Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday, 6/26/13

I was unplugged from Thursday afternoon of last week until Monday afternoon. You know what I missed the most? Instagram. I have found that I really enjoy documenting my sewing progress by posting pictures to Instagram. But...no iPhone, no iPad, no internet. No Google. We made a list of Google-able items, questions we needed answers to once we were in contact with the outside world again.

There were four of us sewing at our friend's cabin in Yosemite West. It was wonderful. But noisy. New cabin construction is going on. Apparently seven days a week. We thought Saturday would be a quiet day--no heavy equipment noises from across the road. Wrong.

Then we thought Sunday would be a quiet day. Wrong again. They worked until 6 p.m.!

We tried to cover up with the noise with four sewing machines. It was quite successful. When the sun wasn't too bright, we went outside and took pictures. I managed to complete my monstrous MCC quilt for next April, Swooning with Oakshotts, although that is probably just a temporary name...
I made some really cute drawstring bags  (with Jeni's pattern) using kitchen hand towels from Target. I'm going to stock up--these things are super cute.

As we complete things, we hang them over the circular stair railing. It's a tradition.
And I played with the fish eye lens on my iPhone. Because it's fun.
Still waiting to get pictures of everyone else's projects...

In the meantime, I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday this week.


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Η Πευκοβελόνα said... #

Wow!!!! Your Swoon quilt is just awesome...glad that there will be a new swoon quilt-a-long for this year!

Anne said... #

Oh man, that oakshott swoon is incredible! I've not seen a dark-backed swoon, and between that and the gorgeousness that is oakshotts, it's a really striking quilt. :)

Vicki said... #

Sounds to me like you ALL had a great time! Welcome back to reality. Absolutely love the MCC quilt. I am sure it will go for the usual thousands of dollars!! Thanks Cindy!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said... #

Looks like a really fun weekend! I'm loving your Swoon quilt - gorgeous!

sherry said... #

really love your swoon quilt

mtnquiltr said... #

Wow, what a great Swoon! Love, love, love it!

Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said... #

Wow, what a great week, even if you did have to be disconnected. :) I haven't jumped on to instagram as of yet. I'm not sure why - other than I hate twitter and the two are kind of the same in my brain, lol! One day, I'll check it out.

Love your bags! You all were very successful this week!

Molly said... #

I am jealous, I love to disconnect and get away from it all in nature. I absolutely love the oakshot swoon quilt- it is simply stunning! Glad you had fun and also glad you are back and connected again!

knottygnome said... #

your quilt looks gorgeous with the dark background. love it!

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Your swoon quilt looks fabulous with the Oakshotts, Cindy!

Carla said... #

Won't that be a sight at the auction!! It's gorgeous. I hope you keep blogging. I miss those that have switched to IG

sarah elizabeth :: {no} hats said... #

Drooooollll!!! Over both your sewing destination and the resulting finished top ;)

Grandma G said... #

Hmm... this post sounds more like a "work completed" than a WIP! Way to go on getting things done!

I've seen a lot of Swoon quilts, which is one of my favorite quilt designs, but I have to say... yours tops them all! Absolutely stunning!!

Kelly & Stephen said... #

your swoon quilt reminds me of gems, so bright! Well done.

A Trio Beautiful said... #

I love the way your Oakshot's really POP off the back backgound! What a beautiful quilt!

OPQuilt said... #

I was waiting for the circular stairwell picture--I love seeing that.

Wow!! Congrats on finishing up your MCC charity auction quilt--is this the earliest you've finished it? I'm totally impressed and it is so beautiful. From what I hear about Oakshotts, though, they are more beautiful in person, so hopefully, one day. . .

Welcome back to civilization. I'm sure the sound of buzzsaws was surprising, but maybe one group's industry encouraged your group's industry? (Quite a lot of sewn things hanging over that stairwell. . . )

Terri said... #

I need to add some of those fun iPhone lenses to my wish list when I have a paying job. Looks so fun to play with. Four sounds like a perfect number of friends to spend a weekend, together especially at a cabin. Fun to see everyone's finishes.

Carla said... #

Oh, wowsers! I hope that MCC is ready to spend the million$ they will get from your Swoon!! What a fun weekend you had... it's hard to not be jealous!

Anonymous said... #

What a great week!
Your Swoon quilt is fantastic!

Svetlana said... #

wow, your Swoon is amazing.

Cloud CouCou said... #

Your swoon is beautiful, I love those colours on the black they really pop :)

Mama Pea said... #

Glad you had fun. Sorry it wasn't more quiet! Love your Oakshot quilt. Amazing. I need to go to Target with you. You find the cutest stuff!

CitricSugar said... #

Oh, Cindy! That Swoon makes me want to do just that. I love it. I love it enough to actually use the term "lurve" it. :-)

Michele said... #

Love the swoon quilt and the bags. I hope to go on a retreat myself some day.

Katy Cameron said... #

Looks like loads of fun! I know what you mean about the disconnected feeling though!