Thursday, June 22, 2023

Really Random Thursday, 6/22/23

 Mark and I upgraded our phones yesterday. It was an event. I normally do the transfers myself and I've never had a problem. However, because we wanted the highest trade-in from Verizon on his iPhone 10 and I still had a couple of payments on my 12, they had to do some maneuvering. I'm not sure what all it entailed, but we decided to let Verizon do the transfers in the store. As much as I hated to pay for it, in hindsight it was a good decision because it took 3 1/2 hours! Mark doesn't really care which phone he has because he just wants a functional phone. Me, on the other hand--I only upgrade for the camera. Anyone else out there like that? :) Prior to the transfer, I spent some time deleting photos and screenshots. So, speaking of phones...

Aaron and Christa were out of town for the weekend and so grandkids spent the weekend with us. Our zoo, which is amazing, just opened a new exhibit, Kingdoms of Asia, and they are having a few members-only events. Levi was working but the rest of us checked it out. 

Much like my favorite part of the zoo, African Adventure, this part of the zoo has animals in as close to their native habitat as possible.  They even moved the Komodo dragon out of the reptile house (so obviously I have never seen the Komodo dragon at our zoo...) to this new exhibit, but there were so many people that I failed to get a picture of it. 
On Saturday, Gabe had a performance after being in a drama group each morning. He did such a great job. 
You can never go wrong with silly faces...
Good friends...

On Sunday, we drove up to the Sugar Pine railroad for a train ride. It's about an hour from Fresno. We rode the train five years ago on a super hot day in July.

Oh how the kids have grown!

It was a beautiful day for the ride.

So true...

I need this library to come to a neighborhood near me!
And finally, I play Wordle each morning. I have two starter words that I alternate between, sometimes using a third but not very often. What are the chances that I chose the correct starter word yesterday? This will never happen again. So I'm definitely documenting it!
We are enjoying unseasonably cool weather for the next few days, but I know the hot weather is just around the corner.


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

Oh wow, congratulations on getting Wordle on the first try; I also really savor the times (it's happened a few times for me) when I get it on the 2nd guess!

Gunstones said... #

Congrats on the Wordle!! I was shocked when I got it in 2 one time.
And the only reason I have a phone is for the camera!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

My goodness, how those kids have grown! I was just telling my daughter I miss having the "babies" around. The youngest grand is 15 and Mimi is no longer "cool". Love that bookmobile! It's awesome. Have never hit Wordle on the first try. The second yes. More often 4-6! Enjoy the cool weather.

FlourishingPalms said... #

I'm smiling about you and Mark upgrading phones because that's just what Dan and I did at Verizon last month! He went from an iphone 5 to an SE, I went from an 8 to a 14... precisely to have a better camera! That iphone 8 camera was awful, and the reason I had still been taking pictures with my Canon point-and-shoot camera, and then transferring pics to the computer. Such a pain. And impossible to share photos while AT a quilt show. Love my new phone, and my new Apple Watch that allows me to set up a group photo with me in it, and then just tap my phone to have my iphone take the picture. So easy. It's great that you are able to attend so many of your grandchildrens' activities. I'm counting the days until two of our grandsons come to visit for four days. I'm thrilled for you get Wordle on your first try! That's incredible! I've never done that, but then, I never repeat the same starter words. I let something come to me, and inevitably, it's a good choice. I only hate it when I have the last four letters, and never come up with the right first letter. Ergh. That happened this week: haste, waste, paste, baste.... NO! It was "taste" and I never got it. Sigh.