Thursday, February 17, 2011

Color Therapy Thursday: The "I changed my mind" edition

It seems like just yesterday when I quite confidently said I had made my fabric selections for the Single Girl quilt-along. Oh, wait. It WAS just yesterday.

Since that time I have a new plan. As much as I love Katie Jump  Rope, I was still a bit unsettled about my decision. So I switched over to Hope Valley. Maybe because I'm in such a grey/orange mood right now? I'm not quite sure of the reason, but this is IT. Finito. Same plan: twin size, nine rings of print, three rings of solids.

(sorry for the weird line going through the picture. Blogger's image uploader has been doing this to my pictures all week!)

Here is where it got tricky. Have you ever tried to match Hope Valley against the Kona solid swatch card? Until yesterday, I thought I had a pretty good "read" on colors. Wow. Denyse Schmidt did a number on that theory. Each of those colors is just a little "off" from anything Kona (and Moda Bella solids ) has to offer. Pretty much each and every print in that line is just a little warmer, just a little cooler, a tad more brown, a tinge more grey. This is the selection I have so far. I have a couple more colors on order. And if someone could track down Moda Bella "Betty's Orange" for me, you would be my new BFF.

I'm okay with the fact that the solids aren't an exact match. I think it will add a little interest to have a slight deviation in color. And anyway, the prints and solids aren't going to be holding hands with each, they're just going to be friendly neighbors.

And just to show you that I mean it when I say "this is IT," I'm off to post my fabric selection pictures on Flickr. That's a lot of commitment for a Single Girl...


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~Michelle~ said... #

I gotta admit, I'm more a fan of Hope Valley vs KJR, so I think this will be beautiful!

Have you tried using Windows Live Writer to write your blog posts? If you're familar with Microsoft products, it's a breeze to use - a lot of intuitive copy/paste or drag & drop functionality. Plus, you write the post offline, and then publish/upload to your blog - I haven't lost one yet! I highly recommend it - the pain of using blogger is one reason I switched over to a wordpress blog, and even then, I still like to use Live Writer if I can!

Jennifer said... #

I love it! Hope Valley is so... ummm timless. I guess that's the word I'm looking for. You have a great idea of mixing solids in too and I think the variance in colors will give some nice texture.

I'm making the twin size for Chaney's bed and she is picking out the fabric so this should be fun to see what she comes up with.

Jennifer :)

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

You know, I love KJR, too, but I think I like Hope Valley even more, so I'm excited to see how yours comes out! :)

Anonymous said... #

Yes to trying to match Denyse Schmidt to solids (actually not just solids but other patterns as well). I have a bunch of Hope Valley and I find I can't match it, I can only coordinate it. It does add some nice pop though.

felicity said... #

I think having colours just slightly this side of matchy matchy makes for a more interesting quilt, so way to go!!

two hippos said... #

I like Hope Valley a lot more than KJR, so I think you made a great choice. I was searching high and low for the Moda Hello Betty Orange in December and found it at the Fat Quarter Shop (not clearly labeled, but the correct number and it matches the Hello Betty I was using it with). It looks like they still have it: It's a luscious orange!

Kris said... #

Changing our what we do!! We are women!!

JHNickodemus said... #

Funny closing! I like it!

Carla said... #

I'll enjoy watching your quilt come together. What is your background going to be? I successfully used Kona ash with Hope Valley.

Lee said... #

Oh, this is going to be so fabulous. I can't wait to see it come together.

I know how you feel about the solids - I often tend to be very matchy matchy when I'm choosing solids, maybe overly so. What I've come to realize is that a whole quilt, with a mix of colors and prints, is a completely different thing than holding one print up to a color card. So I think, when you see those solids in the completed quilt later, it will look incredible and you'll wonder why you ever worried about it! : )

Kate said... #

Yes, I found it difficult matching solids to the Hope Valley range. I ended up using some no name brand fabrics that I came across :)

It will look gorgeous with the fabric's you've chosen.

randi said... #

hope valley is quite different on the color scale! it will make a wonderful quilt though. happy sewing!

Terriaw said... #

You changed your mind?! I was looking forward to seeing the Katie Jump Rope in action! What are you going to do with those fabrics? (just another collection I wish I had bought some of) I think Hope Valley with some solids will look beautiful in this pattern too. You sure do have some nice fabrics in your stash to choose from!

Unknown said... #

it's going to look splendid. I think that pretty much anything combined with grey is fab!

Amanda Jean said... #

and this is exactly why I haven't made a single girl quilt yet. i just can't decide on the fabric i want to use. it's been stumping me for years. i recently had the thought of using FMF, because it's just so special (does THAT sound cheesy or what?) and it would fit the fabulous design of the quilt (which is also quite special).