Friday, June 3, 2016

Reserve Champion: What Shade Are You?

Today my quilt is on the RJR Quilt With Love blog as part of their recurring What Shade Are You? blog series.
Lately I have been working nearly exclusively with solid fabrics, so the opportunity to work with different brands and their unique colors is always interesting. This is the second time I have worked with RJR Cotton Supreme Solids and I highly recommend them (you can read about the first quilt here and here).
I was able to choose a set of 12 colors, ending up with four color groups with three values in each, and then added two neutrals.

I always use the latest state of the art design program graph paper and colored pencils when I'm working on something new. One day I'll actually learn how to use EQ7 with some proficiency. That's the goal anyway...
My idea was to use the traditional Sisters Choice block, alternate grid, and a partial larger block, along with alternating dark and light backgrounds within the blocks themselves.
After I sewed the original design together, something just didn't seem right. The large block in the lower left corner made it seem bottom heavy, and the negative space just didn't sit well.
I took most of it apart, made a couple more blocks, and ended up with a design that seemed much more visually appealing.

I used the extra blocks on the back.
The negative space gave Darby a chance to really make the quilting stitches pop.  I just love the little circles here and there.
Mark thinks I would be remiss if I didn't explain how I came up with the quilt name, Reserve Champion. Originally I was trying to think of a male version of Sisters Choice, since I have no sisters, but I do have one brother. I couldn't think of anything that worked. My brother works for the Federal Reserve, and the name Reserve Champion just popped into my head. I realize that a reserve champion is normally given to a second place finisher, but I don't think that applies in this case. I'm really thrilled with the quilt, and I'm sure my brother is confused thrilled to have a quilt named after him. :)

Name: Reserve Champion
Size: 60" x 60"
Designed and Made by: Cindy Wiens
Quilted by Darby Myers

If there is any interest, I would be happy to write up a short tutorial.

And because it is Friday, I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, Fort Worth Fabric Studio, TGIFF, and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


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Paige said... #

What a beautiful and modern layout! Your two background colors pair beautifully with your block colors!

Jen said... #

What a fantastic layout! It turned out amazing.
I am really, really loving this quilt.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said... #

Outstanding color selection! I agree, this quilt is amazing.

Sinta Renee said... #

Stunning quilt and a fantastic layout for the blocks too! Love your colors Cindy!!!

Amy said... #

Isn't he your younger brother? Then, of course, he's #2... so Reserve Champion is the perfect name! And the quilt is wonderful! It reminds me of some of the later, washed colors of Summer when laziness and Popsicles rule. And I wold love you to do a tutorial...

trudie said... #

I would love a tutorial! The quilt is awesome!

Linda said... #

would love a tutorial!

KathleenD said... #

I really like your quilt! It's traditional AND modern at the same time and your colors play so well together!
Sometimes I name a quilt with something to do with the block, theme or person for whom I've made the quilt.
BTW, I would be thrilled & grateful to win your lovely giveaway bundle! Thanks.

Unknown said... #

The quilt is great! Thanks for sharing your design process, too. A tutorial would be nice.

Bonnie said... #

That quilt!!!!!! I've never worked with solids much - but winning this bundle would sure spring me into "solid" action. And yes, a tutorial would be fabulous!! Thanks for the chance.

Chris K. said... #

Love the colors. I don't name my quilts, except for something like "house-and-birds" in the photo filename.

Amy said... #

I would love to win this bundle and brazenly copy your quilt! And I always name my quilts. The current one's working title is "Stars in Sandy Soil." (Because it's based on a photo of carrots, and my background is a sandy linen.) My last finish was "Life's a Beach," which was gifted to a friend with a beach condo.

trudie said... #

Thanks for the chance to win. I love solids but just began using (instead of hoarding) them in my quilt projects!

Cathy Tomm said... #

I love how you have laid this quilt out. Yes I do name all my quilts. I add that to my labels and try to keep track of each of them, size and date complete. Thanks for a chance to win some pretty fabric.

Sandyzoo said... #

A quilt tutorial would be great! I especially like the back of this quilt. I usually name my quilts according to the fabric I use! Not too original!
Carol S.

Amorette said... #

I always name mine, it feels like you should after spending so much time on them!

Patti said... #

I don't name mine but always love to read and hear what others name theirs. I might have to start.

Sandy said... #

Love the way you laid out the final quilt...beautiful. I would love a tutorial.

Sarah J said... #

I don't name my quilts- but I love reading about how others choose a name! I adore the big block on the back. This is such a great layout- beautiful job!

Darlene said... #

I usually name them what the pattern name was. Beuatiful solids. Darlene
dhoctor at

Michele T said... #

I do name my quilts!! Your quilt is lovely... The pattern and colours are perfect!! A tutorial would be great!!

Vicki H said... #

I don't name my quilts, probably should but I'm not very creative with names.

stitchinpenny said... #

I don't name my quilts, but always refer to them by recipient. Right now I have one that is currently being called Frozen leftovers because it was made with the fabrics the name describes. It will be called by a different name once I give it away. I have another one that has a temporary name of pink and green floral. Again when I give it away it will be named for the recipient.

Susan said... #

I love this quilt- I'd love a tutorial! It's time to make another 'all solids' quilt and the fabric bundle would be perfect for it of course!
I ALWAYS name my quilts. I don't consider a quilt finished until it has a name to go on the label! I find when I talk to quilting friends, chatting about the quilts I've made is much easier if it has a name eg my "Pacific Lime" or my "Birds of a Feather". We name our children, why wouldn't we name our quilts?
(Did you mean to title your blogpost 'share' or should that read 'shade'?)

Unknown said... #

I really love this! I'm not usually a fan of negative space, but it really makes these blocks pop! Your color sense is spot on. I would love to see a tutorial

Mel Hopes said... #

I love this quilt! I do name my quilts! Some examples are "the wave" for a Bargello quilt I made and "moody Maddie"
Thanks for sharing your amazing talents.

Kathy S. said... #

I normally do not name my quilts. I do LOVE the quilting on your quilt. Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathleen said... #

I'm relatively new to quilting so I've only had what I call one major finish and I did name it after my mother-in-law who passed away five months after turning 100. I showed her the blocks as I completed them and she would always say she hoped she would live long enough to see me finish the quilt. Her name was Irene. I named my quilt "Goodnight Irene".
kakingsbury at verizon dot net

Anne Simonot said... #

I do not! I (sadly) don't even label them. As usual, you have made another lovely quilt!

Kathy E. said... #

I'm so happy you explained the name of Reserve Champion. It makes perfect sense now that I know! It really is beautiful with the negative just makes my eye move around and study each block. Gorgeous. No, I don't name my quilts, but I really should! Now you've got me thinking about names.... :)

SewDoUQuilt said... #

What a gorgeous quilt. Very modern with solid colors. Great colors.
jarvenpa1ne (at)gmail (dot) com

Unknown said... #

I really love this! I'm not usually a fan of negative space, but it really makes these blocks pop! Your color sense is spot on. I would love to see a tutorial

GranChris said... #

I really like how your quilt turned out. The colors are great and the quilting is wonderful. Yes I name all my quilts for the most part. Some charity quilts don't get names, just called Quilts of Love.

Kath said... #

Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt! I much prefer the final version, and appreciate learning that even pro quilters take their tops apart for a makeover. I'd love to see a tutorial on making your quilt.

Katy M said... #

I absolutely love your quilt! Unless the pattern absolutely calls for it I never think to use just solids for a quilt but you've opened my eyes! And I agree the second layout turned out so much better 😊 I've never named a quilt but I might start now! X

Debbie said... #

Love how this turned out, especially how you used scale to add interest!

Carol said... #

I don't usually name my quilts unless they're going to be displayed at a quilt show or in a contest. I'm afraid I'm not very good at coming up with names. Your quilt is lovely.

Lee said... #

I have only named one quilt - But my daughter said I need to name them all!

Emily C said... #

I do not usually name my quilts. ONe has a name, but it is more of a description, since it is a "twist on the sweet pea quit".

sue said... #

I have trended towards tradition/reproduction quilts forever but am feeling the tug of the freshness of solids. Love yours! Naming my quilts tend to be hit and miss. Naming quilts, not so much but definitely label.

LynneP said... #
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LynneP said... #

I enjoy knowing the stories behind the names of quilts! As I have always struggled to name my quilts, I stopped doing so several years ago.
Thanks for the chance to win the lovely bundle of fabric.
jlpfeffer at gmail dot com

The Colorful Fabriholic said... #

Such pretty colors in your custom bundle! Your quilt is lovely and I especially like how you made the traditional Sisters Choice look so modern.
Yes, I do name my quilts, such as Heat Wave, Antler Dance, and Positively Radiant.

Georgia said... #

I name my quilts. Love Reserve Champion and the story behind the name!

Jayne said... #

I am in love with this quilt! I'm so glad you kept the bigger blocks and figured out how to make them work! Gorgeous! I try to name my quilts, but it's really one of the hardest parts!

Quilting Tangent said... #

Yes, I name my quilts, makes refering to them easier.

McQuilt said... #

I really like your quilt! That broken large block is the bomb! said... #

Naming the quilt is just part of the label, I enjoy adding names to my quilt.

Sabrina said... #

I have never named any of my quilts, but maybe I should. It sounds like fun.

Lisa England said... #

Sometimes I name my quilts, sometimes I don't. I love it when a great name pops into my head, but often nothing fabulous comes to me. I do think a name adds to the interesting story of a quilt.

Cecilia said... #

Sometimes the name comes easy, other times it is hard to choose one. But I always name my quilts. Your quilt is beautiful and I love your color choices.

claire ross said... #

Stunning quilt. Mine do have names but nothing terribly original. It is usually based on. The colour, recipient or fabric line I have used. I need to become a bit more inventive!
Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

Three Baggy P's said... #

I've been wanting to work with solids and your quilt is an inspiration to make it happen...haven't named my quilts, but think I might start:)

Kim S said... #

would love a tutorial!
Your solid color choices are beautiful!

Pamela said... #

Your quilt is lovely! I love the way you used the negative space. I've never named a quilt of mine, but I should consider doing that! Thanks for sharing your work and this lovely fabric!

Beth said... #

I haven't yet finished a quilt, but when I do, I might if it had significant meaning to me.

Robby said... #

Isn't it funny how quilts take time to reveal themselves to use. I name some quilts if they tell me who they are, but it is a random process so sometimes they are just as likely to be named "Quilt #52".

Unknown said... #

It's outstanding how you created the large blocks to "peek" around the corners of your beautiful quilt! Love the color choices and a tutorial would be fantastic!

Joye with an e said... #

Lovely quilt and fantastic fabric bundle. I rarely name quilts but I try to always label them. Thanks for sharing.

Jusmom1 said... #

Oh yes, I have named every quilt! Thank you for the chance to win!

OhioLori said... #

Your quilt is Awesome! I have only named a few of my quilts...but haven't made alot.(Yet...) Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! :D

Dorothy said... #

I am a new enough quilter I'm just happy to get them finished, haven't even thought about naming them yet! But, I love seeing and hearing the reasons other quilter choose their names, and some day I will get there. Your quilt is amazing and I'm sure your brother will be thrilled to have a quilt named after him.

sisylyn2 said... #

I am still working on my first quilt which already has a name. If I could name it after working on it for 2 years I would call it Fially Finished.

Needled Mom said... #

That looks incredible, Cindy. I agree with your decision to change the design as it looks much more balanced. I also love the little circles in the quilting. Your color choices are perfect! I will have to try those solids as I have just started using more solids. Naming quilts is always the most difficult thing for me, but I do try.

mangozz said... #

I don't name my quilts. Those are some gorgeous fabrics!

mangozz said... #

I don't name my quilts. Those are some gorgeous fabrics!

Shelia said... #

Your quilt is WOW!! It really pops. I have started using solids more in my quilts. I most always name my quilts.

Shelia said... #

Your quilt is WOW!! It really pops. I have started using solids more in my quilts. I most always name my quilts.

Leanne Parsons said... #

This is so beautiful! I love the colours you chose and the second layout really does seem more balanced. Thanks for the chance to win! I only name my quilts if I'm writing up a pattern for them and so need something to call them (other than, 'that green quilt I made last year'!). Thanks for linking to TGIFF this week :)

Rebecca said... #

Always, always choose a quilt name I must say. I just feel it needs a title of some sort and I find pleasure in naming them.
thanks for the chance
sewfabrics at

Karen Rowland said... #

I don't name my quilts. Your quilt turned out lovely.

Jerri said... #

I find it so incredible when people create such beautiful quilts so easily. Your quilt is lovely! So simple yet so creative. I love that you used solids. Thank for sharing it with us!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

You made a good decision about changing the layout. The additional partial large block made all the difference. Love the palette too. Nicely done. I think it's ironic that you and I are so alike in lots of ways and yet you're doing solids and I'm doing prints.

Anonymous said... #

Reserve Champion is an outstanding quilt! Love the quilt back.

Unknown said... #

Hi. A great quilt. The solids just sparkle. I've got a PHD hexie quilt I've been working on, on and off, for 20 years. The rate things are going I reckon I'll finish the last stitch on the binding just before actually needing the dreaded shroud ;-)) Anne Grzesiak

Kathryn said... #

No, I haven't named my quilts, but I like the idea.

OPQuilt said... #

I don't need to be entered into the blog drawing, but wanted to tell you how great this quilt turned out. And I love the title! Well done!

Dody said... #

Why yes I do! My last quilt was named Miss Finley! It was very feminine and for a new baby girl.

Pam said... #

I am an appliquer who names some of her blocks as she sews them. I am making stonefields which has 143 6" blocks and some just speak out their identity. Most of my quilts are named if only to distinguish them one from another.
pam at

Unknown said... #

This is gorgeous! Love the way the colors work together. I have not named my quilt, but I am still working on my first one.

determineddebby at gmail dot com

Melanie said... #

That's a beautiful quiltdesign and optimization process and thanks for sharing the naming process. I always have problems with that, as you can see in the post currently on my blog :)

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said... #

Such a sunning quilt, a wonderful combination of the right design with the right colour choice. It may be called reserve but it's definitely a champion.

Unknown said... #

what a gorgeous quilt!! I'm having a 'solid' phase at the moment too... but I'm nowhere as productive as you... sigh