Thursday, May 18, 2017

Really Random Thursday, 5/18/17

It's getting close to the end of the school year, so there are lots of activities.

Last Thursday, I went to Gabe's open house. He is in "transitional kindergarten," because he just missed the cut-off date for kindergarten. This boy loves to draw. So it was fascinating to see that they have spent a lot of the year learning about artists and doing related art projects.

Georgia O'Keefe:
Marc Chagall:
Eric Carle:
And of course, Leonardo da Vinci:
Charlotte has been playing club basketball--and has the most wonderful and positive coach, Dara Johnson.
Saturday, Levi had postseason baseball games. If his team lost the first game of the day, they were done for the season. If they won, they would go on to the championship game. I'm not sure we actually thought his team was going to play in the championship game, let alone WIN!!
There he is, first row, second one in on the left
One of Levi's coaches from last year, Marcy, came over and congratulated Levi, which was very cool.
Wearing the championship t-shirt.
Two silly girls who watched both of Levi's games, although "watching" mostly involved playing on the playground equipment nearby.
Sunday was Mother's Day. I received this beautiful bouquet from Mark.
And while I received a nice card and gift later in the day, this was the text I received from Aaron on Sunday morning.
Facebook didn't forget me either. At first I was confused--why was there this drawing of Vin Scully? And then Aaron reminded me that this is his Facebook avatar. Then it all made more sense.
Mark and I helped buy a basketball goal for Levi's birthday. The last two weeks have been spent preparing for putting it up. First Jason and Aaron had to cut a hole in the concrete.
Then Mark and Aaron had to mix the concrete, insert and level the bottom part of the pole, and let the concrete cure for 72 hours.
Finally on Tuesday it was time to get that pole up.

  Levi had the privilege of adding the net.
 I think he's pretty happy.
Mark referees/umpires three sports--football, basketball and girls' softball. While he's reffed football and basketball quite a few seasons, this was his first season as a softball umpire. His friend, Marvin Johnston, was the one who encouraged him to give it a go.

He's obviously done a really good job--at the end-of-the-year association dinner, he was awarded Rookie of the Year. I'm so proud of him. It just goes to show you that even at 65 years of age, it's never too late to learn something new.
Random pictures we've come across--I was probably about 10 in this one.
And Mark and I had probably been married about two years in this one.
I finished another rosette for my ongoing hexie quilt. This is number 10a--so I'm getting closer to completing it. Hopefully in 2017!
And a quilt I call "Put a Ring On It" (actually the Single Girl pattern by Denyse Schmidt) was in a Japanese publication. They sent me a copy, which arrived this week. When I texted Aaron and Christa that my quilt was in a Japanese publication, this was their response.
No clue what it says, but when I thanked Aaron for responding, this is what I got (he's on a roll....). Funny kid--at nearly 39, he still makes me laugh. A lot.

I've decided my summer project will be documenting all the quilts I've made to this point. I have a rough list already made, and I want to add pictures and details. I used to keep up with documentation while we all still used film cameras, and printed doubles of all the pictures we took. Then with digital photography, my quilt pictures are somewhere on my hard drive, and I've gotten pretty lax with documentation. Hopefully this will be the summer I update everything, and even label all the quilts without labels.

This morning, Ella and I had a snack date at the bookstore.

I hope you do something this weekend that makes you smile too.


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Robby said... #

We have a fun weekend planned, but I don't know if anything could possibly be more fun than spending time with someone as happy as that last picture appears.

Cathy O said... #

Love living vicariously through you and your darling grandchildren ❤️

Needled Mom said... #

Your life has been busy, Cindy. I love how involved you are with the grandchildren.

Documenting all those quilts is going to be a real challenge. Good luck.

Janice Smith said... #

What a fun , really random post! :-)

OPQuilt said... #

I love reading these--such a nice roundup of your weekly activities. Hurrah for all the winners in this post: Levi, Charlotte, Mark and Ella for winning time with their grandma and grandpa among other things. I can see that Mark's retirement means getting projects done: maybe you could rent him out? I can't wait to see your list of quilts, as you are so creative and fun. You have a busy summer!

Kristin Stonham said... #
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Unknown said... #
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