Saturday, December 30, 2017

October 2017 in Review

October was a busy month, with a lot of highlights.

My dear friend of many years, Maggie, and I had lunch together at the Chaffee Zoo. It was a beautiful fall day and so much fun to relax in the African Adventure part of the zoo.
Mark and I had talked about going to the Big Fresno Fair. It's pretty much the same each year, but fair food is always a good reason. But then we started calculating: parking, admission, overpriced food, etc.

Our frugal nature kicked in and we went to the food court at the local mall instead and had a corndog at the food FAIR. Close enough. And so much cheaper.

Gabe's birthday is at the beginning of October. His request was to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. His gift from us was money to choose a stuffed animal there.
After school one day, Gabe, Ella, and I went to Barnes and Noble to use the coupon for his free birthday treat. That boy is so silly lately when it comes to photographs, so I did the best I could.

Ella cooperated much better. I suppose her silly photograph time is just around the corner.
Speaking of birthdays, Charlotte's is in September but it took until October to find a time to celebrate with a birthday lunch, along with her friend Violet. These girls have been friends since they were babies.

At church one morning, the kids were including in much of the service. The little ones did some singing.
Charlotte and Violet were part of the worship team.
And Levi helped with ushering.
It's so wonderful to see them actively involved in worship at a young age.

Random cute picture of Levi as he and I had an after-school date at the book store. Some of my favorite times.
End of another soccer season.
I had the opportunity to go to the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara with my friend, Janice. It's been years since I had been there, and it was filled with much inspiration.
 This quilt was done with thread "painting"--it was unbelievable.

Such a fun couple of days.
Angie, Randa (who made the amazing quilt behind us, Karen, Janice, me

One of the biggest highlights for Mark and Aaron was attending the first game of the World Series, a bucket list item made even better as the Dodgers were playing at home.
During the playoffs I had made some pillowcases for the Dodger fans, so they could dream about their team.
The first game of the series was a hot one--about 103 degrees that day, but it was also the shortest game of the series, and the Dodgers won.

This is my little souvenir--a sticker I added to my sewing machine.
Before we knew it, it was the end of the month, and time for the Halloween carnival at church.
 Aaron dressed as Martin Luther and said he was celebrating the Reformation. I secretly think he chose this so he could put his cell phone in that front pocket and watch the baseball game.
 Hayley and Stacie looking very mature...

The Cat in the Hat was also celebrating his birthday.


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Kathleen said... #

Cute Halloween pics . . . Minnie Mouse is adorable.

OPQuilt said... #

Love Aaron's costume--pretty funny. They have a giant park in Geneva, Switzerland with all the "biggies" of the Reformation carved into marble; Aaron would fit right in. Fun to see all the other activities of this month--and I've missed your blog posts, so happy to have these.