Thursday, April 17, 2014

Really Random Thursday, 4/17/14

This week I like:

A boy and his teacher at open house:
with ice cream to celebrate afterwards.
Pedicure partners:
Baby fingers:
Flowers from the garden:
and seen in a parking lot:

A fun night with special people:
And funny sayings seen on social media:
Not that I even have a clue what that last one means...

Your turn.


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Quilting Stories said... #

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post my link on your blog. Greetings from Greece. Christine

Quilting Stories said... #

PS : I am your last follower.

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

I'm going to see Wicked next weekend!! (I think the last one means they procrastinated even starting???) Have a great Easter with the grands!! (I know you will)

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Thanks for making me smile! Oh I could do with a pedi!

The Colorful Fabriholic said... #

Thanks for the link up. I love your flower photo and the watercolor version of it. How did you do that?

ChristaQuilts said... #

Love the quotes - too funny!

Anonymous said... #

I love the upcycled books! Too cute!!! -Brittany

Rachel said... #

Gorgeous flowers and I love the Procrastination sign. I totally get it.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

The best is the very last saying . . . it says it all and unfortunately I relate all too well.

Katy Cameron said... #

Looks like another fun week round your way :o) No idea about that last saying either...

FlourishingPalms said... #

Good stuff here, Cindy! So glad you're enjoying life to the fullest, and obviously finding lots to make you - and us - smile. Thanks for sharing.

Rachaeldaisy said... #

Looks as though you've had an action packed week. Beautiful flowers! I love that quote about cleaning your craft room!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Lovely week indeed!

Carla said... #

Blessings on you and yours today. Happy Easter