Thursday, April 11, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 4/11/19

Last week I was lucky  enough to spend some time with a friend I met on Instagram, Patty Joy, aka @soxtherapist. She lives in Rochester, Minnesota, but has a daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren living here in Fresno. We met at Starbucks where we had a chance to chat, and because she is an expert sock knitter (with a great pattern on Ravelry called Fish Lips Kiss), she walked me through the heel portion of knitting socks. We will see if I can make some progress before her next visit to Fresno. :)
Nope. Not answering this call.
Ella and I spent some time looking through a scrapbook I made about Aaron and Christa's engagement and wedding. She had fun trying to figure out who all the people were. After all, these pictures were from nearly 20 years ago!
While Christa was out of town and speaking at a youth conference, I picked kids up Friday morning and dropped them off at school.

Well, not the one on the left.  He drove his own car to work. :)

Then Janice and I headed to Lindsay for the Best of the Valley quilt show. For some reason I only photographed a couple of quilts, other than those Janice and I entered into the show. This was Best of Show. It was absolutely spectacular!
Moonflower, Molly Y. Hamilton-McNally, Tehachapi, CA

I loved seeing this quilt, designed by Shelly Pagliai, one of my Grubers friends. I texted her pictures as soon as I saw it because I knew she would enjoy seeing that her quilt design had won a ribbon.
The Mad Hatter's Flower Garden, Diane Ruby, Visalia, CA

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween quilts, but this was such fun. If I had the skills, I would totally make this one. And it had just the perfect amount of bling-y crystals.

13 Days of Halloween, Janice Minyard, Los Osos, CA

I entered five quilts, four of which received ribbons!

The Prayer and Finding the Way to My Heart each received a 3rd place ribbon.

Friendship Circles and Kaleidoskop each received Honorable Mention. 

Janice's gorgeous quilt received a well-deserved 2nd place!
Big Purple Machine didn't receive any ribbons, but it was fun to see it hanging in the show.
Mark had helped Charlotte with some kind of fundraiser at her school, and was rewarded with tickets to a Fresno Grizzlies game and a date with Charlotte. They had such a good time. 

I have some new quilty shoes. 
And snapdragons are some of my favorite spring flowers.
I'm fascinated with these tattoos that look like embroidery and cross stitch! 

And finally, I hardly ever take naps during the day, but lately I've felt like this more often. How about you?


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Needled Mom said... #

The kids always love to look at the old pictures. Congratulations on your ribbons....they are well deserved.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Congrats on all the ribbons . . . well deserved for all your beautiful work. I'm so jealous of your Kaleidoscope because I know I will never make one. It will just live on my pretend bucket list. I also love Friendship Circles. Nice to know I played a tiny part in that one. It's a great design.

Robby said... #

Not only do I love Friendship Circles every time I see it. Like a true friend you gave generous credit to those who helped and inspired the project.

It's always fun to look back at the old photo albums, what will kids do in the future now that people tend to keep everything digitally? The digital stuff corrupts at such a rate a photog friend told me to get prints of any picture I truly want to keep, especially for documentation. I know historians are worried about that, as well as the way people use more ephemeral emails instead of letters to communicate. Wow! I veered off into depressing stuff quickly there. Maybe I better get off the internet and do something. Ha!

OPQuilt said... #

So happy for all the fine recognition you received for your quilts--very well deserved. And fun to see them in show, right? Loved all the rest of your post doings and goings on. I agree with Robby's comment above, so many records of our lives nowadays will be lost and corrupted! But we'll have our quilts, right?

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Anonymous said... #
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