Thursday, August 25, 2011

Really Random Thursday

After overwhelming support, "pastel fish lips" is IN. In fact, "Fish Lips" might even be the name of the quilt.Or maybe you should talk me out of that idea...
A friend sent a link to an article from the magazine, Mental Floss, called "10 Mind-Blowing Art Quilts." This quilt is made by Karyn who owns a shop called "the workroom."
Check out the article. The ten quilts are fascinating!
I have a stack of Fiestaware plates in every color of the rainbow. They are beautiful. We have used them for years, especially when we host Monday Night Football, as we have every season since 1996, with a room full of college kids and then young marrieds. We won't be doing it this year. College kids have grown up, married, moved out of town, all kinds of reasons. It makes me sad to think this era is over. Mark will certainly still watch Monday Night football. I will enjoy hearing it in the background as I work on other projects. Even so, I added to my Fiestaware collection. We never had a creamer and sugar bowl. Or salt and pepper shakers. And then this anniversary color (75th I think...), Marigold, came out. A beautiful deep rich yellow, just like the flower. I couldn't resist. If you are in the area, stop by, have a meal and watch some football with us.
I won a giveaway. Little Apples by Aneela Hooey. So excited. Thank you, Pink Castle!
My pincushions made their TV debut. On PBS. On a show that our local PBS channel doesn't carry. Quilting Arts TV kindly sent me the season DVD. And my pincushions were on the DVD cover!!

We watched the episode with the pincushions. Mark kept replaying over and over the part where Pokey Bolton said something like, "Here's a cute project by Cindy Wiens..." Silly guy (but I love that he is so supportive!)
I forgot to mention another cool detail of Mark's Minnesota State Fair birthday: Aaron made a playlist of the music of artists all from the state of Minnesota. Of course, Prince. We now own "Purple Rain." But I had no clue Bob Dylan was from Minnesota. Here's a small sample. There's some interesting music...

And the gifts just keep on coming. Mark collects vintage metal signs. This arrived in the mail today.

Need some more fabric to inspire you? Then please vote for Lee. Her fabric design, Flourish, needs a few more votes and I think she could clinch the top prize. So head over and vote for her. I'd sure love to own a yard or two of this cool fabric.
And to end on a good note, a musical note that is...our granddaughter started taking piano lessons from my mother. It warms my heart to know that she will be getting such a good foundation from her great grandmother and that they get to spend quality time together each week. 

I hope you'll come back tomorrow for the next edition of Farmer's Wife Friday. Until then, is there some randomness happening in your life today?


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verykerryberry said... #

how nice for you pinnies to be on the DVD cover! Piano lessons for your god daughter is lovely to here, I can't recommend the piano more highly, great instrument to learn.

Elisa Black said... #

Congrats on being featured on Quilting Arts TV! I have a special edition magazine from them of the International Quilt Market and it includes what I believe are your pincushions. (Looks like the same photo) Let me know if you would like me to send the article to you. I love the magazine (and am not willing to give the whole thing up since I've bookmarked about half of it!) That's lovely that your granddaughter will be taking piano lessons from your mom! Yes, definitely call the quilt "Fish Lips"-- I love it!! Especially after all the dilemma it caused you-- its the perfect name! Going now to check out your link on the 10 Art Quilts.... Have a good day!

Amy Friend said... #

Oh, pincushions on the DVD cover? How exciting! I think it is just wonderful that your granddaughter and mother will be bonding over the lovely.

Jodi said... #

Fantastic, those piano lessons from great-grandma! And I love the name "Fish Lips" for your quilt! Ha! And congrats on being on the cover of the DVD!

Kris said... #

How exciting to have your pin cushions featured!!! And also, how wonderful for your granddaughter to be learning piano from your Mom! I assume you must play too? Our son is a musician, and plays almost every instrument, by ear! He is amazing! I have NO, and I mean NO musical talent whatsoever!!!! Have a great day...and try to stay cool.

Terriaw said... #

I have to confess I'm not sold on the name fish lips. Whenever I hear that phrase, it doesn't conjure up a good image! lol Congrats on the feature - that's awesome!

Grandma G said... #

Oh, the program is over and done with? :( I could've watched it if I'd known... we get it here! You were s'posed to tell me when it was going to air!

Love the sign!!! :)

Doris said... #

Thanks for sharing the art quilt link, those are quite the quilts! And congrats on the Quilting Arts feature...

Lee said... #

Congrats on the pincushions! That is so cool! : ) And thanks for the plug for my fabric. It looks like I picked up some votes since you posted it, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

Letterpress said... #

I loved this post--such a good combo of so many things:
Congrats on the PBS show! I'm over the moon for you--you deserve some recognition (I still love mine TONS)
Fish Lips: Hmmm. I think you'll end up hating it if you do give it that name, although I do remember I have a few strangely named quilts (one is This Quilt Is A Mess--it is!)
Fun to see a granddaughter taking lessons with your mom. What a treat of a picture for today!

Elizabeth E.

Elizabeth E.

Mama Pea said... #

Love your fiestaware! That is super cool about your pincushions. We don't get that show here, either. I've been thinking about buying the DVDs though. That is so awesome that you were featured on that! I'm only a little jealous. :-) Haha. Just kidding! So happy for you!