Friday, July 21, 2023

Sewing Room Friday, 7/21/23

 This week I decided to do a last-minute project. We will be leaving for a cruise in a few days to celebrate our 50th anniversary, and I thought "hey, why not make everyone a cute toiletry bag?!"

I had several colors of a fairly new product (at least to me) called jelly vinyl. It's a matte-finish vinyl and really easy to sew. I purchased it in six colors, along with another product I have not worked with before, zipper by the yard. You get a long strip of zipper tape, cut the length you need, and add the zipper pull. Believe me, I watched multiple You-Tube videos to figure out how to attach that zipper pull. But I finally found the video that worked for me and I consider myself a pro now. Ha!

I purchased all my supplies from Natalie of Sew Hungry Hippie (isn't that the most fun name?). She also had a great video on YouTube on how to construct the zipper pouch with the jelly vinyl. Highly recommended.

I made two of each color and they turned out so cute! And the black and white stripe zipper tape with the iridescent zipper teeth and pull just add to the cuteness. 

Natalie totally made me day when she reposted on her account along with such nice words.

Gabe was so happy with his Range backpack, but reminded me that he had requested an interior pocket for his water bottle. Hmmm. How did I forget that? So I thought about it overnight and decided I could add it "after market" without too much difficulty. It required a bit of un-sewing and some math--not my strong suit. But I think it works. It's really hard to photograph it, but this pocket with the elastic on top will keep his water bottle from rolling around.

The lining looks a little loose and wrinkly because I was just testing out the placement at this point. But he deemed it a successful addition to the backpack. And that's all I needed to hear--it made the un-sewing all worthwhile. 
That's it for now. :)


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Linda @FlourishingPalms said... #

These colorful vinyl pouches are so cool! Curious. Did you have to use a Teflon base sewing machine foot to stitch the vinyl? Also, how are the inside seams finished? Binding? Or are they raw? Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! That’s a wonderful testament of success. Have a wonderful time on your cruise. You came up with a great fix for a water bottle holder. Genius, experienced thinking. Yay you!

Deb Cox said... #

Oh Cindy, you never cease to amaze me. Loved your post and all the goodness in it!
Happy Anniversary to you and Mark. Happy Crusing. And just enjoy each and every moment.
Take care sweet lady and happy journeys. (-: