Thursday, May 5, 2016

Really Random Thursday, 5/5/16: Quilting at the Cabin

 Last Thursday, four friends and I were quilting in a cabin just outside of Yosemite. What a special weekend. It is the 17th annual for me. With the exception of spotty phone reception--Verizon worked if you were standing in just the right place, AT&T didn't work at all--we were unplugged. It was marvelous.

The cabin belongs to Dotty, and she is the friend who taught me how to quilt in the first place. I have managed to obtain a small collection of those fabric license plates from different shops, and this one was just perfect for her, so I made a one-hour basket. Can you see it through the wine glass? Yo-Sew-Mite.
Every.single.year we vow to not bring so much food. Years ago, we decided we would only have two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, with a "snack" in between. This is NOT lunch. It is only a major amount of food small snack to give us energy to keep sewing through the afternoon until we can actually prepare dinner.
Rain had been predicted for Thursday. If only we would have gotten to the cabin a half hour earlier, we would not have encountered the rain and hail storm that lasted about as long as it took us to unload all our gear from the vehicles into the dry cabin.
But once we were settled in, with our machines set up, we accomplished quite a lot. This is only a small example.

Traditionally, we hang anything we are done working with over the spiral staircase railing. It's a fun tradition.
Just as we were packed up and ready to head down into the valley again, we realized we hadn't taken a group picture. I had my "real" camera along, so after setting it up and turning on the timer, this was our group picture.
Oh, wait. Maybe I should set the timer for longer than two seconds.
Ruth, Dotty, Maggie, Vicki, me
Much better. Until next year....


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SarahZ said... #

How fun! It looks like some beautiful quilt tops in the works, and no one went away hungry :)

Julia Graber said... #

What a special quilt retreat. It reminds me of the times our family gets together to sew.

Robby said... #

And a good time was had by all! Or so it appears. Isn't it special to reconnect with long standing friends?

lindaroo said... #

Ha ha! I love that you included your blur photo!
Oh, this looks like such a good time, and there are some great quilts coming out of it, too!

PamKittyMorning said... #

Wow you guys got a lot done! Looks like fun!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

You all really crank out the quilt tops. Love the blurry photo. I can so relate.

Janet said... #

Thanks for sharing about your weekend. What special memories each member of the group must have made over 17 years. I dream of doing something like this but that is as far as things go. The quilt tops are beautiful!

Needled Mom said... #

What fun! That must be a great time for all of you if it has lasted so many years.

Carla said... #

That looks SO fun. I have never ever been to a retreat. I'm chicken for some reason ; )

OPQuilt said... #

Sounds like a great time quilting with all your buddies. I love that tradition of hanging things over the railing, and I look forward to seeing it every year.