Saturday, June 8, 2019

Somewhat Random Saturday

Mark and I just returned from two weeks in Washington, DC. What a fabulous trip it was! The night before we left, we attended Charlotte's theater performance of Everything I Know I Learned in Kindergarten, a charming production where she had a large part.

 Her theater teacher, Mrs. Hibler.
Aaron likes to read the Onion, a satirical online newspaper. He sent this to me, which is really just ridiculous. Unpopular?? What are they talking about?

And my friend, Elizabeth, sent this over to me. So true.

Also, today is our 46th wedding anniversary. Mark is in Sacramento for a 2019 football rules meeting, and I'm here trying to get caught up after being gone for two weeks.
The posts that follow will basically be a travelogue of our trip, because this is basically my scrapbook/journal. If you have no interest in Washington, DC, that's okay. I hope you'll check back in later.


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Robby said... #

Charlotte seems to have such a good sense of herself and so much presence for her age. What a gift.

Happy anniversary! Anniversaries are a little like Valentine's Day at our house. Important that it's remembered, but most important is all the little (and not so little) acts of love all year round. Awaiting the DC travelog.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Hey there, Cindy! Happy for you to have enjoyed such a good long get-away to DC. Someday, my hubs and I would like to do that too. He's never been, and I was in sixth grade when I went! We're overdue for a visit.

That color thing about orange is a fat lot of hooey! You and I know it's the best color. Just ask us! :-)

Happy anniversary to you two! Isn't is telling that you're celebrating apart from one another? That's call familiarity, and it's AOK when a marriage is so long. We'll hit 47 years in August, so believe me... I know! Our spouse's wedding suits look SO much alike!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Justin and I just celebrated our 32nd on the 6th. The orange bit is hilarious. I haven't read The Onion in a long time. Maybe I should because we certainly need a little humor these days. Glad you had a nice trip. Did you see any of those Smithsonian dinosaurs? lol I know how you love them.

OPQuilt said... #

Happy Anniversary!! I can see a long list of posts to read, so I'm moving on (no need to reply to this one)...