Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Two things:
1. How could it possibly be Wednesday again already?
2. How could it possibly be June 1st?

Okay. Now that we have that out of the way.

I have spent most of my sewing time in the past week working on the Amy Butler Weekender bag. Progress thus far: all pieces cut, some pieces fused to interfacing, 5 yards of piping made, exterior pocket and handled sewn to the front and back of the bag:
I may have mentioned my abnormal fear of fusible interfacing--which really just stems from vague references in pattern instructions (example: heavyweight fusible interfacing) and then going to Joann's and seeing rows of interfacing behind the counter so I can't touch anything and do some comparisons.

Thank you to all pattern designers who give me more detailed information as to the actual product you are using. Fortunately Amy Butler's pattern listed the specifics. But then you come home with a few yards, along with yards and yards of information. I decided to get it all organized for future reference. First I wrote the brand/number on a small corner of the actual interfacing. Then I got some page protectors, cut out one set of the fusing instructions, taped it to a piece of paper, along with a sample of the front and back of the actual product. Voila.All these pages will go in my super-cute three-ring Orla Kiely binder that I picked up from Target a few months ago.

My next project involves a craft organizer bag from one of my new favorite books, 1-2-3 Sew by Ellen Luckett Baker. When the pattern called for "ultra heavyweight fusible interfacing," I could feel the prickles of uncertainty start again. Weird, I know, especially to those of you who fuse on a daily basis. So I emailed her for more specific information, and within a couple of hours I had my answer. Big sigh of relief...
By then I needed a break from the Weekender and thoughts of interfacing, so I started working on my blocks for the 3x6 Mini Block Exchange. I had already decided to do the Flowering Snowball block, a block with gentle curves that I first saw at Molly Flanders here.

Monday night I was about to turn the light off in my sewing room when I looked at the block again and thought, hmmmm, I wonder if you could sew jelly rolls strips together and cut the corner pieces out of that. Out came the Sherbet Pips.
Does this ever happen to you? You have a lot of projects you are already working on and then something pops into your head, you start working on it right away, and all those other projects get shoved down the list?

Oh, wait. What am I saying? Of course this happens to you. This is WIP Wednesday after all! So go here to see what everyone else is working on this week.


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Anonymous said... #

Oh my gosh! I am so impressed. I wish I could be a little birdie on your shoulder watching you make this bag. It is a beauty. I'm GONNA GET ME some of that fabric! Miss Luella

JHNickodemus said... #

I can soooo relate to hating that the interfacing is behindthe counter! Creators are tactile people, half the time I ask for all the possibilities and to touh them all!

JHNickodemus said... #
This comment has been removed by the author. said... #

great post and I totally relate to the mind wondering projects!

Letterpress said... #

This post made me laugh! I am always doing too many things at once. Today I hope to finish up Block Two of the Lollypop Trees and then a friend is coming over for the afternoon and we're making a rail fence quilt (two of them) for her granddaughters' beds. I hope to work on a Bento Box while she sews as well. And in the back of my mind is the Cross-X block that I want to do for our little quilt group (it's the next post on my blog). ACK! I am okay with this sort of thing, though, as I've been doing it all of my life. It does get a little harder, though, as I get older!

Elizabeth E.

Poppyprint said... #

No, no, you can't have my title. I'm the "Queen of 5 Ongoing Projects on My Cutting Mat".

Your Weekender bag is looking super pro and that 3 x6 block is really something! I'd love to see it done with your pieced Pips.

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

I love your posts, Cindy, you always make me smile. Of course that's happened to me! That's how my WIP list keeps getting into the double digits! I love your sneaky peek of your Outside Oslo bag, I really must get my hands on some of that fabric. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday!

Elisa Black said... #

Your weekender blog is looking great!! And I really like
your 3x6 block. The Pips look like fun, too. Yes, I definitely do what you do--switch to something else, or flit from project to project-- it relieves some of the repetition? Its like quilting ADD. But its good to explore and follow new ideas while they're fresh in your mind. You are very busy!!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Your Weekender is looking great. And seriously you have gotten A LOT done on it. I feel like I've been working on mine for a month already and I dont' even have all the pieces cut out. LOL

Oh, and our interfacing is not behind the counter and I kind of wish it was so I could ask for help! I stand at my Joann's trying to figure out what I need. It's crazy how many different types there are.
Love that curved block - so COOL!

DianeY said... #

You were so smart to make that instruction organizer for your interfacing. I got tired, once, of running out of it and bought about 5 yards at once. I left the plastic-like instructions folded up in it and the color from the instuctions leached into the interfacing and I had to throw most of it out. Although, I see now they are using a more subtle coolor-it was red & navy at that time!

Terriaw said... #

Good for you for attempting to make a Weekender Bag. I heard they are hard. But they look so cool, and a perfect size. Love those quilt blocks for a nice change of sewing pace!

Lynette said... #

What a terrific Pips use!!!

Fiona @ Poppy Makes said... #

Your weekender bag is looking great. And I just LOVE that flowering snowball block it's beautiful :)

littlemissmk said... #

i lOVE your bag! so pretty! and great blocks as well!

quirky granola girl said... #

i love the bag, your blocks and the interfacing directions organization. very impressive.

Bree said... #

I'm wondering the same two things! June certainly snuck up on me this year.

Your weekender bag is looking great, I really like the fabrics you settled on.

Mary said... #

wow! Your Flowering Snowball block looks great! I love the pips! I made the Weekender bag for my mom {and she uses it all the time} I hate working with that stiff interfacing. The bag turned out great and she loves it, but I thought it was going to break my machine trying to go through all those darn layers! Your bag looks fabulous in that fabric....very cheery!

Kate S. said... #

Love the weekender bag in Outside Oslo! You are too funny about the interfacing and having too many WIPs ;)

Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said... #

I do this ALL the time! Half way through something, I realize I simply MUST make something else! And I too don't understand why interfacing is kept out of reach!

<3 Amanda (acraftyfox)

pinsandneedles said... #

This so happens to me...and right now I'm struggling with so many ideas but only time to work on things for my daughter's upcoming wedding. I can barely keep down my urge to start several new projects.

Melinda said... #

That totally happens to me. That's how I recently finished the top of my first quilt design but I still haven't finished quilting my sister's Bday quilt (due May 12th)! Love your projects.