Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Honest opinions only, please.

About a year and a half ago, I bought this fabric. It is by Brandon Mably and is called "pastel fish lips" (that's the link in case you want to head over right now and purchase some). Alternatively I can mail you about an eighth of a yard. All you have to do is ask.

When it arrived, it was one of those purchases that looked totally different in person than on my computer screen. The circles seemed huge. No, I did not pay attention to the ruler they had on the fabric to give you an idea of the scale.
It was brighter than I anticipated, especially for something described as "pastel." I did a post basically saying, "What was I thinking??" I thought about giving it away but instead I put it with the rest of my Kaffe Fasset stash and held on to it.

I decided this week to use this "pastel" fabric as the dark in one of my 36-patch blocks. I paired it with a more "sedate" fabric that veers toward the traditional side. Not only light versus dark, but traditional versus what was I thinking contemporary.

Here is my block.
 I don't hate it, but I'm not totally in love with it. But maybe that doesn't even matter. This is going to be a "smooshy" quilt. No borders, no sashing, no cornerstones, just one block blending into another.

My question: Does it blend? Or does it totally scream "Hey, look at ME!"

Here is it next to another block that is also larger scale. But this design also has a lot of space to "rest." There is no resting with "fish lips."

I put it right in the midst of other blocks.

Now you see it with its different neighbors, even though this won't be the final setting because I still have 14 more blocks to make.
So what do you think? Does it blend well enough, or will everyone looking at this quilt be saying to themselves, "What was she thinking?"

Thanks once again, Lee, for hosting this weekly show-and-tell!


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Unknown said... #

I like the fish lips, really!

Sel said... #

I think it blends perfectly with the others.

Like you, I'm not crash hot on the block itself, however when put among the others, it doesn't particularly stand out to my eye.

The 6x6 blocks lend themselves to a lot of movement in any case, and the big pattern of Fish Lips gives the eye something on which to focus.

So I say, 'let it stay!'

CitricSugar said... #

It blends fine! The fabric on its own is.... hmmm, yeah. When you cut the fabric into pieces that small, though, it's far more interesting and pleasant. But it doesn't stand out. There's not a thing wrong with it. If you hadn't highlighted it, I wouldn't have noticed it at all.

You're probably hyper-aware of it, too, so it'll LOOK like it's standing out. If you look at it again and again and all you see is that block, move it to a corner or hide it on the side. If you REALLY keep noticing it, move it to the back or leave it out, because if it's going to bother you, it will probably always bother you.

Sheila said... #

On its own it does scream, it loses some of that when nestled with the others........it will never be a quiet quilt will it? "pastel fish lips"....maybe you should track down the designer and do a name game on that!!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

If you had shown the group shot first, I would not have noticed it, if that's the right answer.

Any fabric called 'fish lips' is going to be a risk! You pulled it off though x

Nicky said... #

My eyes are drawn straight to it because of your comments - but in the bigger picture I doubt I would look twice! Take a photo from afar so you can just see the colours! I'm sure it will stop screaming at you!

Susan said... #

I honestly believe, at least from here (I am all the way over in Australia!) that is looks great! It's not at me screaming out but is playing nicely with its neighbours!

Annabella Zeiddar said... #

You gotta love the name - I love the block and think it sits perfectly and unobtrusively with the others and your quilt is going to look great!

Baskets Of Quilts said... #

I think it blends in just fine. But I would take it out of the quilt or your eye will always go to that block. You will probably think of the quilt as the fish lips quilt!

Elisa Black said... #

I definitely think it blends when you put it in the context of the others. But unlike you, I do actually like the boldness that it has individually. Different tastes. I love the name "fish lips"-- that's great!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Fish lips...wow...that's a creative fabric name! If you'd shown me the group shot first, it wouldn't stand out, but I can't keep my eye from looking for it and being drawn to it, since the fabric is so unusual. I think when you finish the quilt, I would never notice it - but if you keep getting drawn to it and bothered by it, cut it out, or stick it on the back. :)

Kathy S. said... #

I like it and I think it blends in with the rest to make the 36 block even more scrappy. BUT, I would probably use a HUGE section of it on a pieced back for the quilt (if you got it by the yard.) Lookin' good!

ktquilts said... #

I think it plays nicely, but then I am looking on a wee little iPod screen! Love your 36 patch!

Rachel said... #

LOL..on it's own I was wondering...Playing with the other kids...works great!! Have a great day!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

I think it blends just fine. There are so many prints in the final picture there is lots to look at! by itself it is definitely an eyecatcher.

Pinkadot Quilts said... #

I think it blends with all the other blocks. while not my favorite fabric I think you should leave it in......in a 100 years maybe they will say "what was she thinking?" You will give them something to talk about! How fun is that?!

Anonymous said... #

I love it! I think it makes that block pop in a good way.

Beezus said... #

I think it blends well. To me, it's not as busy as the block to its left. :)

Beezus said... #

Actually, I guess that would technically be the block to my left. :) And I mean in the group shot, not the one where there are only two blocks side by side.

stitchinpenny said... #

I don't think it overwhelms the rest of the blocks. It is bright and if it were human it would be that brassy broad they use on TV shows so often. I find that character endearing as I do this block. Please use it it really is fun and plays well with others.

Melanie said... #

I think the beauty of quilts like this one is you can use fabrics that are a little "iffy" and they work. I think fish lips is perfect for this project!

pinsandneedles said... #

I wasn't crazy about it as a stand alone block but together it blends just fine. I think, in my humble opinion, you should keep it!

alli b said... #

When looking at the block alone I wasn't sure about it, but next to your other blocks it fits right in.
That being said - if you are keeping this quilt yourself you will always tend to look at that block as something that sticks out no matter how hard you try, so if it is something you're not sold on I wouldn't add it.

oversewn (Raven) said... #

I'm lovin' fish lips! Chopped up - it seems to work!

Patti said... #

I think its found a happy home in this quilt!

Crystal said... #

My only concern is that the bluey green in the fish lips doesn't go with the greeny green in the other blocks. I'm crazy about having all my greens match, though...so if that's not bothering you, I say keep it in.

I like the block on its own and I think the pattern and scale works with the other blocks.

Connie Kresin Campbell said... #

I actually like the fabric and your blocks looks great!

Melinda said... #

Blub, blub! Fish lips is just too funny. But your quilt is very pretty! I have a question: what did you use to make your hexagon counter on the side of your blog?

Toni said... #

Agree with all the others...when you put it with the others it looks like it belongs. I think the quilt is coming along nicely!

Rachel said... #

I like it! It fits in well with this quilt you're making.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said... #

I agree ...it totally works mixed in with the other blocks!
love the name Fish Lips! that one is going to stick!!

Selfsewn said... #

I was going to say I hate it!!
But as a whole quilt I think it's fine. :)

fish lips...makes me chuckle!

Rebecca Lynne said... #

Whoa...this is a good example of Context Is Important in quilting. On its own I was wincing at the screen...but by the third shot with its neighbors, it looks great! It blends in and I like the warmth it adds to some of the cooler blocks. But that is my opinion and this is Your Quilt! I say live with it for a bit and if it is still really standing out to you ditch it, otherwise I think it is going to do quite well in the neighborhood.

Sarah said... #

I like this! When you see it with the other blocks, it's not overwhelming-there are other blocks with similar pairings :) It's a lovely fabric too-the name though...*giggles*

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said... #

I honestly think it blends well and looks just fine with the other blocks!

Carla said... #

Hey, sis! I like it very much and if you hadn't said anything, would think you a genius! Honest!!

Julia said... #

I don't like the fish lips fabric but I think it looks perfectly fine the way you used it and I wouldn't spend one more second thinking about it.

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said... #

I think it blends absolutely fine :-) But great great fabric name!

Tamara Hampton said... #

it took a second to find it in the last picture so i dont think it screams. But im the type that thinks you can use any ugly fabric if you cut it in a small enough piece and someone else picks out my clothes because i have no matching sense! lol.

Melissa said... #

I think, like everyone else, that it looks fine with the rest of the quilt. Don't fret about it. Don't think about it. And for Pete's sake, don't point it out to anyone once the quilt is finished! :) we quilters are the worst about that!

I also think that you deserve a medal for sewing up all those teeny tiny squares! Wow. The whole thing will look great once it's done. I promise. And if you don't think so, you can just send it to me to love. :)

The Luedtke Family said... #

Is there ever resting for fish lips?

There was once a bar, pub or restaurant in WI called "Fish Lips on the Creek".

No resting.

I think it will be fine. It fits the light vs. dark and use what you have that you highlighted in a previous post.

Marg said... #

I think it looks fine in amongst all the other blocks too. If you didn't point it out I would never have noticed. I agree with CitricSugar, that's the great thing about not so fabulous fabric, when you cut it up into little pieces it takes on a whole new look.

AKA said... #

once you see it with the others, it doesn't pop out.

Letterpress said... #

I think you broke the bank on comments today. And everyone's said everything already, so I'll just send you a congrats on getting this far in that quilt!

I'll stay tuned to see what's up next with "Aquatic Smiles" (my version of Fish Lips).

:) Elizabeth E.