Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Back to reality.

We spent the weekend on the central coast of California. Beautiful and peacful.

The complete opposite of the images we saw on TV left by the path of Irene.

For three nights, we slept with the sliding door of our balcony cracked open, hearing the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash on the shore.

Last night, the only noise I heard was the air conditioner kicking on and off throughout the night.

It would look like this when we woke up in the morning.
Then the fog would burn off and the rest of the day would be like this.
Then there were the sunsets.
We rested, read, relaxed, ate good food, and I even got a chance to sew. When I could tear my gaze away from the view...

And now it's Tuesday. And we're back in Fresno.

I'm actually pretty much of a homebody so being at home is usually a good thing for me. And I'm thankful to have a dry house with electricity. My thoughts and prayers today are with those who are without those things we take for granted.

If I could, I'd bring some of you to this coastline and we'd spend the rest of the day here.


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http://thankfullga447 said... #

I just came back from Vail, CO weather is wonderful - it is always hot and humid in Omaha, NE. I am a homebody - I get to sew and enjoy each day that is given us. We have had major flooding in our area but can't complain what the east coast has.

k said... #

So beautiful.

Rene' said... #

Regarding your last statement....would love to join you! Sounds like an idyllic getaway. So glad y'all enjoyed yourselves.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Gorgeous holiday photos, sounds like you've had a wonderful time!

Mama Pea said... #

Thanks for giving me a chance to be in one of my happy places for a few minutes. I love sleeping and listening to the ocean crashing on the beach....

Ellie said... #

Looks absolutely lovely, I'm guessing you had a really good time.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Looks lovely. My thoughts are with all those not so lucky x

Needled Mom said... #

Is that Pismo? It looks gorgeous!

Letterpress said... #

Congrats on stealing away to get away from it all for a few days. Everyone needs a weekend like this.

I just drank in your photos, esp. of the sunset--glorious!


The Luedtke Family said... #

I would sure enjoy that!

Mary said... #

Yes, Please!

Kris said... #

Were you at a retreat? We were just in Ventura. I love the Central Coast area!

Terriaw said... #

Looks like a heavenly vacation spent on the coast! I'm so envious. We definitely have to get out there one of these days - both missing the ocean quite a bit lately.

Carla said... #

Oh, how gorgeous! I'm happy that you had a respite. We are on our way to the east coast as I type in the car.....who knew when we planned this last spring that Irene would get there before us. We know that our cabin is okay and will try to avoid any flooded highways as we travel...looking forward to hearing the ocean waves!