Monday, June 24, 2013

The Name Game: PatchworknPlay

Susan is here today from PatchworknPlay, all the way from Australia! I think I discovered Susan through Mary, better known as Molly Flanders. They are great friends, and I kept discovering all the wonderful things Susan was working on. As a bonus, she is now a member of the Mid Century Modern bee; I was just thrilled when she accepted the invitation to join!
(this inspires me to complete my Farmer's Wife quilt top!)

How did you choose the name for your blog? Were there any other names you considered and can you share any of them with us?

I thought for weeks about the name for my blog.  I was already blogging (I'm too embarrassed to tell you what that name was!), had been for about five months and had nine followers!  I was still finding my niche, but was loving the contact I was establishing with other quilters around the world, so I wanted a name which would attract like minded people.
I am a school teacher by profession and believe  words are very powerful.  So for weeks I played around with words associated with "patchwork".  (In Australia, patchwork is a word that fits all types of piecing, not just, as it is in other parts of the world,  simple square piecing.) So I thought about the 'work' part and somehow it's opposite 'play' fitted together so well. Occasionally on my blog I talk about more playful aspects of my life- my cycling or what I see when I'm out walking.
Now that you are recognized by PatchworknPlay, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else?
I love my blog name! I would never consider changing it.  I think it still sums up my life so well- work gets in the way sometimes and I don't always have time for fabric play..... Besides, what else would I call my husband- Mr PnP suits him perfectly!
Susan, thank you SO much for playing the Name Game today. I hope you get a lot of visitors because there is much to see!


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Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

Thank you for introducing Susan to us. Her quilts are beautiful!

Selfsewn said... #

Ah yes that Molly Flanders has some awesome friends ;o)
And Susan is a lovely lady as well as a a inspirational quilter!
All work and no PLAY would make for a very dull world!

Mary said... #

Oh my gosh! I have to find out what the first name was now! LOL!!! It is no secret that I LOVE Susan....I think we are sisters separated by continents and oceans....our little 'sis' is Clare {selfsewn}. I first noticed Susan's blog several years ago and quietly visited over and over. I was so impressed by her perfect piecing and choice of fabrics. Plus she did not shy away from difficult piecing. When I had trouble figuring out a pattern {one she had completed} I emailed her for help. She was on her way to school, but responded as soon as she had a free moment. And that was it! I knew we would be friends. I can't wait to meet her someday...she has helped me in so many ways through some very difficult times {go get your tissues!}. Thanks, Cindy, for featuring Susan. Her blog is well worth following!!!

Vicki said... #

Thank you so much Cindy and Susan! It is always a pleasure to meet new quilty frineds!!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I love the quilt in the final photo!

Susan at said... #

Nice! Thanks for sharing. There's some really lovely work here. :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Got to love Mrs S xxx

CitricSugar said... #

Yay - Suz is awesome! I think I found half the people I read by stalking your blogroll, Cindy. :-)

Needled Mom said... #

Her work is beautiful. Thanks so much for introducing her to us.

Rachaeldaisy said... #

It's great to hear how Suz chose her blog name, but now I'm very curious to hear what her first blog's name was. :)

OPQuilt said... #

You've highlighted one of my favorite blogs! I'm heading over there now to say a big hi.

Elizabeth E.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Cindy I always love these Name Game posts. So fun to learn a bit more about bloggers I follow . . . especially people in the MCM Bee.

Carla said... #

It's no secret that Suz and her wonderful blog float my boat!!! I'm so glad that you shared them with everyone today, Cindy! said... #

Susan is a dear. We originally bonded when she and Mr PnP were cycling through France. I was smitten by her travels and our shared love of all things French. And we both have a chef for a son! The fact that we both quilt is just icing on the cake

Anonymous said... #
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