Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

To start off this morning with something totally off the subject, I like new yellow No. 2 pencils, freshly sharpened. They seem to collect around my keyboard. I know I could have a cute mug filled with them, but they would probably still be in various places on my desk. We have been making friends with bartenders collecting various wine and liquor bottles over the last year and Mark then slumps them into cool shapes that are great for entertaining--you know, wine and cheese parties. You can use them for crackers, olives, etc. College guys like Corona beer bottles to throw their spare change in. Anyway, someone gave us a Frexinet champagne bottle. Those bottles have a matte finish, but after Mark fired it, it came out nice and glossy. Voila! My pencils have a classy place to reside on my desk now.
Okay. Moving on to something more WIP-ish.

I joined the Single Girl quilt-along and have struggled over what fabric to use. And being so flaky, every time I see someone else's selection, I think, "That's it. That's what I want to do." The quilt on the pattern cover is made from Katie Jump Rope. So I was going to do that, because I have collected quite a bit of it over the last year. And then someone decided they would use Katie Jump Rope mixed with Flea Market Fancy. Hey, that sounds like a good idea. Then I decided maybe I would make a Christmas quilt because I have a lot of cool contemporary Christmas fabric. Then I saw that Corey was using all solids. And I loved that idea. And then I saw that several people on Flickr are not matching all their rings, making a ring or two or three of a different color. Genius.

Okay, folks. This is my final decision. I'm sticking with Katie Jump Rope.

Then I started pulling out coordinating solids (sorry for the lousy picture--the lighting was terrible in the late afternoon) and I think I'll make three rings of only solid fabric. It's my compromise of all the things that appealed to me: Katie Jump Rope, solids, and a couple of rings that were different from the others.

I'm making progress on my spool quilt. Good thing, too, because I leave for the quilting retreat a week from tomorrow! I machine quilted around all the brown spool parts, and I'm doing big stitch around the sides of each spool. I had read Kate Conklin's big stitch tutorial and liked the idea that she was trying to make the stitch on the front and the stitch on the back of the quilt relatively the same size. I tried that and it totally felt awkward for me. Do you think hand quilting is kind of like your signature, individual and unique?


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Kris said... #

I love spool quilts. We had two up at our cabin in Big Bear. I have a few that my Great Grandma made!!! I am itching to make a quilt. Haven't made a full size quilt since taking my grandson full time almost 4 years ago. Sticking to smaller projects is easier right now.

Anonymous said... #

Love your pencil holder - how cool is that!!!

The spool quilt is looking so lovely quilted up.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Can't wait to see your single girl quilt! I wish I had time to join this quilt a long, everyone has some fun fabrics. I love KJR, you can't go wrong!

JHNickodemus said... #

Cute pattern! That fabric will look great!

Crystal said... #

I love the quilting on your spool quilt. I have yet to combine machine and hand quilting but I'm inspired to give it a try! I really can't wait to see how this quilt turns out.

And I can't believe you're making a single girl quilt. That pattern totally scares me! I can't remember if you've tried curved piecing before. Are you scared?

I love your fabric choices...some solids, some prints...I'm sure it'll be so beautiful!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

I like your plans for your Single Girl quilt, they sound really unique. And your spool quilt is looking spectacular! I just love it, I'd love to make one of my own one day. :)

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

That pencil holder is fantastic. It would be such a good way to remember a special wine from a special occasion.

Your hand quilting looks good to me! But then it is something I have zero skill in, so every time I see it I'm in awe.

elle said... #

Your single girl won't be single long with those fabric choices! The spools is tempting to try and I do like a big stitch but it probably is like a signature.

Allison said... #

Nice idea to make some solids-only rings, I think it adds interest to a quilt when a couple of blocks don't play by the same rules as the rest

Terriaw said... #

I LOVE your pencil holder! That is the coolest idea. That would work well to hold jewelry on a dresser or pins on a sewing table. Very cool repurpose!

Love your choice to use Katie Jump Rope fabrics for your SGQA. That is going to be such a fun project to work on.

I took a class a couple years ago to learn hand quilting. I was happy to learn it but didn't like it enough to do it much. I admire you for putting more of your signature into your cool spool project!

Anonymous said... #

The spool blocks are a really awesome idea! Great stuff.

Cheryl Arkison said... #

Yes, I do believe it is unique. I'm just not a big stitch girl myself, and likely never will be. Then again, I'm not a small stitch girl either.

Anonymous said... #

Your stitching is beautiful! So is your quilt!

Julia said... #

Love the slumped bottle. Does Mark sell those???

Lee said... #

Cute pencil holder! And I don't blame you for being unable to decide on your Single Girl quilt, there are so many cool ideas out there!

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great week!

randi said... #

you SG quilt is going to be great! would love to participate too, but can't because of time. will be following along with everyone though. :)