Friday, October 7, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday: Militia of Arguments

This week's farmer's wife is from again from Wisconsin, this time Milwaukee County. She decided to "muster out my militia of arguments," hoping to "trounce the opposition with eight shots."

She argues for farms being safe investments, citing the ever-increasing value of the land. There is the opportunity for free enterprise and experimentation, mentioning other specialties for income, including honey.

#50 Honey's Choice

She cites the conveniences that rural families enjoy along with their city co-parts, but they have "the added enjoyment of unobstructed sunlight, blossoming trees, stimulating breezes...." They enjoy fresh air, fresh milk, eggs and butter, along with the daily exertion of farmwork.

Her sixth point was amusing. "On the farm, you are quite independent of fads and fashions. Cotton stockings, sun-bonnets, bloomers and overalls are all right, and you feel happier than the walking fashion-plate."

Like other writers, she also mentions the different roles a farmer's wife plays, including teacher, business woman, mother and wife. These writers often mention the fact that their city sister is at the mercy of her husband, maybe having to "beg and wheedle" for extra money.

#95 Temperance Tree

 For some reason, this block looks wrinkly--it looks much better in actuality

She ends her letter by mentioning that her daughter's husband and her growing boys "are more aloof from vicious allurements. Instead of vaudeville and moonshine, they have the box-social and friendly games of skat. Vamping is very uncommon, and the necessity of birth control is not so apparent."
This week I don't have much to add. This morning, our daughter-in-law is at the hospital scheduled to be induced because New Baby is two weeks overdue. My mind is somewhere else...but I'm sure Carla will have some interesting insights on this week's letter.

Forty-two blocks so far:


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MulticoloredPieces said... #

Stopped by from Quilter Blogs. Great information about farmers' wives. As I live on a small farm, I must say that I pretty much agree! Your quilt is looking marvelous.
best from Tunisia,

Mary said... #

Cindy, I don't need to start a Farmer's Wife my mind it would look just like yours!!! This is fabulous! The shot cottons are perfect for this quilt and all those teeny pieces!

randi--i have to say said... #

these look great! i love the browns. :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Are you doing the Grandma dance yet?

Linda said... #

The quilt is looking so beautiful!
Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly and easily for your daughter!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Great blocks...good luck with the baby!

felicity said... #

Best of luck to your Daughter In Law - from what I understand, inductions can be....less than fun. Still loving your colour choices for this set of blocks, Cindy!

Brenda said... #

it's looking good. best wishes with the upcoming baby!

Carla said... #

As always, I just love the blocks made up in solid fabrics....the honey one...using only two fabrics...great choice! This is going to be a stunning quilt!

Terriaw said... #

Yay for Milwaukee County! and for Wisconsin being represented again! Love the new blocks, and the stories behind these.

Saying a prayer for your daughter-in-law and new baby!

Rene' said... #

I love all your Farmer's Wife blocks! I must say the temperance tree block is especially nice. Wishing your daughter-in-law all the best!

Shocking Hocking said... #

looking really good cindy - while each block looks beautiful next to one another, they really shine in their own right too -great mix.

wishing you and your dil well.


Cheryl Arkison said... #

It's really coming together now!
PS Hope all went well with the delivery of the new grand baby!

CaliQuilter said... #

Your blocks are looking great. I love these two block patterns this week. Hope all is well with the new baby!