Thursday, April 5, 2012

Really Random, 4/5/12

I stopped at my parents' house a few days ago. They live in a duplex and have very little space behind their house, not enough to really call it a yard. However, that has not stopped them from making it beautiful.
We have a tree in our backyard called a "fruitless mulberry." Every fall, every single branch is pruned off. This is what it looks like today. I'll post monthly pictures because unless you have had one of these trees (and at one point we had three), you can't believe how fast the branches grow.
Time to party. Fill these with some nuts or crackers, and invite your friends over. Mark's been busy, and these are all available for purchase.
I really like "texty" fabric. This is some new fabric from Riley Blake, "Peak Hour" by Kellie Wulfsohn, great for a little boy. I especially like the car ad fabric.
Charlotte is on spring break from school. Yesterday I took her and Levi to see the Lorax. The price for a ticket for each of them, for a 10 a.m. showing, for a movie that is just a little over an hour long, is a little unbelievable at $8. But we had a great time. Or as Mastercard would say, "priceless." However, I think I'm going to wait until summer when they show $1 movies once a week.
Speaking of tickets. Spring quilt market in Kansas City, here I come!

Target is making me very happy these days. Even if I don't buy anything there (and in all honesty, how often do you go to Target and not buy anything??), these colors sure are tempting.
Inspiration for a quilt:
Last night a decision had to be made: 

Should I organize my sewing room?
 or sew?
No brainer. I sewed...although some organization is imminent. I wanted to make something for the Zakka sew-along but I can't find my book. I'm pretty sure it is underneath one of the piles of fabric on my sewing table....or floor.

Yesterday was a great mail day. I ordered my twill tape labels here and the shipping was very reasonable. Which is probably why I didn't notice that they came all the way from France!
I'm doing the 365 photo project where you take a picture every day. Yesterday's prompt was "someone who makes you happy."
I really enjoy the photo prompts each day. Here is the month of March. I can't remember why two of the days are blank. Oh well...

My friend, Deborah, did not lose her Zakka sew-along book under a pile of fabric. She has already made the first project. Isn't this cute? Okay, I might have to reorganize sooner than I thought. I really want to find my book so I can make this too. In orange Essex linen.
She also gifted me with this super cute pouch. Because she knew I would keep begging until she gave it to me and I are such good friends.
If you haven't already checked out her blog, Simply Miss Luella, you definitely should--she has a nice little giveaway going on and there is still time before she chooses a winner!

That about does it for this week. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. And now I'm headed into my sewing room because...
Last week our son borrowed my car to go to Los Angeles with some friends to see an ice hockey game. That is NOT the reason I put this on the back of my car, but I wonder if he'll ever ask to borrow my car again...


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Sara said... #

That Palmolive container is quite lovely and should be in every quilters house I think;)

The Luedtke Family said... #

Honestly, I rarely to never go to Target. And when I do,I have learned to stick to my list and keep my total in consideration.

I love the people who make you happy.

The "boy" fabric looks so fun.

I should also organize. Will sew some lovely Easter postcards this morning. Norah will be in preschool, so I can whip them up without them seeing, pop'em in the mail and hope they arrive Saturday.

Believe it or not, over the weekend, Simon declared that their postcards will be coming soon. I display each of their Easter cards on the mantel.

I think your tutorial has earned the "most used" of all tutorials I love!

randi--i have to say said... #

i should try to hook up with you to travel to market! i will also be going out of denver!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I think it's a good job there isn't a Target near me as I'd find it very hard to resist those lovely colours!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

All great - really love your tape, and the car sticker!!

Katy Cameron said... #

Another great collection of random, and that's definitely the way to guarantee your car doesn't get borrowed ;o)

Lindsay Conner said... #

That car sticker is the best idea!

Lee said... #

You're going to Market!! Me too! We'll have to get together! : )

CitricSugar said... #

I do so love your random posts! And maybe hockey is "too cool" for quilting in Cali but I've never found that one can't be a fan of both. :-)

Target is moving into our province and there is a big campaign to ensure they keep the people who worked for the company they bought out. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. I haven't decided whether or not I'll shop there...

Anonymous said... #

This has been my dream to drive a car with a sticker that says "love to quilt"! Ya right. Mark

tubilinha tiacarminha said... #

Sacanagem com o seu filho.Mas provavelmente ele não se importará com adesivo que é lindo.FELIZ PÁSCOA!!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

It's a yarden!
Love the name tape :)

Terriaw said... #

I love that Palmolive bottle! I'm doing a photo project for color theory class on complimentary, so I think I need to go to Target.

I can't believe that tree will grow back and fill out. It looks pretty stunted right now.

Deborah said... #

I think Mark needs one of those stickers for his truck. And speaking of Mark, can you put my name on the small blue bottle? Thanks.

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said... #

I need that Palmolive bottle! Love your sticker and yes, my son might think twice before borrowing my car!

Anonymous said... #

I'll be at Market on Friday (and maybe Saturday)! and the car sticker made me laugh, my husband likes to take his vintage Winchester rifle to the range for target practice. This Spring, I took his Jeep to retreat, and he took my (pale green) Beetle (with pink Gerber Daisy in the vase) to the rifle range. He said "Never again". Still makes me smile...

A.S.K.-P. said... #

Where can the AWESOME bottle dishes be purchased? How much are they?

OPQuilt said... #

So you like your labels? Quality? Ink won't rub off? If I have your sayso, I'm jumping on this bandwagon.

How come you get to go to Market? I'm completely jealous! Bravo to you--I want a full report, if you have any energy left.

Filling up your mailbox tonight--

Mama Pea said... #

I love your random posts. Great color inspiration, great Palmolive, great glass slumpwork....All of it. I took Elsa to see the Lorax. We went to the first show of the day, and when it was our turn to buy tickets, they said it was sold out. So, we had to buy tickets to the next show that started in 30 min, but it was in 3D. This made Elsa happy, but my tickets cost even more! $10 or $12 apiece for a matinee!!! And then there was popcorn. I'm pretty sure I was $40 poorer when I left that movie theater1 But she really enjoyed the movie!

Mama Pea said... #

Oh! I meant to also say that I'll be going to KC, too! See you there!!!!

@pril said... #

Where did you get the window decal/sticker?