on a limb. I have decorated with red, white and blue ever since 9/11 We were a Navy family then and my husband was away on deployment. I went and got all of the new decorations I needed to decorate the tree. We have kept that tree ever since. Now my son is in the Navy, and I keep the red, white and blue tree, but this year I went out and got a $20 tree at Walmart, and pulled out all of the kids decorations and added a second tree with all of their old ornaments that I haven't seen in years. I had to put them all up again. Missed them!

Sarah said... #

The selvage tree is gorgeous! I love it. Maybe next Christmas I'll make one. Not enought time this Christmas, althought I am very much looking forward to doing some sewing over our upcoming 6 week summer holiday break here in Australia. I prefer traditional decorations. Whilst I do think the modern ones are pretty, I can't justify spending money on them when I believe the trend will pass.

Beth said... #

I mostly use traditional colors - red and green with some blue thrown in there. Mostly it is a mish-mash!
Lovely pattern - thanks for sharing!

Trudie said... #

Love the selvage tree. I never save mine. I think I will start. I tend to only decorate with red and green for Christmas. Throw in some silver and gold and I am all set. Happy Birthday!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said... #

Your tree is so creative! I like a rainbow of colors for Christmas. The tree in our living room is white and the one in my daughters' room is pink!

jenna said... #

I keep my tree pretty simple but it does have a vintage feel because all my ornaments are passed down to me.

~Carla~ said... #

LOVE the tutorial!! It's soo cute! :) I'm very traditional... I love deep green & burgundy with gold & silver!!!

Missy Shay said... #

Your wall hanging is very nice! I don't put up a Christmas tree anymore, but when I taught, I had a small one in my classroom covered with sweets, which was pinks, browns, red, etc. Any color candy and gingerbreads could be. At home, usually reds, greens, blues, and silver, just a mismash of old and new ornaments.

Cheryl said... #

What a beautiful tree quilt. I usually use red and green for holidays with some silver added in.

quiltmania said... #

I stay with the traditional Christmas tree. Even though my oldest is 30, I still decorate it with ornaments my kids made. I love the family memories!

Gill said... #

Traditional for us! Red and green!

dolores said... #

Great idea for the selvedges....I don't collect them but I have TONS of holiday fabrics and cutting little strips to sew together like that would be such fun!

Hmmmm....decorating....I wing it....I have ALL colors...no theme here!;)

Courtney said... #

I love your selvage projects!! Thanks!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I love your tree! I tend to go for silver and pale blues, aquas and the odd bit of lilac...

Allison said... #

your selvedge tree is so cute!
I have always done a traditional red & green, but last year after my Grandmother passed away I was given her pre-lit christmas tree, and the light colors are more aqua, gold, magenta, lime. I'm really loving retro decorations in these colors now & am starting to spread them around the house {throw in some orange, and it is about perfect!}

Lee said... #

I adore your tree and tutorial! thank yoU! I have some selvages hanging about too! I am usually traditional :)

Paskiaq said... #

Love your selvage tree! I will have the traditional red and greens, but add a sprinkle of other colours too :)

Taryn V. said... #

For now I am sticking with traditional, because that is mostly what I inherited! As I start making my own things, I tend to be going with the "Cherry Christmas" color scheme.

Norma's Bag Boutique said... #

I go back and forth with traditional and modern. This year I haven't decorated yet but I think I'll use some lime green and turquoise decorations I have from another year.

Sandra :) said... #

Normally we're very traditional with our Christmas decorating, but this year I'm thinking about putting up a mini tree in my sewing room - a WHITE one, then hanging my little collection of flamingo ornaments on it! I'm watching for just the right tree ... :)

Marisa said... #

I just put Zipit zippers on my Christmas list! We have clusters of decorations everywhere-some red/green, some that incorporate other colors too. Nice tutorial-thanks for the opportunity!

Johanna said... #

I'm a red and green girl!

giddy99 said... #

Definitely modern (pink, lime, fuchsia, orange, black and aqua)! :)

needle and nest said... #

I'm a traditionalist. You won't find any pink, aqua or lime here! :)

Paula Lemos said... #

I love Zipit, it's a great shop. My tree will be decorated with red and white ornaments made by me :)
Thanks for the giveaway!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said... #

This year I get to go home for Christmas! Yippe! So I'll be bringing out all my mom's decorations and getting to decorate with her. Definitely traditional! :) Thank you for your tutorial! :)

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said... #

Traditional for me- red green and silver. Love the salvage tree and super giveaway!!

Needled Mom said... #

That is just darling. I am basically a traditional color type, but I do love the modern. I may have to give the selvage tree a try.

Nicole said... #

What a cute project! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.
I do a mix of traditional colors (red and green) with more modern colors (like ice blue, teal, pink) thrown in! I have a 1960s silver tree with the color wheel and all, so it helps to merge the classic and retro together.

Jennifer said... #

I'm too busy to decorate this year, so neither for me! LOL!

Sonia B said... #

Very cute. Red, green, and gold for me. Although I've added in some blues and blacks depending on the line of Christmas fabric I've been working with at the moment. Thanks for the chance.

Jo said... #

I tend to stick to red and green.Love the tree. I have just started saving my selvedges so might have just enough to try it out. Thanks.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Ikes! If I'm not decorating at all, does that count? No tree, no decorations... but maybe the nativity will be out. It's hand-painted plaster (by me) in traditional earth tone colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

Georgi said... #

I normally decorate with traditional colors, but lately I've been adding some turquoise to the mix! Thanks for the chance to win ~ fingers crossed!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

I'm traditional-reds, greens and golds, but I also have winter decorations with shades of blue and silver. Very cute tree, I might have to start keeping my selvages!

Karen said... #

I use traditional colors but in a contemporary hue. Love the tree pattern.

Amy said... #

Love the tree! Such a cute use of selvedges....now I need to start saving them! I love zippers in many colors....would love to win! We decorate in reds and greens with some silver thrown in...then switch to more silvers and blues for the rest of winter.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

I have a little bit of every color when I decorate...can't discriminate against any of thelm!

Tiffany said... #

It's red and green all the way over here! I want people to KNOW it's Christmas!

Emily C said... #

Usually the red and green, but we always have a few decorations that don't match the theme. We put them up anyway =)

Wendy said... #

What a great idea! It makes me wish I'd saved all those selvedges... yep, that's right, I throw them away!

We don't have a colour theme, all of our decorations have been collected over the years and we get them ALL out, no matter the colour!

robin said... #

I don't do much holiday decorating.

B Greene said... #

Traditional for us - my husband would disown me otherwise :-) Thanks for the great tutorial!!

Heather D. said... #

Very cute Cindy! I don't do a ton of decorating, and what I do have is a bit of a mix of everything. Maybe leaning more to the traditional red/green though.

Terriaw said... #

Cool Christmas tree! We love the traditions of red and green and gold and silver for the holiday season, so that's what we'll stick to. So nice to have a real wreath hanging over the fireplace already, bringing that Christmasy smell.

Lisa said... #

I will be decorating with the traditional Green and Red theme but more with lime green and red!
lisamcgriff at hotmail dot com

Sallie said... #

Traditional red and green. Thanks for the giveaway!

Stephanie said... #

Oh my gosh that is so cute! I am usually a traditional kinda Christmas girl but I do have some purple stuff I decorate with as well!

Jayme said... #

A couple years ago I went all out and bought the super bright ornaments from target! Pink, green, teal, orange, purple... I LOVE it!!

Grandma G said... #

Traditional here, although you wouldn't know it by our stockings... but I didn't choose the fabrics for them! ;)

Anonymous said... #

We're not Christian but I love looking at everyone's beautiful decorations.

jednoiglec said... #

Great tutorial! I love using selvedges in projects - so inspiring!

I am traditionalist and I decorate my home in red-green, but... I'm sure that in the future I'll use other colors too:)

Lori said... #

love your tree. we decorate with every color under the rainbow.

Deanna said... #

I am not really decorating this year. Baby is due Christmas day and I just don't have the motivation to hang anything! I do have a bunting hanging in the window, but that's about as far as things are getting this year.
Thanks for the giveaway - zippers are always handy!

Anonymous said... #

Nice tree. Just started to collect selvages, so maybe I´ll sew it next year :)
My tree is all in red, I just love it!! The green tree with lots of red in it!
Gun, Sweden

Suzanne said... #

I like traditional colours except for gold.

DianeY said... #

I'm a totally traditional type when it comes to Christmas

bee said... #

what a cute use for selvedges! i'm a traditional color sort for Christmas, and i'm hoping to make a tree skirt this year.

Kathy MacKie said... #

I'm traditional all the way!

Kati said... #

Pretty traditional around here. Btw, your selvage tree is so great! I just love it. Adding it to my list.

JLVerde said... #

Love your slevage tree. But now I regret tossing out my selvages (but I just can't keep every little scrap--I'll become a hoarder!).

I don't do much decorating (I'm not home much during the holidays--I celebrate at others' houses) but when I do it's pretty traditional.

MaryBeth said... #

I'm definitely a traditional gal. I participated in a block exchange this year which specified Christmas red and green. One of the gals used a VERY contemporary teal and magenta. That block went on the back, it was nice fabric, but really didn't play well with the others. To pay homage to her efforts, I reproduced her block using more traditional fabrics.

Unknown said... #

I tend to alternate years, some years I do all traditional and other I've used teal,rose,peach with pale green etc., it just depends on what I'm feeling each year, this year I'm planning on purple and lime green. I guess I just like to try different looks. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.
Marj in Mexico

Svetlana said... #

what a fun project, Cindy. You're so good at using your selvages, I started saving mine so hope to give it a try soon.

Poppyprint said... #

So that's what you were making?!!! So cute! I'm a fairly traditional Christmas decorator. No purple or lime green here. It's gold, deep crimson and green all the way. One day when we do an about face and find an open concept modern home, I may go all mod with decorating, but in our 100 year old cedar cottage it just seems right to go old school. Merry making!

Laura said... #

Loved your tutorial. I have always been a traditional Christmas kind of girl, but find myself using pinks and lime greens the last couple of years with a splash of teal.

Dawn said... #

I decorate with the usual red and green in most of the house. In my family room, I have silver and blue, including a large wall quilt with those colors plus navy in a snowflake pattern, pictures of snowflakes I cut off a calendar and lots of silver balls and other decorations. It's my favorite room!

andri. said... #

Traditional for me:) christmas will always be red, green and gold in my mind haha

Pat V. said... #

I pretty much stick with traditional colors. We usually have a large tree in the living room to display the ornaments we've collected over the years. I also have an extensive Snow Village collection that pretty much takes up all the rest of the available space!

Sewing Miles of Smiles said... #

Traditional here but not a lot of decorations because of my 2 cats. They destroyed the last tree! But they had a lot of fun doing it.


Lynn said... #

i like to mix it up a bit and throw in aqua, grey, white, red, and various greens. love your tutorial=thanks!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Fantastic tree! I will be mostly traditional with the addition of my very bright Winterkist gnome garland!

Rebecca said... #

We're pretty traditional with red, green, and silver :)

Anonymous said... #

I started collecting selvage strips recently when I saw what people were doing with them. I am traditonal mostly with red and green and a little burlap thrown it!

P├ętra said... #

Love your tutorial it's the perfect thing to make for my book club gift swap! I like the traditional colors for my tree and house but I like to mix it up when I'm making Christmas decorations with fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

LJ said... #

Your use of selvages has really encouraged me to start saving them. I'd read once that you should cut the selvages off so they would be 1 1/2" to 2" wide and that just rubbed me the wrong way. How wide do you usually cut your selvages?
I like the traditional colors for Christmas most generally. Sometimes a splash of the non-traditional is OK.

Carla G said... #

Love your selvage tree & ornament pillow! :)
For Christmas it is usually the traditional red & green, but also some blue & silver. :)

Amy Friend said... #

Your tree is really cute Cindy! I particularly like the way you used different fabrics for the background--nice touch!

Nancy@owensolivia said... #

I like to use non traditional colors for Christmas. Great job on the tree! I love Zipit too! Great color selections.

Mina said... #

super cute tree! I love decorating retro with retro colors.

Debra Lee said... #

No tree for me. I usually don't decorate.

Rebeckah Austin said... #

Traditional for sure :)

Debbie said... #

I do red & green in most of the house but in the living room, since I have an orange chair & all - I do brown, green, teal, & gray....made a tree skirt last year & making a lap quilt now...

Doris said... #

So cute! First of all, I have to say, I love ZipIt, her customer service is great and her prices very reasonable. Secondly, I'll tell you I decorate somewhat modern/contemporary, using an artifical pre-lit tree, mostly bright ornaments in purples, pinks, turquoises, greens. Our mantle gets lights and tulle (all white) and a small snowman collection. We started buying an ornament together each year (in 2007?) that means something from that year, it is typically one of the German blown glass ornaments.

Trying to get in the mood to decorate this year... it just seems too early...

kbzelazny said... #

This is one area where I am pretty traditional-red and green. Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway!

WeaslerQuilts said... #

Your selvedge tree is adorable! I have a habit of throwing mine away, though :/ I usually just decorate with lights and a tree. We don't go all out at my house.

Valerie said... #

Great project! I've been enjoying adding some pops of aqua to my red and green festivities lately. The more color, the better!

Connie said... #

Thanks for a Great Tutorial and a great giveaway! I love to decorate! c.teasley@yahoo.com

sew.darn.quilt said... #

What a fun tutorial, thank you very much! :)
Our Christmas decor would best be described as eclectic, with 4 kiddos showering our home with all kinds of school art projects and masterpieces they create at home, what else could I call it ;O)
Thank you for this fabulous chance.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

I love silver, never gold, but will add a bit of pink & aqua into the red and green mix too xxx

Lisa said... #

I have to admit most of the things I make during Christmas is red, green, blue or white to decorate. I decorate with mostly old things my children made and all their beautiful ornaments are hung on the tree! So our tree is pretty colorful! Thank you for the chance I really like your designs!

Tamie said... #

One of my daughters chooses the color scheme each year so it is never the same. Thanks for the giveaway.

legato1958 said... #

I decorate with the traditional reds and greens, maybe mixing in a bit of country colors.


Deb said... #

We pretty much always go traditional. Our tree is a mix of old and new ornaments and colored lights. The children always love it because our tree is anything but boring.

Beulah said... #

I go so far out on that Christmas Tree limb.... :) I make full use of Every Color known to man! I do have a few traditional red and green elements...but love using all the colors! Seems more cheerful to me somehow.

sowingstitches [at] yahoo [dot] com

Cindi said... #

We definitely go traditional around my house! It's the only time of year that any red gets seen. My favorite decoration, yep, you got it the shotgun shells... can you say redneck Christmas!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

This is really cute Cindy. When it comes to Christmas I'm still pretty traditional. Red and green. Poinsettia prints, holly, and lots of cardinals in honor of my Mom who loved them. We don't have cardinals here in Colorado, so I miss them.

Carolyn said... #

Such a super cute tree! I love to decorate with different Christmas colors. Of course there are red and green, but blue and purple have made their way in, too. I even have some pink Christmas fabrics.

Andi said... #

I have changed colors several times over the years. Last year and this year, my colors are jewel tones; pink, lime green, turquoise, purple, and red. I just love having all the bright color in my house.

cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

Carla said... #

Love the little tree. Should have saved those selvedges......

Mrs.Pickles said... #

what a great tutorial!! thanks for sharing, I would love to use different colours but I am a red, green and gold gal

Marla's Crafts said... #

We have an old fashion Christmas here. A mixture of old and new. I am starting to get rid of some old but it is hard to do but just don't have the room any more.

Anita said... #

Love your selvage tree and ornament pillow! Thanks for the tutorial :) I usually decorate in traditional red and green, but I love everything retro or victorian as well. I'm really loving the aquas and colors of the vintage modern line and also cherry Christmas as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ella said... #

I tend to go red and green. Maybe I need to branch out a bit more.

Farm Quilter said... #

Great tutorial!!! I have saved selvedges since I began quilting almost 5 years go and love using them in projects! Thank you for the great giveaway too :) I am willing to use any and all colors...my Santa collection is mostly reds and white but my snowman collection runs the gamut! But most of the decorations fall into the traditional colors...but my selvedge Christmas tree won't be traditional in color! Or maybe one will and one won't!

Erin P. said... #

I'm traditional, I like the red and green. eatkin85@yahoo.com

GG said... #

A couple years ago we bought a whole new Tree Ornaments & we changed the red & green theme to Silver & crystal ornaments with an accent of deep rose/raspberry ornaments. I, too, collect selvages (and always wondered why I did that) I do use them to wrap up things BUT I now have a new project to use my selvage stash! Thanks for that.

Lisa Cox said... #

We normally decorate with the traditional red and green. I use bows on the tree instead of tinsel or garland.

Margaret said... #

We decorate with the same things we have for years. Mostly red and green and things that my kids or I have made over the years.

Salley said... #

Well its usually a boiler in Sydney on Christmas Day...our greens (foliage) here are different..softer and greyer so I've never felt the Nthn Hemisphere Green and Red was right. A couple of years ago I threw all away and have been gradually gathering bright pink for a small black tree. I cant wait to get it all, out this weekend! I certainly dont have any red and green Christmas fabric ...have never bought any . . But am loving the aquas and pinks that are becoming available. Those zips look fun. Happy Christmas!

Angela Bullard said... #

I'm not sure which route we're going with. This is our first year with little ones so it is the first one I will be putting any effort into. I picked a bunch of different styles of fabric to make stockings so we might go with an eclectic kind of Christmas.

Heather said... #

It's mostly red, green, and sparkly lights here!

Chriss said... #

We are quite traditional with our Xmas decorations, I love red, green and gold together.

natski said... #

I like the traditional colours with a splash of purple and silver thrown in. Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway :)

Bea said... #

I'd love to decorate with out of the box colors... but my family loves traditional Christmas colors... so that's what we do EVERY year! Thanks for the tuto and for the chance to win... love zipit zippers!

Colleen said... #

Traditional for me. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Anonymous said... #



ritainalaska said... #

a great tute! traditional reds and greens!

Heidi Staples said... #

Darling project! We use basic reds and greens for the most part!

Laura said... #

Thanks for this wonderful project! We are using reds and greens!

Mama Pea said... #

I am not decorating at all this year, because I'm leaving on Dec 14 for Wisconsin and then Florida. Am I a Scrooge? But the pillow I just made is pretty non-traditional. Bright red and green, with white, pink and apple green accents. :-)

I LOVE your project. It is just fantastic!

Karrie said... #

We are doing red, green, and silver. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Anonymous said... #

This year I completed an advent calendar quilt in red, green, pink & light blue. But, I have a dream of going modern one of these years and using silver, aqua, orange and white. Thanks! Love your little tree.

SIMPLESEW said... #

Its incredible and inspiring...

barbara woods said... #

love it but i go red and green and gold thanks

Jenn said... #

I love green and red bu t more as accents.

Debbie said... #

Oh my goodness what a cute tree. I only have a few selveges saved right now, so it may take me a while.

I still love decorating with red and green at Christmas, but I love other colors too.

Take care and thanks for sharing.


Ellee said... #

Blue, white, and silver are the prominent colors in my Christmas decorating. soparkaveataoldotcom

Fran said... #

I stick to traditional Christmas colors for decorating. Your selvage Christmas tree is so gorgeous!

ELNM said... #

What a fabulous, creative tutorial! I used to stick to traditional red and green, but lately I've started heading toward red, white and powder blue. Who knows where I'll end up! Thanks for the giveaway!

Rebekah B. said... #

Right now I decorate with what we have... traditional, red green, etc. But one day I do think it would be fun to go a little more retro.

ELNM said... #

What a fabulous, creative tutorial! I used to stick to traditional red and green, but lately I've started heading toward red, white and powder blue. Who knows where I'll end up! Thanks for the giveaway!

Mom2Caleigh said... #

I love to use red and green - but my tree is always a rainbow of color as it is made up of handmade ornaments from my grandchildren!

Brie said... #

Just traditional aaround here. Only because that is what we have!

Theresa said... #

I'm a traditional red and green girl. Thanks for the great tutorial - both the tree wall hanging and the pillow were very cute.

Ramona said... #

I probably have more red and green then any other color but to be honest, I use whatever other colors that I like. Love your tree.

hueisei said... #

Cute tutorial! We are using reds and greens!

Ptcquilter said... #

Blue & silver at my house this year!

The Lazy Sewist said... #

Traditional colors mostly. Love your selvage projects - I wish I had the patience to sew such tiny strips!

Deb said... #

Traditional...red and greens!

MoeWest said... #

Mainly tradition with dark reds and green.

Karen O said... #

I don't decorate very much. Just a traditional family tree with a mish mash of ornaments and some Nativity sets I have picked up in my travels.

Karen O said... #

Oh, and I forgot to say that I love your selvage tree. I have been saving selvages since I started quilting a year ago. Someday I will make something with them. :)

Rene' said... #

Such a fun tree Cindy! Thanks for the tutorial. I really don't want to hear that Christmas is less than a month away ;-) So much still to do....

Kathie said... #

I'm traditional but I like the richer dark reds and greens along with some black. Thanks for the tutorial!

Leanne said... #

I decorate in all the colours, some here some there. Lovely tutorial, I love the idea of a selvage tree and thank you for the give away.

Jodi - usairdoll said... #

I use alot of red and green. My Christmas ornaments on the tree are all different colors. One year I'd love to do all my decorations in blue and white.

Thank you and Zipit for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.


Judith said... #

Definitely traditional colours--lots of red and green and white and gold. On the tree, though, anything goes. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

Anonymous said... #

I love the traditional colors of red and green with splashes of white and royal blue all enhanced by bits of silver and gold.

Beezus said... #

Um, I hate to admit it, but I'm not decorating this year. At all. It's not that I'm not happy to celebrate, it's just this tiny condo already has huge space issues! So I've had fun reading about everyone else's plans, but I'll stick to my own. Hopefully this time next year I'll live in a larger place and I'll be able to tell everyone what colors I'M using to decorate! :)

Julia said... #

I use traditional colors but I like the lime green, red and pink combination so I try to use that in one room and this year it is the bathroom! what can I say?

Julia said... #

I use traditional colors but I like the lime green, red and pink combination so I try to use that in one room and this year it is the bathroom! what can I say?

Terri in BC said... #

Love your selvedge tree! A few years ago I started decorating with aqua and purple, and I'm considering adding a bit of red or lime to the mix this year. Thanks for the opportunity!

Catherine said... #

What a fantastic idea for a wall hanging. Traditional colours all the way for me, plus lots of homemade accessories!

Susanne said... #

Mostly I stay with red and green :)

Emma said... #

I decorate my tree with jewel colours, usually hot pink, purples and emerald greens.

Mystica said... #

The tree is decorated every year for the last several years by my son and he generally goes with a different theme! I have still not been told what colors this year. He lives overseas and is coming home on Friday.

craftytammie said... #

my tree is done in aqua, silver, red and white. the kid's tree is anything goes, they love that!

Carrie P. said... #

your tree and ornament pillow are so cute. thanks for sharing.
My tree is done in red and green mostly with some silver.

Swedish Scrapper said... #

Fabulous! I am doing a fusion style-- we have a set of pink silk roses christmas tree lights for the tree, and a mix of both modern colors and traditional colors for the rest of the decorations.

Cecilia said... #

I mostly use red and green with blue and burgundy. I love your tree. I've been saving selvages and will have to make one for myself.

CapitolaQuilter said... #

Pretty traditional colors still because I haven't made anything new. I'm in love with the aqua red combo and when my next project is made I'm sure it'll be in those colors - just not for THIS Christmas.

Kira said... #

I am so traditional. Green, red and white, plus whatever my children contribute, which could be anything.

Unknown said... #

I love the traditional colors but I also transition to the variations of the colors - rich deep reds and greens and golds.

Charmed Life said... #

I love bright colors so am going with hot pink, aqua, and silver this year. Thanks for the great tutorial...I need to start saving those selvedges!

carla said... #

Hi!!! It is very pretty!!! I think we will use mostly blues and whites this year!!!

Lynn M said... #

We will be going with traditional red and greens I think.

Ali said... #

I love getting zippers from them, thank you for the giveaway!
I went with blue and silver and cats and birds for the tree (which is already decorated since I'm impatient) And a Blue reindeer with pink glitter for a table centerpiece. I love a quirky color combo!

Robin said... #

Such a cute tree!! Color, color, color....any and all COLOR!!!!!

Margaret said... #

Traditional, always. Although next year, I may change my mind. :-)

Marcia W. said... #

this year it will be a red and green country Christmas

Anda W said... #

I never stray from traditional colours! awolk at rogers dot om

Julie said... #

Traditional this year!

hilary said... #

Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love to try the zippers

Trisch said... #

I do a little of both. Some things around the house are very traditional red and green. I also like to throw a little pink and lime green into the mix here and there. I always say, I like what I like, it doesn't always have to be matchy matchy!!!!

Unknown said... #

Pretty! I hope I win zippers to make some new pillows!

Addibrae said... #

We have to get new ornaments for the tree this year. I haven't looked much yet, but I am leaning towards blue and silver.

Mom C said... #

I love red and green---for Christmas. Love the tree. Thanks.

Amanda said... #

Traditional! Thanks for the tutorial. :)

Beth said... #

Trad colors for me, although I enjoy seeing the new color schemes in other peoples's homes.

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