Thursday, March 13, 2014


For all you Randomeers and random readers, there is no Really Random Thursday this week.

Our first grandchild, Caleb, would have been 9 today. It hardly seems possible that nearly a decade has gone by since his brief three days with us.
My plan was just to post the picture of my bracelets, a picture I took last year, along with a link to my post from two years ago. But again, I knew I had to add the beautiful song by Laura Story, Blessings, because, to me, it will always be "Caleb's Song"...

In case the video doesn't come up on your device, here is the link.)


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Celtic Thistle said... #

What a lovely way to remember Caleb by Cindy. His time with you may have been brief but he will live in your hearts forever.

Ellyn said... #

that very song got us through a difficult illness with our youngest daughter. I'm glad it has blessed you too. Thinking of you and Caleb's parents today.

Amy Friend said... #

My thoughts are with you today Cindy.

Charlotte said... #

so sorry xxx

Grandma G said... #

What a beautiful photo of beautiful bracelets! I know you will always treasure the memories you have of little Caleb, even as they bring a pain to your heart. His life was a gift, however brief it was, and you were blessed to have shared in it.

Debbie said... #

Blessing to you & your family today...

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Hugs Cindy.

Nadine said... #

You and your family are in my thoughts today, Cindy.

Katy Cameron said... #


Quilting Nonnie said... #

I'm glad you took the day off. It's important to honor your feelings and think of your son. I read your post last year and that beautiful song had been a godsend. Take your time. Good bless.

Cathy said... #

Thinking of you and your family on this day.

Ella and Nesta said... #

My daughter Ella has just turned nine and reading your post has brought tears to my eyes. A big hug to you and your family.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Sending hugs and good feelings your way.

Heidi Staples said... #

Ever since your post last year, I never hear "Blessings" on the radio without thinking of your family. Hugs to you, Cindy.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Thinking of you and your family xxx