Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts: A little on edge

Warning: this will be a picture-heavy blog post. On a variety of completely unrelated things...

For my spool quilt, I had to pull out a lot of selvages based on color, whereas my normal "filing" system is by topic. So after all the blocks were completed, my selvages were a mess. I spent the afternoon organizing them.
There was a box of super cool selvages. These will be fun to incorporate into something special.

Oh, and I found a typo...

I had just finished, when the mail arrived, along with another box of really awesome selvages.

So this is my plan:

And I have started working on my hexies again. I had 25 hexies per compartment in this plastic container. I guess Levi had a better system in mind...

"Grandma, I'll be really careful..."
Where did our favorite hexie go? The monkey with the pirate bandana...

I went to the grocery store to stock up on food for Super  Bowl. I don't have a sister, but these were kind of fun labels:
Not sure how I feel about these next to each other though...

Basting quilts? In my opinion, the.worst.quilting.job.ever. I'm trying a new product. So far I like it. "Like" as in I didn't completely hate basting the quilt top. We'll see how they work with a combination of machine and hand quilting.


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Riel Nason said... #

Okay, drool. I can't believe all your bags of selvages!!!! I am addicted to selvage quilting too and have made several big selvage quilts but I use my selvages as soon as they are given to me pretty much. I never have more than one bag accumulated. How amazing to have so much choice to work with!!!

Amy Friend said... #

Wow, you have lots of selvages! I collect mine too and want to make a quilt but haven't decided on a design. Clever idea to put those little plastic pieces on the ends of the pins...much less painful than getting stuck like I did when I ran out of safety pins!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Wow, that is a serious amount of selvages!! I can't believe you've got them all organize. I'm sure you'll make something great with those. Let us know how you like the pin things. I'm always looking for an easier way to baste.

Needled Mom said... #

That is a wonderful collection of selvages - and GREAT ones too!!!!

I'll bet those hexies are fun to play with.

It will be interesting to read what you think of the Pinmoors.

randi said... #

wow! so many selvages! and hexies. lots of possibilities!

Terriaw said... #

That looks like a lot of selvages! How fun to sort through and organize them. I love doing stuff like that. Love your hexie helper too.

BTW, I hate basting too. I actually kinda cheat and use basting spray since I don't have a good floor to pin a quilt sandwich.

Sara said... #

Basting? Has to be a better way---anyone? anyone? Instead of resting on your knees for a good 20-25 min.???!!! Besides basting spray!! Yikes:)

Wine is yummy, yummy BTW!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Oooh, do tell - what new product did you try? I fully agree, basting is evil. I've got three quilts to baste, and right now I'm just staring at them and looking at blogs instead because I'm dreading it so much. Your selvages are wonderful!!! And I love that typo, that's great. I know I would get a big kick out of something like that.

kelly said... #

i just spray-basted my first quilt, and i will never look back. june tailor is the brand i have.

Grandma G said... #

I've wondered occasionally how you were doing with your hexies. Now I know. Keep going!!! So glad you have such a cute little helper. ;)

Andrea said... #

A better way to baste? Really? Sign me up! So far, I've tried spray basting, and I like that much better...but if there is something better, I need to know. The thought of basting holds up all of my projects = procrastination.

You are the selvedge mama. Love them!

gale said... #

I'm anxious to hear how you like the pinmoors. I just bought some but haven't tried them yet. I actually don't mind pin basting so I should love the pinmoor basting right?