Thursday, October 13, 2011

Really Random

Mark's cousin, Ione, is a phenomenal longarm quilter. Every other year we work in tandem. I piece a quilt for a quilt auction, the proceeds of which go to Third World relief, and Ione works her magic by doing the machine quilting.
Doug, her husband, has a family history of early-onset Alzheimer's. So Doug, and their children Brian and Karen,  have been part of a study on genetically transmitted Alzheimer's disease. They were in a segment which aired on CBS Early Morning. Looking for answers and working toward a cure, and this video is well worth watching.

Breast cancer: something else that needs a cure. Mark has been making these fused glass trivets for a few years. His mother was a breast cancer survivor for many years, and when she finally passed away in 2008, it was not from breast cancer. But there is so much more research that still needs to be done.
Last week I gave a short tutorial in checking your 1/4 inch seam for accuracy. I wasn't able to locate the little plastic gadget that I used, but I found something similar. It's available from several different places, including

Also available from, for all you Orla Kiely fans, she has two board books.

And speaking of books.

When my friend, Deborah, and I were at Barnes and Noble not too long ago, there in the magazine rack was this magazine. How often is it that you see a really cute girl on the cover of a shooting magazine? and then what are the chances that you find out that she, Georgia Pellegrini, is the girlfriend of your friend's nephew??
And imagine finding out that not only does she shoot, but she cooks! And then you find out she is a writer!
And available for pre-order:
Deborah had Food Heroes delivered to our door by (And no, I'm not a paid spokesperson, even though I keep mentioning every paragraph!) Here is part of Georgia's bio on the dust jacket. Does this sound like an idyllic life or what? "She currently roams the world, tasting good food and meeting the good people who make it--and writing about them on her popular blog:" I ask you: Is it fair that you can hunt, cook, write...and still look that beautiful? I think not...

We received this wedding invitation in the mail. I don't normally give grades to wedding invitations. However...
Color choice:A+
Pinwheel: A+
Inspiration for a future quilt: A+++

This came in the mail as well, from Amy (During Quiet Time). It was wrapped in her fabulous handscreened fabric. I would love to show you what it is, but there are a couple of Christmas gifts inside. Let me be clear: inside the fabric are the gifts, wrapped in bubble wrap. It had to be unwrapped anyway. So I'm "gifting" the fabric Don't judge.

It was a good mail week! These tags from gutentags also arrived. I would order from Cassie based on the name alone, which I think is genius. And the fact that she lives in Minneapolis, so of course Mark said, "Buy, buy, buy!" Or at least he said something that sounded like that. I think...
I'll end all the randomness with this picture. Because these kids are so cute. 'Nuf said.


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Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Love your new tags - very posh!! The wedding invitation was made to be a quilt inspiration and I can't wait to see it in fabric form!!

Terriaw said... #

Might have to check out those new Orla Kiely books. I don't have any of those designs, but they might be inspiring to page through from a design perspective.

Deborah said... #

Wow. Really interesting RR Thursday! The video about alzheimer's was so moving. My mother had dementia in her last years and it was incredibly painful to see.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

I need to sit on that comfy couch after seeing all that loveliness!!

Heather A said... #

Thanks for sharing the story about Mark's Mom. I hold on to stories like hers. I've recently finished the full gamut of breast cancer treatments and I have such a lingering fear that the cancer will come back and kill me in a long, awful death. I really hold on to stories like this one ... that Mark's Mom lived as a survivor for many years and that she ultimately didn't die from cancer. Thanks for giving me a story like this to hold on to and to hope for.

CitricSugar said... #

I have that exact seam guide thingy and ended up with seams just beyond the 1/4" no matter what i've tried. i think my foot is just slightly too wide and the feed dog opening spills over into the 1/4" zone...

The research is pretty interesting... Here's hoping they find answers soon.

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said... #

I love random posts, they are full of so much interesting stuff! I love that there is a beautiful huntress on the cover of the magazine. I love when society acknowledges that you can be beautiful and have fun with the outdoors.

Rene' said... #

Two causes near and dear to me.....research and a cure for Alzheimer's and breast cancer. I received my pink ribbon glass trivets and love them! Cute tags...made a note to check out that link..