Monday, June 20, 2011

The Name Game: verykerryberry

I'm thrilled to have Kerry with verykerryberry here on the Name Game today. Kerry is from the UK, and if you haven't seen some of her work yet, you are in for a big treat!. Seriously. I'll start with a picture before we even get to the questions.

1. How did you choose the name for your blog?

I wish I had a more interesting answer but it came from my user name on Flickr. Originally I wanted kerryberry--my husband calls me that and I thought it was cute and easy for me to remember, but what do you know, someone already had it so I put "very" in front and that name was available--when I started my blog it seemed logical to stick with the same name. I knew I wanted my blog name and the blog address to be the same, and verykerryberry wasn't too long or too short and I like all the e, r and y letters--is that weird? I have since found that when I print the name using stamps it is hard to have enough e's, r's and y's. I have always blogged really closely along with being active in Flickr so it made sense that my Flickr name led to my blog name.

2.   Were there other names you considered, and if so, are there any you can share with us?

I did start with these things I like...these things I a sort of secondary title and I used things I liked and things I had made as a way of structuring my early posts. I just had a look at the first few entries--they are rather sparse!

3. Now that you are known by verykerryberry, are you happy with the name you chose or do you wish you could change it?

When I first registered with etsy, I didn't realise that user names were so fixed so my first etsy account was Kerry R. Green--hmmm, imaginative! So I knew that I had to find something that I was comfortable with. It is personal and it provides a persona too, which makes blogging easier. I know who I am as verykerryberry, it is my inner sewing and vintage obsessed self.

Thanks, Kerry! I hope you all go over to verykerryberry, say hi and have a look around.

Next week, I'm thrilled to have Amy from During Quiet Time. You won't want to miss it!


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Amy Friend said... #

I love all of Kerry's projects. She was a great feature!

Lettyb said... #

I visit her site all the time - loved hearing a bit more about her name here!

randi said... #

i seriously love kerri's style. her work is always in inspiration!

Needled Mom said... #

What fabulous projects!!!!!

verykerryberry said... #

A big thankyou to Cindy for inviting me on to Name Game and thankyou to Amy, Letty, Randi and Mary- you say the nicest things!

Letterpress said... #

Fun to read this series of yours--and I love the different quilts of your guest. A new way to use print in our quilts!

Elizabeth E.

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

I can just picture Kerry's husband calling her KerryBerry. That is so cute. And the things she makes are just fantastic, incl. the little covered sketchbook that is sitting right beside me now!

It is really fun seeing the overview of what people make here in your name game posts. Too often, when we find a blog we like, we don't go backwards and look at past projects, so this is fun.

verykerryberry said... #

Sometimes he just calls me Berry! He is a honey and a great support through all my sewing stuff.

Anonymous said... #

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QLT812 said... #

Works of art. Very, very creative!