Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Abundance

This came in the mail yesterday. From my good friend, Terri. I knew it was on its way, because she had posted a picture of it on her blog. And yes, I may or may not have given her a bad time about somewhat "cruel and unusual punishment" of her posting a picture of it before it arrived on my doorstep, because I just wanted to reach out through my computer screen and grab it!

Here is what I can tell you. The real thing is even better. It is impeccably made. Words, or pictures, really do not do it justice. So if you are looking for a nice and roomy tote that is not only functional but gorgeous, contact Terri.
Just the perfect touch of bling:
She even included a little surprise for me.
Beautiful orangey goodness on the inside.
I had coffee with a friend last week and besides a bag of selvages, I got this cute pincushion. Teeny tiny hexies. In orange. On a polka dot background.

I also got a big packet of selvages from Anne of Film and Thread. Anne has given me countless hints on improving my photography. And in a complete bit of irony, I took a picture of the selvages, then "organized" my pictures on Monday, and now I can't find the picture! Obviously my system needs a bit more work...

Any Saffron Craig fans out there? I thought so...

About six weeks ago, Saffron and I decided to do a little trade. From me: a pincushion made out of her selvages.

From her: The one fabric I was missing from her purple and green Bird Tree line.

 But then she included these pieces from her Beetle Bug line!

I feel an abundance of friendship.

And because I can't resist. Yesterday Charlotte drew a picture of me. Don't I look happy? I'm particularly fond of those purple eyelashes.


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Grandma G said... #

What a cool bag!

Oh, and you had your hair highlighted a bit? ;)

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

It must feel like Christmas with all that good mail coming in! The bag is just wonderful looking and I love your Saffron Craig pincushion. I bought some of her fabric a while back and it has remained a favorite.

Anonymous said... #

Your bag from Terri is fabulous and agree about how wonderful they are - I now have 4 of Terri's creations and the attention to detail and quality is outstanding.

Such cute pincushions! I am now collecting selvages (there are not many) but any I have I am bagging instead of binning.

I love the picture - the purple eyelashes are fantastic and you look very happy :0)

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said... #

I am loving those pincushions! Especially the little hexagon one! I have all of this selvage that I don't foresee myself using anytime soon...are you looking for some? I need to double check as I mixed it with my moms to make sure she's not planning on using it, but really if i'm not using it, it needs to leave the sewing room. :)

P.S. Your photos look great!

Terriaw said... #

Happy you got your new bag! Relieved and ecstatic that you like it! (whew)

That lil hexie pincushion is adorable! What a nice gift from a friend. Such a cool trade with Saffron - what a thrill to be able to do that with her! Oh happy day at your house!

randi said... #

When I first saw the picture of the bag I thought, "that looks like something Terri would make"! It is super cute and I am sure it is very well made. I am always impressed by her work.

Amanda Jean said... #

terri's work is amazing, isn't it?

you have an abundance of heartfelt goodies. isn't that a wonderful feeling?

i adore the little hexie pincushion. darling!

love your portrait!