Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP: "Spool Play" is finished!

Time to stop spoolin' around. You've seen the close-up:
So now it's time to see the whole quilt:
I'm still thinking of doing a quilt-along in late spring if anyone is interested. If you don't have a collection of selvages and couldn't care less about starting one, don't worry, there will be a couple of non-selvage options as well.

I'm off tomorrow morning to an annual quilting retreat in the mountains. If I don't go completely bonkers by the time I get my templates and all the gazillion little pieces cut get my act together, I hope to make some progress on the Single Girl quilt-along.  I'll be back Monday with pictures. Have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said... #

Your spool quilt is fantastic - I love the spools, the borders, binding and quilting, well everything really.

Have a fabulous time at your retreat!

Amy Friend said... #

Fabulous finish!!! I love it. Maybe this is what I have been saving my selvages for.

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

This is so wonderful! I really love that hand stitching in the border.

Have fun sewing!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Gorgeous!!! And I love the idea of a quilt along, I would love to try my hand at some selvage spools. Maybe we could facilitate some selvage swaps if people have extras :)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said... #

You quilt is wonderful! I love the stitching in the borders!!

randi said... #

this is great! the hand stitching on the borders is just perfect. great job!!

Mary said... #

I love this quilt! Spools are one of my favorites, but I like them when they really look like spools. Sometimes they lose the spool "look". This one is fantastic!

Jennifer said... #

I love it!! Everything about this quilt is "you". I would love to do a quilt along to make this quilt...

Jennifer :)

Terriaw said... #

Wow, Cindy, this project is so gorgeous! I love every single little detail about it! The inner border fabric and binding fabrics are perfect. And that stitching in the outer border is like icing on a cake. Just perfect! I am so impressed with how quickly you put this together.

Needled Mom said... #

I LOVE it and would love to join in on a QA.

Have fun at the retreat.

Kris said... #

It's darling!

Grandma G said... #

SOOOO COOL!! (And I'll bet it looks even better in person!) You really have an eye for what works. I love the variegated thread in the border... perfect!

Have a great, productive weekend!

free indeed said... #

I'd love to do a quilt along of that quilt. Would be so cute for the sewing room. Could you email me to remind me when you are ready to start? I'm afraid I won't remember to come back :P
freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

Jen said... #

it's wonderful! Love the hand quilting!

Anita said... #

I'm interested!

~Michelle~ said... #

such a great quilt! :)

k said... #

Of anything that you've made and posted a picture of, this is my absolute favorite. It's beautiful.

elle said... #

Too cute. The varigated big stitch is perfect icing for this sweet thing. said... #

Hand stitching is perfect! And the brown is lovely. I love brown on a quitl ; )

Lisa said... #

Oh this came out so well! You must be so thrilled. Have fun at your retreat. I think I am quite jealous! :)

Lauren Phelps said... #

Love it! The loopy quilting in the border is so cute!

Kaye Prince said... #

Eeeek Cindy, it looks awesome! You did such a lovely job!

felicity said... #

This quiltie is perfect in every way. LOVE it!!

Riel Nason said... #

Very cute. Aren't selvages fun??? Nice job!!

Anonymous said... #

If the spools weren't cute enough, the quilting of the needle and thread are just completely awesome! AWESOME!

BijouxBaby said... #

Love it! I don't cut the selvages off my fabric until I have cut the pieces going the width, so my selvage pieces are too short to do anything with. This quilt makes me want to change my ways.

Anonymous said... #

Wow, Cindy! You so are amazingly creative and talented!!! Grammy B

Lee said... #

Love, love, love! I would definitely be in for a quilt along! I have a whole shoebox full of selvedges ready and waiting! : )

Thanks for linking up, have a great week!

Carla said... #

Love, love , L-O-V-E your quilt. the quilt along! Have a fun, fun weekend!!

Staci said... #

I love your selvedge spools quilt, and have watched it come together with great interest. I would LOVE to join a quilt along and make one of my own. I can't think of anything better to hang in my sewing room!

J-me said... #

i love this!!! I would love to do a quilt along for it! Its a great use of scraps, and I hate to waste, and just started my collection of salveges!

Pippa said... #

I just love that quilt! What a fun design. Have a great weekend!

Kay said... #

Oh soooo cute!! I've been collecting selvages for awhile now and haven't used them yet..this would be perfect. I'd love to join in a QA...:)

deborah said... #

LOVE this quilt! Just found your blog, and I like the idea of making something out of selvedge. So resourceful and so green!

Unknown said... #

I love it!!!

what a clever way to use selvedges.... genius.

FabricWorm said... #

Oh Cindy, this is fabulous! So original, I think see I'm not the only one who thinks so. Great job!!

SandyQuilts said... #

Love love love it especially using selvages. I did a spool quilt a couple years ago before selvages became so popular.

Lois said... #

I love the spool quilt! It would be so much fun to do a selvage quilt-along and will watch your site for it to start.

Anonymous said... #
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