Friday, June 3, 2011

Philosophy Friday: More Oprah wisdom...

I wrote about some things I was taking to heart when Oprah had the last episode of her show. Well, the other day I was checking the listings and saw that she was going to be on the Nate Berkus Show and give a tour of her home in California.

Nate Berkus. Such a cutie. But I digress...

They were sitting in her "tea house" and talking about decorating, knobs, hinges, how she is really "hands on" with every decorating decision made. And then she said this:

"My eyes light up when fabric enters the room."

Enough said.
Sunkissed by Sweetwater
What will make your eyes light up this weekend? Do tell.


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Asiyah said... #

If we sell all the stuff we've been storing in the attic for years, my eyes will light up. Not because we've gotten rid of anything, but because I'll have some mad money for fabric!

randi said... #

yeah for fabric!

my daughter is visiting from california for 2 weeks and i am pretty sure my eyes will light up when i see her! :)

http://thankfullga447 said... #

I am finally working in my garden, I will set up my veggie garden today. I will hand sew a binding on my quilt for tornado disastrous. Will have lunch w/friend & thrift store shopping.

Terriaw said... #

We are going to the farmers market on Saturday for the first time this season, even though it opened in April. I'm so excited!

Letterpress said... #

Your first commenter cracked me up! I love the picture of the Sweetwater fabrics, mainly because I just did a quilt with them!

Even my pedicurist was talking about the tour of Oprah's home. Got to go and find it on the net. . .

Elizabeth E.

MWalker said... #

My plans for the weekend are small, but I plan on enjoying them. A movie for me and my husband while my aunt babysits, mowing the grass, and planning a quilt! :)

Jennifer said... #

Getting back to quilting this weekend will make my eyes light up. Although, Steve told me last night that my eyes have their sparkle back... that was great to hear!

Jennifer :)

Poppyprint said... #

As much as I like fabric, I gotta admit that it's food for me. Specifically the dessert variety.

felicity said... #

Time to sew makes my eyes light up. As does pizza. I could very easily do nothing but eat pizza and sew all day, every day.

Anonymous said... #

I'm a little blinded by what I have on the wall, but I love that she said that!

Well written post!

The Luedtke Family said... #

The local pool opening up!
Early bird swim passes for 3!
No more swim diapers!
Tuckered lil' kiddos after just 2 hours in the pool!
My lil' girl will outswim her big brother!
Summer fun at the pool has begun!

Making roll-up picnic placemats, with utencil pocket, as a teacher end-of year gift. Simon's idea was to give a picnic tablecloth. He agreed to the placemats, as we do not know the size of her table. He picked the main color, listened to suggestions when choosing the patterned fabric, and helped prep the fabric. He L.O.V.E.D. pressing the pedal to sew up the sides before washing/drying. Not so much pedal pushing beyond that!