Monday, April 2, 2012

The Name Game: Simply Miss Luella

And....we're back.
After The Name Game being absent for a few weeks, I'm thrilled to have my dear friend, Deborah, here today playing the Name Game. When she and I first met, Mark and I were vending at a show in the Bay Area (think San Francisco) called Quilting in the Garden. She was there with her sister, Kerry, who lives in that area. Then I found out that Deborah lives only a few miles from me here in the Central Valley of California. We didn't really have much contact until two summers ago when we were both at Huntington Lake. I was there because Mark and I used to have partial ownership in some rental cabins and we there doing a week of management. Deborah was there because she and her husband own a private cabin. We saw each other again on the deck at a local restaurant where we were both having lunch. Coincidence? I think not. We both decided that since we kept running into each other in unexpected locations, maybe we were supposed to strike up a friendship back home. So we did. And both being avid quilters, and sharing many other similar interests, our friendship has just grown by leaps and bounds.

How did you choose Simply Miss Luella for your blog name?

Cindy has an adorable minty green featherweight named Bonnie.
 I fell hard for this sewing machine and wanted one of my very own. I found the perfect green featherweight on Ebay. She was meant to be Bonnie's best friend and needed a suitable a name.  I wanted a name with a vintage vibe and decided on the name Luella after my great aunt. 
 Miss Luella
Were there other names you considered?
Originally, I was going to name my blog Miss Luella Sews. I liked the double meaning. My sewing machine (a.k.a. Miss Luella) sews. Then I changed it to  Simply Miss Luella. I thought the name sounded more encompassing by leaving the word "sews" out. As it turns out, my blog is about my sewing and not much else!
Now that you are known as Simply Miss Luella, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else? 

I'm happy with the name. I get a kick out of being called Miss Luella even though that's my machine's name. I do think about changing  my header to something less busy and less vintage. But that's a subject for another day. 
Thanks for playing along this week, Deborah (and you too, Miss Luella--turns out that both Miss Luella and Bonnie enjoy being in the spotlight...)
I hope you will drop by to say hi to Deborah and Miss Luella. She has lots of bright beautiful quilting and crocheting to see. And...I think she may also have a little giveaway going on. Don't leave a comment here to enter the giveaway. Instead, go say hi to Deborah, meet Miss Luella and leave your comment there.


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Katy Cameron said... #

Oh I do love Miss Luella, she definitely needed an elegant name!

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said... #

I am a reader of Deborah's blog. I love her bright and happy quilts and her vintagy header :)

Needled Mom said... #

I only recently found her blog and just love her work. It is always so bright and happy.

My best friend of over 40 years is a gal whom I kept bumping into at different venues. I think it works so well because you obviously start off with a lot in common.

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I so wish I lived near you both!! I LOVE Deborah's blog and so happy to see her here :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Yay for Deborah!

felicity said... #

Oh my goodness so many beautiful bright projects!

Mama Pea said... #

Just beautiful! USED to own? You guys sold your interest? So glad you found a such a good friend. :-)

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I love Deborah and her blog, it's full of lots of lovely things!!