Thursday, July 7, 2016

Really Random Thursday, 7/7/16

Welcome to the scoop of the day.

Also known as the ice cream scoop of the day.

On Saturday we took Amtrak to Superior Dairy in Hanford, California, an iconic ice cream mecca around the central valley.

While we waited to board the train, Mark started visiting with the man seated next to him on the bench, and Gabe joined in the conversation. The man took such an instant liking to Gabe that he gave him one of his hats. And told him to keep reading his Bible. Of course Gabe said, "I can't read, but my brother and sister read it to me."
It was hot on Saturday so we ate lunch on the train rather than waiting to eat outside at the park.
 It's about a 40-minute ride by train (about the same by car but MUCH more fun by train). Then you walk a couple of blocks.

We decided to share several single scoops of ice cream. This is why.

I present the "single scoop."

 Yep, Ella polished off the whole single scoop single-handedly. Well, I guess she might have had a little bit of help.
In case you decided that you are quite hungry and a single scoop just isn't enough, feel free to order the SOS.
Read the fine print--it weighs 3 1/2 pounds!!

It looks like this. You see that part of the goblet is below the counter.
We waddled back to the train....

The poor photo editing caption above reads: fused glass flag by Mark/Double Diamond Glass

On 4th of July, we went to church for our annual pancake breakfast. Out of the 38 years we have attended the church, I think we have only missed three times, because we were out of town.

Gabe and our friend, Steve, were wearing matching hats.
And Ella (who actually is a firecracker...she's 2 1/2 so need I explain more?) was so cute.

The next day, Aaron and Christa left for a week in New York City with friends, Jane and Jason, so we have the grandkids at our house for the first four days/nights. You might remember that I planned "art camp" and I'll do a post about that tomorrow.

Every time I've gone to a quilting retreat, I've received a goody bag, so bags were in order for art camp as well.

The first day they decorated their art smocks in preparation for working with different types of pain--fabric, leather, etc. We are finding it easy to schedule art camp during Ella's nap time. Again, she's
2 1/2 so that is probably self-explanatory.

As I was picking up my work from the doctor's office the other morning, the parking guard was standing and reading a book. Um, what?? Can you see what he's reading? He graciously allowed me to take his picture. Because it's not everyday you see someone reading "Basic Japanese!" Also, I gave him my business card and told him to read today--he would be on a quilting blog. That didn't even seem to phase him very much.
I saw this fun snack on Kerry's Instagram feed last week.

We didn't have a cookie cutter the right size for the star. But we did have a Christmas tree. Aren't these cute? Yummy too!

Aaron, Christa, Jason and Jane were on the Today Show yesterday. We had fun fast forwarding the DVR this morning trying to find Mom and Dad.
My friend brought this t-shirt back from her recent trip to the Holy Land. I'm pretty sure it's not an authentic HRC t-shirt but it sure is a fun addition to my collection for my future HRC t-shirt quilt, that is, if I ever stop collecting and start sewing!
And finally, Christa's mom, Debbie, shared this link the other day. Mark agrees whole-heartedly. Who would even question it??


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Robby said... #

Those pictures of your outing to the dairy are just wonderful. Everything Grandpa and Grandma time ought to be when you're young. Gabe looks very stylish in that hat, like he was born to wear it.

Needled Mom said... #

I know that you have had some busy days with the little ones there, but I am sure they are making wonderful memories. The kids are so cute.

That ice cream looks delicious as do the watermelon sticks. Great idea.

Amy said... #

What a great trip! Trains and ice cream, it doesn't get better than that (especially if a little handwork got squeezed in).

Love the idea of art camp. No grandkids here, though. I'll just have to save that idea for the future. Thanks!

Amy said... #

What a great trip! Trains and ice cream, it doesn't get better than that (especially if a little handwork got squeezed in).

Love the idea of art camp. No grandkids here, though. I'll just have to save that idea for the future. Thanks!

Kathleen said... #

Whoa on that towering ice cream sundae!! I went to an ice cream parlor once, years ago, and can't remember what they called it, but they served a sundae that large in a table-top sized pig trough so everyone at the table could just dig in. Fun times :)

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

That hat looks fabulous on Gabe! Love the he just charmed a total stranger. :) And such a fun ice cream parlor, I'm totally craving ice cream right now. Have fun with Art Camp! If you haven't learned of it yet, check out This guy does "how to draw" videos with his kids. They are for all different age levels, my daughter is obsessed!

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

Oh what fun!!!!! The kids are growing way tooooo fast!! Thanks for sharing. Your post made me smile!