Thursday, March 20, 2014

Really Random Thursday, 3/20/14

There was no Really Random Thursday last week. For one thing, we were at the central coast of California. Warmer at the coast than in Fresno? That was weird.
But still...
This happened last week. The mileage on my car turned over to (only) 45,000 miles. It is over six years old. Maybe I don't get out enough.
This is how we water trees in California.
An addition to the wine glass gallery.
A fun purchase. Hey, official baseball season is just around the corner. And you can never start being a Dodgers fan too early.
This is out of currently of stock. Insert sad face.

Full reveal tomorrow.
Your turn.


  1. Always a pleasure to visit for your Random Thursday posts. Love seeing those sunny pics. It was nice here for a couple of days during the past two weeks. But now it's snowing. Again. Still. Insert really depressed, stressed and cabin fever induced sad face here.

  2. I so envy your warm weather and your beach!

  3. Like the tree-watering method Cindy! Your Pantone challenge entry is looking lovely.

  4. Left a message over on a really old posting - I didn't know anyone else kept selvages!!! So fun to "meet" a fellow collector....they are just too pretty to throw out! I like Kaffe fabric, which is GREAT for selvages!!!! Take care - Kristin

  5. Your Random THursdays always make me smile! Love the coastal pics!! Thanks for sharing those with us not near the coast. :) Stop by and check out my new linky! It's been a lot of fun so far. :)V
    (And of course love the latest addition to the wine gallery!!)

  6. ROFL, I particularly like the last one after seeing a series of pics on IG of someone's 'hashtag' their husband bought them. Uh, no, it's on a slant, it's a sharp sign...

  7. Fun stuff! I might need to buy a couple of those t-shirts!

  8. Neat stuff here. You must have a home on Pismo Beach, to go there so often. And when you travel... well, we all know you fly! No wonder your car doesn't have so many miles. I'm a 1953 baby, so YOU can have that one. Ha! Thanks for sharing all your fun insights.

  9. I'm so far behind in blog reading, but I just love random Thursdays. My Mum is vintage 53 but she's not really into tees or hoodies, so I think I may get a vintage 77 for me! I love your Pantone quilt, the colour is beautiful this year. Hashtags kind of annoy me too. I like them on Instagram but anywhere else they're just irritating to read.


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