Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Tuesday and we had octopus for lunch

Naw, not really. But when my friend made this with her granddaughter, I knew Charlotte and Levi would enjoy it too. Candy and Courtney called them spaghetti dogs. Charlotte and Levi called them octopus. Maybe it was because they just spent the weekend at the coast?

Just stick that spaghetti through cut-up hot dogs,

 and eat!

And while I hesitate to post these pictures to all you still buried in the snow, before lunch we went outside and spent a few minutes playing with the bubble guns that Grandpa found for them this weekend.

Come back tomorrow morning for the big reveal of the spool quilt. See ya then!


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trish said... #

Oh how cute! :o)
I wish I knew how to do that when my children were young. They would have loved it! :o)

Carla said... #

Ok. I"m going to have to try this on Friday with my girls! Haven especially will think it's great! Thanks for the tip.

Grandma G said... #

Ahhhh.... now wasn't that fun? :) I'd say octopus is a good name for them!

I'll ignore your green grass, etc. *sigh*

Can't wait to see the quilt!

Amy Friend said... #

Oh, grass...and no coats, scarves, mittens and boots. I am jealous. The octopus look fun. I will have to try that with the kids.

Anonymous said... #

Yeay, sunshine and fun pictures - I need to see sunshine pictures to remind me that we might get some... someday lol.

Neat idea for the hotdogs!

Susan said... #

Oh My Goodness..I've never heard of "octopus"...which I had when my teenagers were little. What a great idea. I've got green grass right now because of all the rain we've had...but here in Long Beach, CA we do not get any snow. My grass does turn brown in the summer when I refuse to water it! hehe.

k said... #

Those are AWESOME. Totally cooking some this weekend!