Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm starting this WIP post with an update, a completed WIP which I had absolutely nothing to do with. You might remember this picture from two weeks ago:
I would like to introduce Gabriel Joshua, 9 pounds and 11 ounces.
He is completely adorable.
Lots of dark hair, just like his siblings.
The happy family:
And totally smitten Grandma:
Okay, let's be honest. Every other WIP in this post is going to pale in comparison to Gabriel. But let's forge ahead.

Because I worked ahead (whew--that was a good decision!), I was still able to do my Farmer's Wife Friday post.

Last night I started working on a king-sized quilt that will be donated to the MCC quilt auction next April, with funds going to Third World relief. You will be seeing a lot more of this quilt. Let's just start by saying that last night three rooms in my house looked like "scrap vomit" (did anyone do I'm a Ginger Monkey's "scrap vomit" quiltalong--very cool quilts, and the name always makes me chuckle).  But instead, let's call it a "color explosion."

I have wanted to do the blocks in this quilt for over ten years, from a now-defunct magazine called Foundation Piecer. It  will also require some advice along the way as I'm doing 16 blocks but only have the patterns for 12. The basic color structure is  based on Stitched in Color's Bottled Rainbows, which never saw much progress in my sewing room, other than getting the borders sewn on the blocks. But it was the jumping off point for this quilt.

In an ideal quilting world, I would simultaneously complete at least get started on Bottled Rainbows, too.But how many of us really live in an "ideal quilting world."

Each block is
based on a single color. The blocks will be 16" without the solid color border, each block paper pieced in four quadrants, and each block will feature a block different design. With me so far?

Each quadrant will have a segment that is kind of a crazy quilt of scraps.
Here is the first block, called Crazy Whirligig. The four quadrants aren't sewn together yet, because I'm tossing one out (upper right quadrant). It takes me a while to get into the groove of paper piecing if I haven't done it for awhile. The first one has some major errors (toner ink on some of the Kona snow because I forgot it can transfer to your fabric when you press unless you are really careful, and some of the segments have little pleats. oops).
I'd love to say that this is going to be a stash-buster quilt. But alas, you just use little scraps, so the stash isn't going to experience a significant busting.

I had to set up an additional table with my cutting/ironing board because there was no way I was going to go back and forth to my office (where my ironing board lives) after each seam. Although the exercise would be good for me.

And Mark was kind enough to point out the serger sitting on the table, the serger that I "had to have" last December but I haven't used yet. Thanks, honey, for pointing that out...
I'm excited about this project. And now I'm off to see some some other WIPs. As always, thanks, Lee, for hosting this weekly event. It keeps me motivated.


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CitricSugar said... #

Oh, congratulations!! He's gorgeous! Glad everyone is happy and healthy. And smitten. :-)

Lydia said... #

Congrats on your beautiful little boy. You are one amazing super mum to be able to do some sewing.

Lee said... #

Congratulations, Gabriel is beautiful! And GIGANTIC! : ) Those paper-pieced blocks are very cool. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

felicity said... #

Welcome Gabriel! What a beautiful, strong name. And 9lbs 11oz? Big boy!

Shocking Hocking said... #

what a cutie and no wonder you're smitten!!

ref your paper piecing - you can use one of those wooden rollers or a hema tool (clover make them) to press your seams, instead of hoofing off to the ironing board after each one - then once the block is together you can press it properly - i've used the above very successfully. love the look of your new quilt - cheers

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Oh Grandma he is so cute!! Congratulations to your lovely family x

verykerryberry said... #

Ahh! So cute and congrats to all the family on your lovely new grandson! That is a big baby- big congrats to your daughter in law!

Ellie said... #

Oh, congratulations he is soooo cute.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Congratulations, he's so cute! Enjoy the cuddles!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Congrats on the new grandbaby! Such a cutie!! Glad to hear he's arrived safe and sound :) I love your scrap quilt idea, it's looking really cool so far!

Pat said... #

God bless your new grandson!

Kerstin said... #

What a beautiful little boy! I absolutely love your FW blocks!

Diane said... #


Your farmers wife blocks are lovely and the scrappy whirly gig is awesome! Your right, ir would be perfect to do in conjunction with the rainbow

Mary said... #

Congratulations! 9lbs. 11oz.!!! Wow, he is a big, beautiful baby! Oh and the blocks are looking great as usual :)

randi--i have to say said... #

fantastic! what a happy occasion!

nice FW blocks. i always love seeing where your solids are taking you!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Oh, he's SO Beautiful!! I can see why you are smitten. btw - love that crazy whirlygig block, awesome.

Sara said... #

Congrats on the new little grandson!!

Love that scrap busting wanna-be block---stunning!

Amy Friend said... #

Congratulations! Gabriel is adorable. He is one big baby! Your poor daughter in law! I hope you all enjoy him!

Terriaw said... #

Congratulations to your family with the addition of Gabriel! What a blessing!

Cheryl Arkison said... #

And I love this new project of yours.

Linda said... #

Congratulations! I can't believe you can even think about quilting after having a baby that big!!! He's adorable!
The quilt is cute too!

Rene' said... #

Thanks for sharing the news of baby Gabriel! He is absolutely beautiful!! So happy for your family!

Lynette said... #

A new baby! Congratulations :D Your FW blocks are terrific. You have quite a collection done up already!

Riel Nason said... #

CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Welcome Gabriel.

Rachel said... #

Congrats on the best WIP of the week!!! That quilt is going to be STUNNING.....any more info on the patterns (of course I am struck by something out of print...LOL)

Rebecca Lynne said... #

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a gorgeous grandbaby...yum! Sigh, oh my youngest is walking now and I am so trying to keep my cool...I do not need another baby (yet, heh heh). Love your scrappy quadrant block too...very cool Cindy. I bet it would look good with DOTS!!! xoxo

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

Blessings to you Grandma! He's so handsome! I will look forward to seeing him. Janice

Toni said... #

Congratulations! He is adorable and I love his name! The valedictorians in my high school class were twins named Gabriel and Joshua, and both went on to Ivy League schools and are quite successful (and handsome!).

k said... #

Congratulations! He is so precious.

Deborah said... #

What a beautiful family! What a beautiful new quilt!

Betty said... #

Congratulations to having a healthy boy.
And what a terrific name you chose!
Best WiP, I'd say, but then I don't know how cute the other two are.

Jen said... #

Congrats! He's gorgeous! Love the quilt idea too. It's going to be a stunner!

Jeanne said... #

Congratulations! Gabriel is a gorgeous baby. Blessings to your entire family.

Carla said... #

Don't you just adore newborns!I sure do and am looking forward to one in my family come December. Girl, I love what you have planned with the color blocks scrappy quilt....great idea and it will be fun to follow along. I just love how you start new projects before finishing another one....another way we are so alike!!

Doris said... #

HA! I have that same Foundation Piecer issue with the same pattern ear-marked!

Congrats Grandma Cindy, I got to spend part of the weekend with my 2 month old niece---smitten? Oh yeah, totally enamored.... She can have anything she ever wants from Aunt Doris.

Vanesa said... #

congratulations!! He's so adorable. I'm surprised there was any sewing going on in your house right now!

Melinda said... #

Oh, he's beautiful! So handsome!

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Cindy, congratulations on the new arrival! I love that quilt you're making. The first block looks fabulous!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said... #

love that little man....and your whirligig

www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said... #

Congratulations! Aren't grandchildren just the best gift ever? Gabriel is beautiful!

Unknown said... #

FINALLY!!! Congratulations, Granny!! He's gorgeous and mama must be so happy to have him out of her! :)

elizabeth said... #

Congratulations : ) What joy and sweetness! Your WIP are wonderful, as always.

Scrap,Quilt, Preach said... #

You have been busy. Congrats on the new little one.

Poppyprint said... #

Oh, thank goodness Gabriel is finally on the outside. Way to go Christa! That is a healthy looking baby. Based on his size, he should be sleeping through the night by Sunday.

Your charity quilt is going to be stunning!!! I look forward to seeing more of the colour-themed blocks.

Eating many pancakes these days?

Charlotte said... #

Congratulations, he is utterly adorable and what a good size!

Mama Pea said... #

The baby is so cute! Congratulations! So very fun! His mom looked like she was about to pop! No wonder!

Susana Neiger said... #

Congrats on another sweet grandbaby. I love the solids in the farmer's wife blocks. I REALLY love the "crazy" parts of the whirlygig block! Awesome!