Thursday, July 6, 2023

Really Random Thursday, 7/6/23

 Welcome to the second half of 2023! In June 2022, we made a trip to Diamond Lake, Oregon. On the way we spent the night in Crescent City. I had taken a couple of quilts along in case we found some interesting photo ops. I love this picture because we actually taped the quilt to this mural on the side of a building. It has such a cool 3D effect.

Mark bought me a bouquet of these beautiful Stargazer lilies--my favorite.

And I purchased this Minnesota  casserole dish for him. Or as they say in Minnesota, "hot dish."
Books I read in June. I'm still very much enjoying the William Kent Krueger series, which takes place in Minnesota. So I guess the whole Minnesota thing has rubbed off on me as well. I also really enjoyed Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a light murder mystery.

Charlotte and I hung out at the new Starbucks that just opened in our neighborhood. We always put the order in her name, as we "collect" all the creative ways baristas spells her name. Then we came home and watched Phantom of the Opera while we both crocheted. It was a fun morning.

True enough.

Speaking of books. There are a few times when social media comes through. I saw a really funny reel on Instagram the other day. It was from the Sedona Public Library and involved these outlandish questions that people ask librarians. 

I made a really random comment, something about a series of books I had read in middle school. I loved the series so much but couldn't remember anything about them other than it was about twin sisters in high school. Couldn't remember their names. Couldn't remember the author. Needle in a haystack.

A couple of days later someone named Beth Talmage commented back to me asking if the girls' names were Pam and Penny. Yes! So I googled "Pam and Penny book series" and up popped a series of four books by Rosamond Du Jardin. Yes! And then Beth sent me a DM saying she had one of the books in a pile ready for donation and wondered if I wanted it. A few days later it arrived in my mailbox, with the sweetest note! "...evidently I rescued it from our local library the same year my mom gave me a personalized book embosser in my Christmas stocking..." Isn't this a cool story? 

Time to do some organizing...

Try to stay cool.


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Christi said... #

I read the Pam and Penny books too and loved them. I'm sure they are pretty hard to find now.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

What a great blog post. All the info about books was great. And the library story was a laugh but who would have thought you would have gotten a reply and a book!! Charlotte is growing up so fast. It is wonderful that you have this time with the kids. The only one I have left near me is 15. I see him for a few hours every week or so. Those lilies are gorgeous. Have a great day!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Great post, Cindy! I love the randomness of your life. Smiling about Charlotte's name because I remember a friend of mine telling me that when she was a pre-school teacher, one year she had four Kaylees in her class, and every one of them was spelled differently! Thanks for the book recommendations, as always. I loved "The Dry." And though I've read William Kent Krueger books before, I haven't really gotten into them. However... I totally related to "Showboat Summer!" I remember reading that one in particular, and likely all of them by Rosamund DuJardin. That's a good "gotcha!" Enjoy.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Thank you. This post made me smile. I'm sure I've already said this but I really enjoyed the Cork O'Conner series. The last meme sounds exactly like my lists. Renew the same list over and over until I finally don't add certain items anymore because I know they will never get crossed off. I want/need to see some progress.