Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Bestseller List

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I love to read. Every Sunday I check the New York Times bestseller list and add to my own list of books to read.

Last week I was at my LQS and they have the latest edition of Quilter's Home Magazine, with an article called "55 best blogs." It was the first thing I turned to. I wasn't surprised to see a lot of blogs listed that I regularly subscribe to. A few stood out because not only are they do-not-miss reads for me, but also because I feel a growingconnection with the women behind them.

Amy from during quiet time makes amazing linocut-printed fabrics. I already have a small collection and great plans for each one.

Krista from poppyprint creates has given me a lot of valuable advice and I plan on learning more photography hints from her in the future.

Quiltish was one of the first blogs I started reading on a regular basis, and Allisa has been a fund of knowledge when it comes to starting and maintaining a small business. 

Rachel from stitched in color always has great ideas, and it's always fun to see what Jennifer and Jessica are up to at twin fibers.

Jennifer of that girl, that quilt was mentioned elsewhere in the magazine. I admire her creativity and sensitivity, and value her friendship as well.

There are many more listed in the magazine, and even more not mentioned in the article but listed right over there on my blogroll, written by women who inspire me on a daily basis. The closer and more personal connections with people we may or may not ever meet in person but that come from realizing we have a lot in common mean a lot to me.

(amazing mini quilt designed by Elizabeth)
Thanks, Friends, for being so much more than just words on a page computer screen.


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Letterpress said... #

Cool! Now I'll have some new blogs to go and visit--thanks for the listings.

I also like to read, and am "reading" audio books along with my 83-year-old mother. We just finished The Weird Sisters, and if you have a sister (or two or three, like I do), it's a wonderful book about them growing into adulthood. (Only a few swear words so I could handle it--I'm kind of prissy, although my mother reads EVERYTHNG.)

I hope your summer has started well, with some fun quilt projects.

Elizabeth E.

julia said... #

Those blog lists seem to pop up in magazines from time to time, and most of the time all or nearly all blogs are on my list - does that mean I spend too much time online??? :)
Oh, I've just looked at your tabs and found the picture with the beautiful pincushion and your card beside it...makes me goosebumps to see it "in person" :)).
Have a nice day,

Terriaw said... #

I haven't seen the new issue yet. Always interesting to see which blogs make in on their "best blogs" list. No matter who's on the top list, I continue to cherish the friendships I've made with my blog friends, including YOU!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

I love reading, too, definitely, and I love checking the Literature section of my paper every Sunday for some new reads (speaking of which, have you read "Half Blood Horses" by Jeannette Walls? Reading it now, it's fabulous!). And thank you for sharing my little bookshelf mini, so sweet of you!!

Poppyprint said... #

You're so lovely, Cindy. I'm thrilled that we've met. Thanks for a sweet post. Now, if only I could find a real life copy of that darned magazine! I'm heading out to search this afternoon...rumour has it that it has reached Canadian newsstands.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

I have just downloaded the '55' - can't wait to see how many of these wonderful people are already 'friends'!

Jan said... #

I'll have to check out the issue; thanks for the tip.
As a book lover myself, one the best sites I've located is Lots of books that may fall under the bestseller radar.

Mary said... #

Yes, each of the blogs you mentioned are so fun to read! And even better when you have made a connection.

Jennifer said... #

You are so sweet! Thanks for the mention. And I completely agree, the friends I have made through blogging are definitely not just people on a computer screen.

Jennifer :)