Thursday, June 13, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 6/13/19: Some actual quilt blocks in this post!!

Because I didn't write a "really random" post last Thursday, I couldn't include my "monthly marker" for June. Even though a picture of this bouquet is included in the post about the White House, they are so gorgeous I don't mind seeing them again.
After writing all those long posts about Washington, DC, this will be short. Although if you read any of the many posts about the trip, you deserve to see all those pins on my Range backpack.
I'm anxious to get back to my sewing machine. I thought I'd start with a few of the "tall tales" blocks by Kate Basti--she is having a sew along and all the blocks on Instagram are so cute (#summerbookclubqal).

Each of my blocks will contain selvages, and when I first made this block back in January 2017, I chose the quilt name of "Best Sellers." 
While traveling, I did some more work on my "Grand Prismatic" quilt (pattern by Kitty Wilkin @nightquilter, and pattern available through @karenatdiyaddict).

I took this photograph in my brother's courtyard. The colors are completely out of whack. Crossweaves and shot cottons are hard to photograph correctly.
This is much more accurate.
I took this one from an angle while it was on my coffee table the other night. You can see how the light changes those dark crossweaves.
My friend, Kelly, sent this picture to me from the Michael Miller booth at quilt market in Kansas City. The quilt on the left really resembles my My Swedish Ex pattern. I'd love to know who made it. And I wish I could see the whole quilt because the colors look really pretty.
Finally, @broadclothstudio has a fun questionnaire to find out which quilt block you are. 

I have never heard of the quilt block Handy Andy, but I quite like it. I'm trying to decide whether it is an accurate description...
And with that, I think I'm done with blog writing for a couple of days...


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Robby said... #

Your pins look great on your backpack. Did you use your backpack on your trip?

I need to make a few Tall Tales blocks myself. I'm pondering a quilt for my best friend who has a significant birthday in a year or so and she's a voracious reader. I'll enjoy watching yours come to life.

Charlotte M. said... #

Love the Hydrangeas. I had some in my yard back in NC. Nice seeing all your pins together. I love your tall tales block. I am doing that QAL and I am having fun choosing the fabrics for it. I am sure you are very tired of blogging, but I really enjoyed all your posts about DC. Have a great weekend.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Love love love those hydrangeas. The colors are so rich and the fullness of the bouquet is stunning. Your pack is going to get heavy as you collect more pins but it's a great way to display them.

FlourishingPalms said... #

I agree that you've been very busy writing blog posts! I know that's what happens when you're away, and you can't (or shouldn't) share about being a way from home. I'm glad for you to be back in your sewing space, and it looks like your Best Sellers blocks are gonna be great. And I am in complete agreement about having a traveling project. Grand Prismatic is also gonna be gorgeous. Your EPP reminds me that I really need to get back to my TulaNova and get 'er done! Need. More. Time. :-) I hope you are feeling well.

Keirs1011 said... #

Love your travel adventure pins! ~Keirsten

OPQuilt said... #

That backpack and those pins are a winning combination. I'm happy to have a replay on those gorgeous flowers at the top of the post ANY TIME. They are so beautiful. Welcome home and have fun with your books!