Friday, November 15, 2013

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 8: The Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks (Volume 8) Blog Tour.   Each of these issues is such a wonderful resource of blocks, ranging from traditional to modern, pieced to applique. I'm so happy to be able to share my block, Ring Around the Posy, which is a little bit of both.
Although I have been quilting for nearly twenty years, I have never done much applique work, but this year I ventured into doing a little bit of machine applique, using a buttonhole stitch. It is easy and really fun.

Wouldn't this block make a great baby quilt?

Look what you can do with just five blocks. I can even imagine this block in holiday colors for a fun Christmas table runner. Changing the block orientation to being on point completely changes the look of it, doesn't it?

Or maybe you just need a new wall hanging.

I'm thrilled to offer a chance to win a copy of the latest issue so leave a comment here. I'd love to know if you have tried machine applique before, and if you have any special hints to share. I'll choose a winner on Saturday, November 16, at noon PST, so be sure I have a way to contact you. The latest issue should be hitting the newsstands some time next week.

For all the  blog tour stops and more giveaways, hop on over to Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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Kathy S. said... #

I have tried machine applique. I have only been quilting since 2011. My best tip so far is to use Best Press spray starch to get everything nice and flat before stitching. Thanks for the chance to win! Your block is very pretty!

Nancy said... #

I just finished a baby quilt with applique, and loved doing it!

LorY Aymond said... #

I have done some machine applique I don't have any tips for you, sorry. I'm still learning myself. I really like your block and I agree that it would make a wonderful baby quilt!

Unknown said... #

I've not done much machine applique but my daughter bought me a clear applique foot for my machine so I need to try again. Your block is lovely and congratulations on being included in the magazine. You've inspired me to try my applique again.

Gill said... #

What a fabulous block!
I've done a little machine applique but I'm very slow!!

Jitka said... #

Your block is wonderful. I love the colours you choose. I try one machine quilting but I was not very successful. I did not use any glue and the applique fabric was rolling on the background. If I need applique something I do it handy.

Laughing Owl said... #

I haven't yet tried machine applique, but looking at this block I very much want to try :)

Susan said... #

I love your block Cindy! I really must try machine applique- I'm sure my machine could do it! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine!

bluenines said... #

I have not tried machine applique , but I hope to try it one day, so many new things to do and so little time happy sewing

Maxine said... #

I don't do much machine applique these days. I use Pelon for stability with applique.

MissM said... #

Beautiful block. I have never done much applique, but this does inspire me.

Anonymous said... #

Hi! Your block is fantastic! It's great for many many projects! I have done very less real applique but quite much raw edge applique. I should challenge myself more. Thank you for a lovely give away! x Teje

WYO Di said... #

No machine applique, so looking forward to reading your posts to learn some tips myself! Congrats on the great block.

Lisa said... #

I have done machine applique, although I'm a beginner so I would benefit from your tips!!

Judy said... #

I have not done much applique machine or by hand. Guess I will be getting out of my box in 2014 and give it whirl. Your block will be one I will need to try. Thanks!

quilter said... #

I do raw edge fusible

Along the Perkiomen said... #

Love your block. My machine applique is all raw edge, just too impatient to fuss and fuse and turn edges!

Purl Buttons said... #

I am strictly a hand appliquer but I just saw a raw-edge block that I LOVE and now this! I will have to dip my toe in and try out both techniques.

Anita said... #

Yes, I have mainly done raw edge applique.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Lynne said... #

I've either done raw edge applique or by hand. What a lovely giveaway.

Narelle said... #

I've only machine appliqued once a long time ago. I like to sit at night and hand applique :)

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Congratulations Cindy, that's a very pretty block! I'm working on some machine applique now. The best tip i got is from jodi at tickle and hide, when doing zig zig stitch she sets the width to 2 and the length to 1 - it works perfectly!

kt said... #

Great block! I have not tried machine applique yet--so far I've only appliqued a few blocks, and I did those by hand. Love how yours turned out. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lee said... #

Your block is great! Congrats! I do not do applique - but I might give it a go here after seeing all the applique pieces on this hop! thanks!

Martina said... #

Such a great block! So happy. I never did machine applique until now.

Unknown said... #

I love the block!! I do machine applique and will be adding your block to my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa England said... #

I've done some machine applique, both raw edge and turned. I usually decide which one to use based on how complicated the shapes are and how much the quilt will be washed. I think a bit of applique added to a pieced quilt makes it really special. Congratulations on being a part of this magazine, it's always such a wonderful collection of blocks!

Marca said... #

I've done some machine appliqué that turned out pretty well but I still like to do hand appliqué. I just bought some nearly solids that would work nicely for this block. :-)

Studio Beis said... #

I have never done machine applique. It is something I have wanted to add to my quilts. One day!!

Dana Gaffney said... #

I love machine applique, there are so many possibilities with it. Your block is wonderful, I really like all of the movement.

Ruth said... #

Yes. I've done machine appliqué. I like to use a small zig-zag stitch as it is easier to go around corners with it. I love your block! I am just finishing a doll quilt with the orange peels appliquéd onto it by hand.

Jocelyn said... #

I have not done much applique, but what I have done is on the machine. Can't offer much advise as I am new at applique. Thanks so much for sharing your pretty block.

Bernie said... #

I've done machine applique on a couple of BOM quilts. I've used a small zigzag and a blanket stitch.

Deb G. in VA said... #

I love your block and all the settings you've shown! I've done raw edge machine applique. I usually use a button hole stitch and a clear presser foot, so I can see where I'm stitching.

Dee said... #

I have only done a little machine applique - and when I do, I try to use the tiniest stitch possible. Awesome colorful block!

Unknown said... #

I think machine applique is a Zen experience.. just get in the zone and enjoy...

your block is great... I can see planning the fabrics to get a really good circle pattern.. can't wait to try.

Vivian said... #

I enjoy hand applique more but for larger pieces I do go to the machine, my tip would be to tie off the back of your thread so it doesn't fray, just to be safe. Cute block, love the colors.

Nanbon44 said... #

I just started doing applique... mostly hand sewing, but would love to get the technique for machine applique... will check back here for posted tips..

Sherry VF said... #

What a clever block! It looks great with the scrappy combo of colors you selected. Yes, I have machine appliqued a fair's so flexible in that you put your designs any where. In my opinion, the classiest look is with satin stitch outlining but it take longer (be sure you use a satin stitch foot and a stabilizer backing). Next, I like the blanket stitch has a nice soft feel to it. svonfumetti(at)yahoo(dot)com

Needled Mom said... #

That is a great block. I have just recently started a bit more machine applique. It has never been my favorite technique, but I love the look of it.

Rosa said... #

Awesome block and love your layout!!
I`ve never tried machine applique only hand applique though I need to improve it.

Carla said... #

I love your block! I see two different patterns when I look. Appliqué is not my thing although I have done quite a bit.

Jacklynn Grimm said... #

Great block - I've done a few table runners with appliques, small projects. Circles are hard! Thanks for the give away!

Maria said... #

Very nice block... I don't do too much machine applique... mostly just quilting.

Anonymous said... #

Lovely block and it does look wonderful in a baby quilt! I've done a little machine applique and just recently did one using the buttonhole stitch. I have lots of learning to do.

Betty Woodlee said... #

I love your Ring Around The Posy block. I've done a little machine appliqué and like you I plan to do more in the future. This is the first time I've visited your page but I will be back to visit many times but I must leave right now I'm on a mission to win a copy of QM's mag. Thanks for the chance to win. Congrats on making the magazine.

vwlady said... #

I've just started with machine applique. I use a very small zigzag stitch and 60wt mono filament thread on turned edged applique. It does take some time, though, but the results are worth it. Great block! Congrats!

Cathy B said... #

I have tried applique but am not too good, need more practice. Great Block, congratulations on having it in the magazine.

Jeanne Gwin said... #

I do machine applique all the time, love doing raw edge. Thanks for sharing your beautiful block and congrats on making the magazine.

Deanna W said... #

Bright and colourful....I have never done machine applique but do love needle turn!

Anonymous said... #

tried it once, but I think I need a good tutorial lol Thanks for a chance to win :)

Karen said... #

Very bright and colorful. I enjoy machine applique.

MadHatter said... #

Congrats on getting your block in Issue #8. Yes, I have done machine applique and really enjoy it a lot. No hints other than just to use a good fusible for your blocks. Thanks for chance to win.

Anonymous said... #

Congrats - what a great block. I've really only done a couple of applique blocks but would love to try this. I love the variations and Christmas colors would be super! Thanks so much for the chance to win. :)

bertiequilts said... #

I do love your block... very pretty with all the colors.

Linda E in NM said... #

I am hand applique challenged, but I certainly have done and will continue to do machine applique

Michele said... #

I love the design and the colors of your block. So bright and happy.

sue said... #

Sorry, no special tips to offer you with regard to machine applique, but I have tried it, and it is fun to do! Congratulations on having your block published!

Dorothy G said... #

Congratulations on having your block published in Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Volume 8. It's a beautiful block and can't wait to make it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine. I love machine applique, but still having a hard time on inside and outside corners. Maybe I should just give up and start doing it by hand.

Hanke said... #

I have done a very small machine applique thing, love to do it by hand. That is also a start. So no tips ;-) Nice block! Thanks for the chance!

Anita said... #

I love those colorfull blocks. My fingers are crossed.

JanineMarie said... #

I have not done machine applique before, but I have done buttonhole hand stitching, which is fun, too. I like your colorful block.

sewspeciallady said... #

I enjoy doing machine applique.Congrats on being chosen!!

Anonymous said... #

Such a colorful block - great design. I so enjoy machine and hand applique..Congradulations on getting your block in the magazine.
Thanks for the chance

Diane said... #

I've done machine applique. One hint I can pass on, is to use a smaller needle especially with fusible applique so you leave a smaller hole.

Stitches said... #

Yes, I have done a lot of machine applique..sometimes I use invisible thread and sometimes I use the blanket stitch..most of the time I turn the edges under before applique, especially if I know it will be washed..

Big Martha said... #

I have done machine applique, but am never happy with the outcome. Practice, Practice!

Janet said... #

I have done machine appliqué although I prefer needle turn. I usually use a fusible with machine appliqué.

Anonymous said... #

I have done machine applique, but I'm a needle turn girl. I love hand stitching. thriftstorecrafter at

Elaine said... #

I have done some machine applique and feel I just need more practice on turning corners!

Terry H. said... #

I pefer hand appliqué but have done some machine. I have all old machines (or should I say vintage) so I had to use a feather stitch for the appliqué but it worked and was fun to do.

Quilting Tangent said... #

Sorry haven't done machine applique. Check out youtube for videos to help.

Unknown said... #

Just by hand. As a recent quilter I don't feel that I'm up to machine quilting yet.

Linda said... #

The only way I applique is by machine!

KT said... #

I have done it by machine and just go slow and very slow on corners!

Unknown said... #

Congratulations! I haven't tried Applique either way but it's on my list.Thanks for this chance.

Joanna said... #

Cute little block. I have tried machine applique and usually like the results. No advice to offer, other than to plan and take your time.

~Kris~ said... #

I usually hand appliqué. I have done machine appliqué and one of the best hints I have seen is from Nancy Zieman. When you are stitching down the edges with zigzag or other stitch, reduce the stitch length when nearing points or corners. It makes it easier to stop at the corner without overshooting.

giddy99 said... #

What a fun block! I just appliqued on a quilt for the first time last weekend (out of necessity). I thought it would be terrible, but it was actually fun! :)

Kim said... #

Love your block! Have done some applique. Not enough to be able to offer any help. :)

Unknown said... #

I'm new to quilting but love the applique. I love your block because of the 2 different elements. Colors are great too.

TC in Idaho said... #

I would love to learn how to applique. So excited about this giveaway, congrats on getting into 100 Blocks.

Andresa said... #

I've not done machine applique. Given how many decorative stitches are on my machine, I should give it a try.

Sallie said... #

I've done machine applique - tip: keep the needle down selection engaged.

Qltmys said... #

I've grown partial to steam a seam raw edge appliqué with a zigzag stitch.

JoyceLM said... #

I've never done any applique, but if I want to make your lovely block, I'll have to learn soon. Thanks.

Deborah said... #

No I have never tried machine applique- not yet anyway.

Lee Ann L. said... #

No. Never tried machine applique. Although, I have tried using machine embroidery stitches. I'm going to have to practice this big time before using them on a quilt! LOL. Congrats on getting into the magazine!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

Lovely block! I have only done a bit of machine applique so my best tip is to sew slowly along the curves and pivot more than less.

The Spiritual Existential Nihilist said... #

I've not tried machine applique. I haven't done a lot of applique at all. But I've been very intrigued by it of late, especially the Boston Samplers that I've seen.

Kathy L said... #

I like to applique but I'm not so great at it.

Jackie said... #

Machine applique with buttonhole stitch is my favorite applique method. My tip, make your buttonhole stitch smaller for tiny applique pieces.

Anonymous said... #

Machine applique is my favorite! Someday I may get brave and try hand turn.

Gabi said... #

yes I've tried it but I'm not satisfied with my work. My curves are not smooth enough, the stitches to big or not big enough. But keep on trying.

Karen in Breezy Point said... #

What a fun block! I love traditional applique, but recently took a class with Kim Diehl and loved the machine technique she uses (in all her books). Now maybe I can get to all those projects that I have been wanting to start!

Barb Johnson said... #

I haven't done a lot of machine applique (or any applique for that matter ^.^) I have tried it and need some practice before my work is presentable!

pasqueflower said... #

I have done a little machine applique. Stabilizer is the key!!

Mel said... #

Raw edge applique is my favorite way to applique. I use a blanket type stitch on them. My tip would be to use 30 weight thread for the stitching. This weight thread looks more like hand stitching. Thanks! mellian at cfl dot rr dot com

alaskamarge said... #

I have tried machine applique but I just don't do it very well...I guess you have to keep trying.

Vicki said... #

What a fantastic block design! Congrats on the publication.

Anonymous said... #

Wow! I really love this block! I have done very little machine applique but I recently bought a leaf shape die for my studio cutter and your block really has my mind going on ways to use this. Thanks!

Anonymous said... #

I've done some fusible applique, but have been rather intimidated by the whole technique. Maybe once I feel like I have piecing under control...

Unknown said... #

I have not tried any applique yet. I want to do applique one day. tapsydoodle at gmail dot com

Unknown said... #

Love , love, love it!! Congrats for making QM 100. I love doing machine applique. I just take my time, use different stitches to set things off and I also use ribbon, cord and others to accent them off.

Dorothy H said... #

I have tried machine applique and really enjoy it. I like the options my machine has for diferent stiches and decorations!

barbara woods said... #

love your block, thanks for the chance

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Love your block! I have done a few bits of machine applique. My best tip is to always write down your machine settings in case you have to walk away. then you know what to set things to when you return! :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Lovely - I have only had bad, sewing through my nail, experiences of machine appliqué, I am loving hand-sewn appliqué just now though xxx

Vicki H said... #

Your block is so cheery! I like the pinwheel in the center.

Gwen Wehner said... #

Fun block! For machine applique, I use a good stabilizer, and ALWAYS make a practice piece and record the best stitch settings!

Audrey said... #

What a colourful, cheery block. Just the block for a baby quilt. I prefer hand applique for the its relaxing nature but I have use machine applique too. I like it when the piece is going to be laundered often because it is well used as in baby and children's quilts. My best tips are use stabilizer and test out your stitch choice on a quilt sandwich the same as your quilt before beginning.

Dawn Frisch said... #

Your block is so colorful and I just love it! I've done machine applique before and it is quite enjoyable. I can't think of any tricks to share other than use a good fusible web product.
Happy quilting

Anonymous said... #

No, I have not ever machine quilted but I will some day.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

Julie S said... #

I have done machine applique, but with only a straight stitch, it is all wild kind of outlining. I think it is cute, for it gives a more homespun quality. Of course, I would never do that with an elegant quilt. I would pull out my old machine with a zigzag, or I would borrow my friend's machine with fancy stitches.

Unknown said... #

I Love your block.. and so many possibilities for this!! Thank you for doing this giveaway.. and congrats on getting your block in!

Texana said... #

Cute block! I have done several techniques for machine appliance including fusing for raw edge finishing, dryer sheet turning, machine zig zag...but my favorite with the best result is using clear thread and a very tiny catch stitch on a prepared turned edge. My best tip is to clean your machine before you start and use a new needle.

Connie said... #

love bright colors in quilts!

Unknown said... #

Your block is great and looks like would be a useful pattern to have. Sure hope I can win:) Nancy:

Anonymous said... #

Love your bright colors...I do a lot of scrappy quilts so I love color...I haven't done much applique but need to learn this technique!!

JANET said... #

I have used machine applique when I needed to finish a quilt in a hurry. I start a new quilt with the intention of using the machine, but I keep reverting to hand applique. (I like to get comfy in bed and stitch while watching mindless TV.) I am going to try it again soon.

Regina said... #

I have not done much with machine applique - so I am not confident in anything I do.

Unknown said... #

Living a Colorful Life is a good mantra. I love the block you designed for 100 Blocks. The only advice I have for machine applique is that I use a good water-soluable stabilizer and take my time sewing.

Anonymous said... #

I have not tried machine applique.

Kathy H said... #

Very cute block and I always like a rainbow quilt. I have done machine applique and a tip would be to use some sort of stabilizer for the back. I have heard that coffee filters work great but haven't had the chance to try them yet.

Sandy said... #

I have done some machine applique, but prefer to do it by hand while watching TV.

Joyce Carter said... #

I love your block. I am a big fan of pinwheels so I like this secondary pattern that it makes. Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway. I have done machine applique. I use Wonderunder on top and tear away stablizer on the bottom. Then I stitch by using a close satin stitch.

BillieBee (billiemick) said... #

I made a Halloween quilt with machine applique and loved it. I only used the blanket stitch and it worked really well for me.

WhoMom said... #

Beautiful, happy, cheerful! It's a block that looks so fun to make. I've done a little bit of machine applique and some hand applique but still need to practice! Congratulations on being included in the magazine.

WoolenSails said... #

I have done applique by machine and usually for art or fun pieces. I just go for it and enjoy the process and try to watch my foot line so i can make sure the stitch stays as even as possible.
I got a star foot to do machine applique, open foot and easier to see what you are doing.


Judy1522 said... #

Your block is very pretty. It has been many years since I have done machine applique and have yet to use it in a quilt. I am going to do that soon as I see so many great quilts using it. I don't really have any hints for you as It has been a long time and I know much has changed in the way of stabilizers.

Kathy in NH said... #

I enjoy machine applique but haven't done much of it. I like your block!

Joan H. said... #

I have done a couple baby quilts with machine applique. It a dds a lot to a simple nine patch quilt's borders

Julie said... #

I have made several projects with machine applique. I am too impatient for hand applique.

Shauna said... #

applique scares me, but that block is super cute

pbfab said... #

Fun block!

Anonymous said... #

I am a beginner so as of yet I haven't tried applique yet. It is on my bucket list however!

Cindy said... #

I really like this block.

Cynthia H said... #

I have tried machine appliqué a few times. Usually using a buttonhole stitch. But I don't feel like I am particularly adept at it so no hints here.

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher said... #

Ha! Machine applique is the only way I know how!

Tami C said... #

Congratulations for being published! Ring Around the Posy is such fun a block! It would be a great quilt to work all my scraps into! I haven't tried any machine applique. Thanks for the chance to win!

Unknown said... #

What a colorful block and the combination of shapes are a fun addition, but I've not ventured into machine applique so I'll just enjoy yours. Kathy

Madeline said... #

When I machine applique, I use a buttonhole stitch with contrasting thread, and people keep thinking I hand stitched it!

AnnieBikes said... #

I have only tried machine applique a few times. My tip is that when you come to a corner, leave your needle down and adjust the piece you are working on so the needle will go down the next time just where you want it to. Especially handy if you are doing a buttonhole stitch and you don't want the stitch to go past where you need to turn.

Just Quilt It said... #

Cute, cute block. I've done lots of machine applique as well as hand applique. I find with machine applique, I need to slow myself down occasionally. Also, make sure you are using a sharp needle.

Sandra said... #

Relax and have fun with it. Try colors that you don't normally work with.


Unknown said... #

Enjoy applique so much. Love your block.

Unknown said... #

Love your block. I especially like the table runner. I have done some machine applique and have found that going slowly is the best way. Practice, practice, practice. :)

Carole M. said... #

I like doing machine appliqué, your block is very bright and cheerful.

Rachell said... #

I haven't done a lot of appliqué. but I have learned a few things. I've learned some sort of stabilizer is needed behind the fabric, especially if you're working with curves or circles. and fusible web is great!

The Village Queen said... #

Really neat block, thanks for the chance!

Donna Joy said... #

I love the look of a blanket stitch. Helped a young lady make a quilt for her mother and we using blanket stitch around the posies. Thanks for giveaway

Elizabeth said... #

I've not yet attempted machine applique--though I always mean to try.

virgdale said... #

Love your quirky block and you blog!! I do a lot of machine applique and use several different methods, depending on my mood and feeling for the quilt I am making.

Unknown said... #

I have done machine applique. Don't rush and use good thread.

Juels said... #

Cute block. I haven't tried machine applique. I do hand applique and love it!

Nichole said... #

I've done some machine applique. Need more practice, though!

SherryB said... #

Whenever I do machine applique, I use a tear-away stabilizer behind it. It works great to keep the stitches from bunching. I also have tried Golden Threads quilting paper since I had it lying around, and used a tweezers to help remove it from small areas. Your block is so cute & bright; congrats!

Betty Domal said... #

I have made a number of wall hangings using machine applique. - my favorite thing to do.
I fuse a lightweight interfacing (usually used for sewing garments) on the back of my piece after the applique is fused to the square (or whatever shape) before doing the quilting.

dolls5000a said... #

I haven't tried appliquq but plan to

DebraKay Neiman said... #

I am just now doing some machine applique...This pattern would be easy to follow. Thanks. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

bstew said... #

This is different the pin wheel in the middle.....enjoying the blog tour,,,,

Cecilia said... #

I really enjoy machine appliqué. I've only made a few quilts with appliqué, so the only thing I've learned is to use a really soft stabilizer or one that washes away. I love your block, especially the pinwheel in the middle. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine.

Unknown said... #

First, congratulations on being chosen for the 100 blocks issue.

I think your block is great since I enjoy both piecing and applique, by hand or machine. I especially like the different options you have given. It would certainly make a cute Christmas runner or wall hanging in reds, greens and gold.

stitchinpenny said... #

Absolutely beautiful.

Susana Neiger said... #

Beautiful work! I've done a little zig-zag-edge applique by machine ... I like a tight zig-zag (like a buttonhole) ... but I'm still working on my technique. Always learning!

Margaret said... #

I love your block. I like to use the blanket stitch on my applique. Thanks for sharing

Bloomer's Buzzings said... #

I've done a tiny bit of applique in a class using fancy thread, then.... last summer, while making a charity blanket, I broke my fancy stitch machine. Unfixable :( so I am left with my 1027 Pfaff which has never let me down in the 34 years I have had her. Not sure if she is good at applique, but I am willing to try :)! So love your bright block.

Louise said... #

I did some zigzag stitch applique many years ago, but it was rough looking! Your block is so sweet..I envision it in 1930's prints.

wendy said... #

I have tried some machine applique although I am not very good at it. I think I like the blanket stitch better than the satin stitch. I definitely need more practice!

janie said... #

I love your block and would also love to win this new book.thanks

Emily C said... #

Love the block. I typically hand applique. I peice on my sewing machine, but hand sew everything else.

Anonymous said... #

I haven't tried it yet, but after seeing all the blocks on the tour I think I need to!
Marie WIlliams

Barbe said... #

i'm just working on an advent calender now that uses it for the numbers, goes much faster than i thought, but you have to watch your stitch size

Jodi - usairdoll said... #

Oh gosh! Love your block! It's gorgeous! Yes, it would make a beautiful baby quilt. I have done machine applique and by hand as well. I really enjoy doing handwork. My only tip would be go slow around curves and points, that's probably a no-brainer, hehe. Congratulations on having your block included in Vol.8, Quiltmaker's 100.

Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


MissPat said... #

I did machine applique eons ago (well 13 years ago on a quilt for my first grandson. But I haven't done any recently. I love your bright colors. I do a lot of kids quilts and I always use bright primary colors.

Annie said... #

I'm pretty new to applique, but I can see how it can become addicting!

Back Porch Extras said... #

I love machine applique and know some people use a zigzag stitch or blanket stitch but depending on what it is I have use some of the other decorative stitches. Congrats on your block being included in QM’s Vol. 8. Thanks for the chance to win a copy

Deb said... #

I've tried it....but it was sad. Maybe i just need more instruction. :)

PatchworkRose said... #

Make sure your needle is down when you turn a corner or stop at a peak or valley
Good Luck you are going to have fun :-)

Unknown said... #

Ohhhh, I love your block! I love any type of applique & have certainly done it by machine. I make sure I take my time & let nothing distract me. Thanks for a chance at the give-away.

Annmarie said... #

Love your quilt lay outs - that's a very cool block!
I do lots of machine applique. My husband built me a simple light box and I use it to trace the pattern onto the double sided interfacing.

madquilter65 said... #

I haven't tried it yet but love ur design!

Unknown said... #

I love the different colors. I have just finished a king sized appliquéd flower quilt and practice makes it easier.

Unknown said... #

So clear and bright- love it

Nancy Sue said... #

I love the topic of the comments. Will be looking forward to going back and reading tips on machine appliqué. I spend more time undoing than "doing" when it comes to machine appliqué, so I'll be looking forward to picking up a pointer or two! Congrats on your block!!!

Cheryl said... #

Beautiful block! I have no tips as I have not done much applique.

Sally H. said... #

I haven't tried machine applique - I'm a hand "appliquer", but would love to try it now that I see how pretty your quilt block is. Can't believe it's done by machine!

Unknown said... #

I have tried machine applique, but I`m not very good. Congrats on your block, the colours are so bright. Happy Quilting:)

Marcia said... #

I like machine applique using invisible thread with a tiny zig zag stitch. Looks like it is done by hand:)

Jeanne in Ohio said... #

I use stabilizer when I do machine applique. It keeps the thread from "tunneling." Thanks for the giveaway.

Linda Christianson said... #

I have done a lot of machine applique. I like to use light wonder under. A good machine also helps. Embroidery thread also gives some extra texture and color.

LC said... #

I have only done machine applique. I need instant satisfaction. You can make all the interesting and complicated shapes.

Beth said... #

I have never done machine appliqué, but your block is tempting me. Did you have to cut the background pieces a little bigger to accommodate any shrinkage?

leakus said... #

I have done all applique types, usually by machine I do blanket stitch or satin stitch. My advise is to use a stabilizer in the back, when finish you tear it away. Keep in mind that tiny pieces of paper will be under the thread of the blanket stitch. I take the time to take them out with tweezers. My machine applique took a turn when I bought a Pfaff CV that lifts the foot when you stop. It is a dream to applique. good luck.

Ellen said... #

I have done machine applique. I have not been that successful when I used the zigzag stitch. I am getting better the more I do it.

Anonymous said... #

I haven't done much machine applique. I have a video and a quilt kit from Sharon Pederson, the Rose of Sharon, that will give me LOTS of practice. I've watched the video and her tips seem to be very good. ll_gee (at) hotmail dot com

Unknown said... #

I use invisible thread and a small short button hole or zigzag stitch. I use turned edge appliqué. It looks like hand appliqué from a distance.

Jennifer said... #

I love your block! I, too, love machine applique. If it couldn't be done by machine I don't think I would applique at all. But I so love the designs that can be made with applique - each design has a story to tell!

Angelia Lanouette said... #

I am a newbie and haven't tried machine applique yet. I love hand work and I am teaching myself hand applique. Ring Around the Posy is a beautiful the colors. Congratulations and Thank You for sharing! anglanouette at gmail dot com

Lori said... #

congrats on being published. this is a wonderful block. no I have not tried machine applique yet. I am a newbie to quilting and this is one thing on my list to learn. LOL my list just seems to get longer and longer. Oh well, thanks for sharing and for the give a way

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