Saturday, March 30, 2024



It's about time to catch up on quilts that were completed in 2023. This is #251, Starfall.

Starfall, a pattern by Then Came June and actually called Star Adventure, began with this lovely stack of solid Art Gallery fabrics that had been sitting on a shelf for awhile, and my favorite Liberty of London print of all time--Capel in mustard. 

The pattern is basically the classic sawtooth star block.

I enjoyed making the different color combinations for the blocks--three colors in each block. Once they were all done and on the design wall, I hated this one and it got voted off. You can see why, right?

I sewed all the leftovers together in strips for the backing.
And then I sent it off to Darby for quilting.
 For some reason, when I photographed it in the backyard, I hung it up sideways, and then was too lazy to turn it around.

The best photos were taken across the street on my neighbor's awesome truck, affectionately named Mater by the grandkids.

A fun little addition: At the time of this writing, I will be showing some quilts at the local Art Hop in April 2024. The Fresno Arts Council posted this on social media, a fun advertisement (even with my name spelled incorrectly--haha).

Quilt Name: Starfall
Quilt Pattern: Star Adventure by Then Came June
Made by: Cindy Wiens
Quilted by: Darby Myers
Completed: December 2023
Size: 70" x 89"


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

I love the sashing fabric you used and the photoshoot with Mater is fantastic. Congratulations on the beautiful finish.

Deb Cox said... #

gorgeous cindy. such a beautiful quilt and the colours are favourites of mine. and the truck is nice to look at also. hope the show goes well.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Such a beautiful quilt and a great juxtaposition to have a print for sashing! I love all the colors in this quilt (even the block that was excluded). What a perfect prop Mater makes for the photography. And the quilt is exactly the right colors. The quilting is lovely, too.

OPQuilt said... #

Okay, why was that block voted out? I love it!
I guess you had to be there :)

Another gorgeous quilt of yours -- you really excel at putting these hues together and making them shine shine shine (maybe like stars?). I need to follow your example and do some simpler quilts that let the fabric really come forward.
Congrats on the speaking engagement! You'll be wonderful!